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26 Feb 1999 Charlize Theron Vs Angie Everhart

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Posted by Simguy on 2-26-1999


Everhart, one of the more durable and versatile model-fighters, never really reached her potential despite fighting wars in Stallone's private boxing parties. Went into semi-retirement after a bad series of losses to Jennifer Flavin, who subsequently took over as the Stallone house champion. Theron a more experienced fighter at this point as Everhart hasn't seen much action in the last couple of years and could be expected to be rusty for this one.


Angie dons a zebra stripe, bra style athletic bikini; Charlize in light blue full support beach volleyball bikini.


Rounds 1-3: The girls take turns dominating in a surprisingly controlled set of rounds. Charlize shuts Angie out in rounds 1 and 3, with Everhart owning Theron in the 2nd. Both girls mirror the other's postures, low left hands, double pumping the jabs before sticking it in. Almost exclusively jabs from Theron, while Everhart hooks a little off her jab.


Round 4: It wouldn't be a Theron fight without her absorbing huge bombs at some point and Angie Tees off this round, threatening to stop the big blonde. A solid LEFT HOOK TO THERON'S RIGHT BREAST gets the ball rolling, stunning Charlize midway through the round. Angie wades in, HURLING LEFTS AND RIGHTS INTO THAT BRA in an effort to see how hurt Charlize really is. By the final minute, Charlize is dazed, hunched over, arms crossed on her chest as Angie plows in clean haymakers to the chin. Angie's eyes glittering as she concentrates, throwing everything into this bombardment and experiences that peculiar thrill at the bell as Charlize seems out, but won't go down. Theron helped to her corner bleeding from the nose.


Round 5: Angie engages Charlize in a series of toe to toe exchanges, working the blonde's body, then shifting to her bruised face with her sharp left hook. Everhart batters Theron again this round, though not as severely as last.


Round 6: Now it's Theron's turn! The blonde recuperates and busts Angie up with a counter right hand short and sweet to the chin that has Everhart floundering. Angie stumbles forward, and eats murderous punches as Theron piles it on with both hands. Everhart out on her feet, stumbles past Theron to the ropes and leans sideways into them, helpless as Charlize pounds away with a steady diet of clubbing rights to the side of the head. Ref. pulls Theron off at the bell - Angie badly battered.


Round 7: Charlize continues to destroy Angie, shutting her out this round and finishing up with cudgeling blows at close range. Theron bullying Angie now as the redhead's eyes are swollen, and she is obviously exhausted - punched stupid at this point.


Rounds 8-9-10: Charlize wades out and simply punches Angie into a stupor, winning each and every round. Everhart fighting in spurts, continues to land hard left hooks to the body occasionally, but both women have been reduced to desperation, slugging away on guts alone. Theron stronger down the stretch, does some holding and hitting, trapping Angie's arm Tyson style, threatening to dislocate her elbow in the 9th. Angie just can't muster enough offense but shows great heart in going the distance in a typical tough performance. Theron wins UD10, taking the last five rounds, coming from behind to trounce her determined, older, challenger.


Angie gave it her all, but clearly got discouraged when Theron took her best shots. Angie returned the favor in the 6th, refusing to go down before an avalanche of Charlize blows, and in the 7th, when she soaked up one of the hardest punches Theron's ever thrown. Charlize's frustration came out in the late rounds as she fouled Angie uncharacteristically, but both women respectful to one another in the ring after the fight.


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