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26 Jan 2008 Camille Guaty vs Christina Milian

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Posted by simguy on 1/26/2008, 9:45 am.


Before: “After she beat me at 120,” Milian says of Allison Mack in prefight—“Allison told me I could be a champion at 110, and I really took that to heart, I think I can a two division superstar, but it always helps to have gold around your waist first. So I’ve dropped the weight and I’m looking to get established as a major player at flyweight. Guaty’s a tune up—but can you imagine me against Hayden Panettiere or Lucy Liu? I get chills!”


Former Disney standout and current “Las Vegas” slugger Guaty purses her lips through Milian’s self-congratulatory diatribe. “The first thing I did when I joined the cast of “Las Vegas” was kick Vanessa  Marcil’s ass,” Guaty confides at the podium. “I wanted to set the tone and let everybody know right away where I thought she stood—and that’s what I’m going to do in the FCBA. I know for a fact that Hayden has ducked me her whole career, but when I beat girls likes like Milian, the people are gonna want to see that blonde bimbo put up or shut up, But don’t worry, I’m 100% focused on Miss Christina. One ass at a time, that’s my motto!”


Milian in bikini—broad white and red horizontal stripes; white gloves; hair curly and loose. Guaty in lemon bikini; white gloves; hair tangly-curled and loose.


R1,2,3: Milian takes the first and third—Guaty the second in tactical action with girls taking turns being the stalker. Milian hitting harder—she’s crouched in a closed stance (Left shoulder towards Guaty—right tight to chest, left across the gut), turning into vicious right hands ticketed for Guaty’s chin, Guaty rocked several times—having some trouble seeing Milian’s sneaky, screened right hands. Camilla showing typically astute Disney trained footwork—chipping out the jab, or scuffing a palm-down hook against Milian’s skull and shoulder. Christina comfy behind her power—coming forward, generally being the aggressor.


R4: Milian flinging out the jab from her crouch—then turning into healthy right hands—Guaty pulling away, hands low, getting tagged. Midway through—picture perfect right cross from the puncher’s crouch turns Guaty’s head: Camille’s feet stay put as she topples straight legged to her back. Guaty stunned, blinking up lights as Milian squeals, jogs to neutral corner, glorying in the sight of her little foe struggling up for a shaky 8. Another yelp of delight as Milian pounces back in, pushing Guaty into ropes before pummeling her midsection a volley of curling rights and lefts. Guaty ashen faced—legs numb—she absorbs a thumping, then ties up, pulling Milian in, leaning back onto ropes for ref’s breaks.


R5: Milian changing tack: she’s been catching Guaty with long right hands outside—now Chrissy pushes in shoulder to shoulder, looking to pressure tummy. Guaty firming, digging in her feels: she stands ground, starts hooking Christina very effectively to tummy. Thirsty work: girls grunting, bumping, bouncing leather off offending torso—volume rising as girls get off toe to toe. Middle minute, girls trading body blows: Guaty (weight on right foot) clips a pair of tidy right uppercuts to teeth, startling Milian; left hook to chin toggles Milian’s chin and CHRISSY TAKES A KNEE! Power outage in Milian’s back (right) leg puts her down for a moment—she’s right back up, but glassy eyed. Guaty nostrils flaring, smelling the hurt—she pushes in after the 8 count, pounding at Milian’s tummy with both hands lapping. Chrissy hits the ropes loose and gurgling: Guaty shoeshines jug, drawing throaty approval from crowd as Milian sobs I dismay. Down the stretch, Guaty just wearing Milian out to the body, comes off tummy with a pair of short, jagged right uppercuts to chin: Milian staring, startled once again, is a helpless victim for the hook.. DOWN GOES MILIAN! Guaty’s healthy Latina hook enough to get Christ off her feet and onto her butt: Milian blinking, seated with back to ropes as Camille glares down, eyes smoldering.


R6: HAMMER AND TONGS! Milian hurts Guaty early, nailing her with one of those screened right hands. As girls fall in together—Milian trying to clean up—Guaty’s Able to dig her way out of the pit, hurting Chris to the body with chugging lefts and rights, then creeping up-torso to knock around those jugs/that chin. Guaty a little gremlin when girls get toe to toe: teeth bared, arms non-stop just lathering in rising, batting arcs against Milian. Christina stepping back, trying to crouch-and-counter, but getting trumped by volume.


R7: Panting, seething beauties storm off their stools: both are rocked and wobbly, but determined to hurt the other into submission. Milian gambling—looking for right hands outside, but Guaty’s onto it, cleverly fading, letting Chrissy punch herself forward, then cleaning Milian up with short, clipping combination. Christina floundering,--too aggressive, not reading her foe’s position or distance—time and again Milian stumbles in off her own offence, only to be picked up tic-tac-toe by a sharp-punching Guaty. Camille stepping right: simple adjustment exposes Milian’s deeply crossed stance, forcing Chrissy to open up; as she does so, Guaty’s able to land the jab—spanking face and parting jug. After outboxing Milian and scuffing her up badly all round long, Camille celebrates with a pair of right crosses bingo onna chin. Milian’s knees buckled as she faces into both punches, eyes shining up shocked as the bell.


R8: MILIAN’S HURT! Christina off her stool, not looking right: Guaty quickly on her with a flicking jab, then hard right crosses as Camille leans into the blows, Milian staring, facing into punches, not reacting—she’s getting belted flush to jaw—just turning dreamily as Camille circles after scoring. Camille’s eyes bright—she’s hyper-aggressive now—darting in and out, hands clawing and batting and jamming away—Guaty able to put 5 and 6 punches together as Milian sponges up damage. Middle minute—Guaty’s openly grinning—hooting “WOO-HOO!” as she dances outside, then pounces in to fetch Chrissy a hard right hand to chin. Jugs? Camille hooking puppy like there’s no tomorrow, clouting away on a jug as Milian looks on in wonder. Pair of hooks digs at Chrissy’s floating rin CHUP! CHUP! Milian blurts in pain, bunches up slightly: Camille shifts weight to right foot, hooks Milian’s breasts a triplet of licks. Right uppercut/left uppercut to chin: Milian just swaying on the spot, dimly watching as Camille dismantles her. REF JUMPS IN! That’s it for poor Milian—she’s pasted senseless as Guaty jumps and jiggles away the TKO8 Victrix.


After:  Upset: Milian a highly touted, well respected little scrapper underestimates one of the Disney Horde and pays for it. Chrissy inconsolable, blubbering in her corner as trainer hugs her: Guaty strutting, showing cocky dimples, strikes brazen poses as flashbulbs burst. “I’m looking at Vanessa Hudgens, Brenda Song, Kris Cavallari, AshleyTisdale—all the girls who need to get butt-whooped—you know who you are,” a jubilant Camille bleats in postfight. “Hayden: it’s just a matter of time, baby—you can;’t hide forever.”


Reposted by Archer 6/16/09.


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