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25 Nov 1999 Naomi Campbell vs Charlize Theron (IV)

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Charlize Theron vs. Naomi Campbell  (IV) (Playboy Title Bout)


Storied rivalry revisited with the coveted Playboy All-In title on the line. Campbell coming off a very long lay off, but usually looks good against Theron, making Charlize a short money favorite at best. Charlize having overcome her other nemesis Gena Lee Nolin, makes pre-fight statements about having 'solved' brawlers like Campbell. Attire (given the venue) left to your imagination, rather than incriminating me in any way.


Round 1: Naomi working with a very loose stance, panthering around Charlize and swinging wide with either hand while the blonde keeps her left hand taped to her cheek. Campbell busier, takes the round as Theron takes a look.


Round 2: Charlize stepping in, stabbing the jab out hard, doubling it, then returning the fist to her cheek so as not to fall prey to that sweeping right hand of Naomi's. Campbell getting chopped up by Theron's straight punches and a midway through the round a beautiful double jab sets up a short right hand on the eye that has Naomi in trouble. Theron posting the shutout, gleefully scrubs at Campbell's ribs as the black girl cowers on the ropes at the bell.


Round 3: Naomi showing grit, storms back and tempts Charlize to slug. Long arms lick back and forth as both girls whip away from outside - style suits Naomi who ad-libs well, cracking Theron with several sidearm right hands hard on the face in chaotic free swinging action.


Round 4: Theron remembers to use her feet this round, making the fight easy by stepping to the left, popping the double jab, bringing her hand back and shooting the right cross as Campbell pivots. Midway through the round, Theron's brisk fists have Campbell catching, and another dazzling one-two on the eye busts Naomi up, causing her to crumble forward in a clinch. Theron's not having it, stepping back, shucking the brunette's long arms, and banging hard at the bony rib cage to draw cries of pain from Campbell at the bell.


Round 5: Theron finally puts two rounds together, overcoming Naomi's determination early with a disciplined jab, thumping the punch hard off Campbell's shiny face. Charlize turning her foe, spearing the jab, has Naomi plunging forward into punishment.


Round 6: Round of the year breaks out as both girls decide to put hurt on the other. Naomi gets it started, reaching with a lazy LEFT HAND TO CHARLIZE' CHEST TO GET HER ATTENTION, THEN UNCOILING OVER THE TOP to bounce that crushing right hand off the blonde's face. Theron on queer street, standing straight up, her arms extended as Campbell wades in, swinging LEFTS AND RIGHTS BASH CHARLIZE' BREASTS FROM SIDE TO SIDE. Theron stumbling to the ropes, getting wrecked, but she covers up and rolls with punches as Naomi leaves herself open. Theron able to chip her way back into the round with cute counter shots from a tight guard, clipping Naomi with uppercuts, then drawing the fist back to protect her chest as she slips Campbell's increasingly erratic swings. Both girls cut over the eyebrow as elbows and fists begin to fly indiscriminately when Naomi buckles Charlize' legs with a gorgeous looping right uppercut. Theron's legs bend deep, then lock straight as she sags back to the ropes and Naomi pours it on. Lefts and rights spank back Charlize head as Campbell brawls with a crooked grin to the bell. Theron battered senseless, sleepily blunders to the wrong corner at the break.


Round 7 Desperate Theron, her eyes swelling badly, cheeks puffing up, gets on her bicycle this round, staying well outside behind a reaching don't-hurt-me jab. Campbell still looking the puncher, stalking Charlize walking her down, and finally landing a booming overhand right to the temple that forces Charlize to clinch. Theron soaks it up, and continues to dance, walking Campbell onto the jab to the bell - round scored a draw.


Round 8 Charlize starting to come around, looks a little brighter eyed this round, stepping left, popping the jab. Campbell looks fatigued, having spent her reserves trying to finish the blonde, and she plods after Theron noncommittally as both take a breather.


Round 9 Theron back in control, her legs now firmly controlling the bout as she bounces left around Naomi. Charlize now picking up Campbell's desperate right hands, blocking them with the left and countering with the short right on the mouth until Naomi stops throwing. Charlize heartless as she puts the hammer down, going to Naomi's tender ribs with ripping sidearm left hooks, the punches spanking out loud and clear as Naomi grimaces.


Round 10 Charlize setting down now, sliding flatfooted to her left while sticking the jab hard to close Naomi's left eye. Campbell also getting it done, tagging Charlize with leaning right hands on the jaw, but the blonde is soaking the punch up now without fear. Midway through the round, Theron's pressure breaks Naomi down and the brunette looks panicky as her limbs start to tremble with fatigue. Theron advancing behind a banging jab, thrusts the straight right out short and direct to Campbell's face, harming the model and driving her to the ropes. Naomi with a glassy, pleading look in her eyes, reaches to clinch, but Theron too strong, punches through the limbs to start Campbell's head rocking. Campbell undone, eyes swollen, takes a jerking left uppercut that knocks her mouthpiece askew in her mouth and leaves her helpless. Charlize touches Naomi's face with a timing right, then cranks a whipping left hook to rock the black back over the ropes, then face down to the canvas in a puddle of beaten supermodel. Theron stops Naomi in the 10th to claim Playboy's highest honor.


Charlize beaten unrecognizable in this fight, still manages a weary grin with the announcement of the stoppage. Campbell as badly beaten as she ever has been, is helped from the ring by her seconds in one of the most brutal contests yet between these two.

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