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26 Feb 2005 Catherine Bell vs Jennifer O'Dell

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Posted by Simguy on 2/26/2005 


Before: Highly anticipated rematch between two small-screen hard women - Jenny the up and comer, Cat the division Everest - but what's going to be different this time?


"Basically - I am," says Jenny in prefight. "I don't see any change in Cat - she's still what she's always been, but I've definitely picked up my game since we last met. I know what she did to me last time and I know what to do about it. I'm not going to sit here and tell you Cat's an aging derelict - that's crazy talk - but she IS an older woman and I WILL pound her ribcage accordingly. I'm also going to take the initiative this time - I start fast, that's what I do and last time Cat took that away from me. By the time she gets it together, I want to have 3 rounds in the bag and maybe a couple of knockdowns to boot!"


Jenny's fists have already sent Debbe Dunning into defacto retirement - is Cat the next legend on the block?


"Jenny impressed me against Debbe," admits Cat, "but not with the finish of that fight: I was alarmed at the way O'Dell boxed Dunning at the start. It was a patient O'Dell, a smart O'Dell, a versatile O'Dell - she broke Debbe down and gave her no chance to punch her way out of the noose - I respect the hell out of that. Do I think she can hand me a beating like that? To be honest, I don't believe she's got that kind of ability, but I'm not taking her for granted. While she's looking for my ribcage, I'll be doing the exact same thing: pounding her body. I don't want this girl punching me the way she was Debbe in the second half of this fight."


Baby-blue bikini Jen (Aristide reference), low ponytail - Electric blue Jag bikini Cat, wet tousle.


NOTE: tensions up a notch as girls enter the ring on the heels of Davidson/Burton - stable pride leaking into what had been a purely individual affair up until now - O'Dell definitely cold to Bell, refusing to touch gloves after instructions.


During R1: Cat upright, light n' easy on feet - she rejects an early pair of O'Dell lunges with pre-emptory jabs, sliding pivots to the left. Jenny undeterred, keeps coming - blonde bobbing at the waist, moving her head side to side, stepping and spearing Bell jabs to the chest - minute mark sees Jenny pull a sweeping right hand over Cat's stick to bash Bell on the left eye. Cat staggered, momentarily foggy, covering up earmuff as she steps in fence post holes - Jenny edges in close, hooks the HELL out of Cat's liver, freezing her, then arches back to fit left uppercut onto Cat's chin and BELL GOES DOWN! Cat lifted up by the blast and spreading onto canvas on her back - brunette picking head up groggy, eyelashes fluttering - what a shot! Jenny jogging to neutral corner, eyes alight - she's nodding as Bell fights off the KO and takes a reeling 8. ON COMES JENNY! Gameplan out the window as O'Dell suddenly gets a chance to romp - she storms in on shabby Cat with TONS of time on the clock. Jenny operating - reaching in with the left to push Cat's right bicep back, stepping in close to shove murderous rights to breadbasket, then up into hulking rack, drawing a breathy whimper from glorious brunette. Cat weak, stunned, but trying to answer back - SHE shrugs left hands up into Jenny's own bulging beauties, immediately earning a clouting hook across the chops and a chopping right hand on the ear to drape her stunned against the ropes. Bell swaying ragdoll, hands up limp as Jenny pours in: right hands resume their fearful pounding of brunette midriff and jugs as Jenny uses the left to stabilize. Bell finishes up drooping forward behind her gloves, giving away her lats and waist on the cheap as O'Dell brings both guns to bear. Bell: Jenny chests up, stacking a dozy Cat heavily against the ropes and forcing brutal eye contact - no missing the message as Cat blinks back in astonishment.


R2: Jenny's eyes hard as her heart - she rockets off her stool, stomps the ring to body up and pancake Cat Bell into her own corner. BEAT DOWN! Jenny O'Dell brazen, brawny - pushing on Cat, bodying on Cat, stacking her up, holding her down and BASHING away at what's left. Oh those bruising ribshots - Cat grimacing, chassis bending around Jenny's withering blasts above the hips - brunette suffering with her elbows in, trying desperately to block downstairs. Jenny pulling down the guard, exposing torso and getting into Cat's mouthwatering rack with hateful punching - just a-reaming those mighty melons, scrubbing away close, leaving Cat open-mouthed in shock. More body work as Cat lolls forward and Jenny draws her arms back to swing away underneath - great hoisting blows up and in, sending creeping paralysis through Bell's long legs. Hook on the ear spills Cat to her left along the ropes - hungry Jen steps with, touching Bell with an extended left, then hooking her jaw again, sending Cat reeling into the next corner. Jenny stays on top, splitting Cat's panicky mitts with her head, butting Bell's mouth and filling Cat's breadbasket with punches - stampede of lefts and rights pile up down there, buckling Cat forward with a moist groan. Jenny standing strong, squared away, arm-curling egg-beater blows against the heroic overhang of Bell's breasts as Cat leans forward, then stroking that chin left and right uppercuts. CAT'S STARTING TO GO! Bell numb, mindless - she's stumbling forward out of the corner, Jenny stepping back in good order, carving the left uppercut, carving the right - eyes blazing as she heaps on the punishment and CAT GOES DOWN! Bell sprawling on her face, left cheek wet against canvas and IT'S OVER! Good Lord - KO2 in SAVAGE fashion - Jenny O'Dell!


After: O'Dell ROARING in simple-minded bloodlust at the sight of Cat's pale back, dishevelled mop and blank, KO'd pout - Bell just all stretched out long, still and slumbering - Jenny's drinking it in. Crowd chanting "WALK! WALK! WALK!" Amy D shouting for it, Kaley pumping her fist and yelling the same, camera pans to catch a stone-faced Charlize Theron fuming in her seat, nostrils flaring - other boxing luminaries with varied reactions: there's a new power at lightweight.


"I'm not going to walk her," Jenny says in postfight, white towel around her shoulders, mayhem in the ring behind her, "but I COULD and TE better damn well notice that. I'm still a little stunned, I mean, we trained for the 10 hardest rounds of my career, but you know, I caught her and I'm a great finisher (shrugs)." Jenny, Jenny - is Cat Bell finished - did you Debbe-D her? "I don't know, I really don't. Before the fight, I would have said no way, but I hit her HARD tonight - harder than she's been hit in years. God, I get goosepimples just THINKING about it: I might have ruined Cat Bell right after I finished Debbe Dunning! It's like a dream come true!" Bell a long time coming around - anxious moments as she's rolled to her back and examined, then gently, gingerly brought to her stool - eventually she's recovered enough to offer a few words. "Hell no, I'm not retiring," Bell says, more emotional than we're used to seeing. "I made a mistake and Jenny capitalized - that's all that happened. If she thinks she's ruined me, she's not the woman I thought she was. All that happened tonight is, you throw out that first fight when she wasn't really competitive and we're 1 and 1, and I can't live with that. If she's half the fighter she seems to THINK she is, she won't be able to live with it either."


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