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26 July 2005 Kristen Bell vs Sarah Carter

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Posted by Simguy on 7/26/2005. 6:55 pm.


Carter in black cotton two piece, hair up

Bell in purple lace bra and panties, puncher’s ponytail

Small black gloves, both vixens




Right from the get-go, Sarah carter fought this fight determined to separate herself from the mirror-image of Bell, finding Kristen’s chin early and often and never easing up. the first round saw Bell wobble back to her stool wide eyed and rung up: Carter had poured leather to the chin, setting Bell up for right hands with a piercing, hardhearted jab.


Bell rallied in the second, but fought Sarah’s fight, bending all-in on right hands, torquing hooks—whippet bodies twisting, slender limbs slinging in a lashing, swinging back and forth. Again, Bell was sent back to her corner tremble-bodied, now busting up from harsh Carter leather on the face and one blonde was clearly getting the better of the other through 2.


Bell would go down swinging, engaging Carter in lusty, thrilling exchanges early in the third, but Sarah would not be denied. Carter smelled blood in the water and moved in aggressively, dotting her jab, bending in on vicious right hands, mopping up the hook—Sarah threw herself at bell in a full-bodied stroking rhythm that Kristen simply could not answer. Stunned, faltering late, Bell stared into a series of hard lefts and rights off her face that left her sagging and helpless in the ropes, prompting a referee intervention with just seconds left in the round.


Reposted by Archer 10/4/09.


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