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27 June 2008 Cat Bell vs Jeri Ryan Post Fight 2

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Posted by Jeri's Knockouts on 6/27/08


The “Curse of Cotton” had struck once again.


Cat Bell and Jeri Ryan had one of the most celebrated rivalries in the world of celebrity fighting.  Dating back over ten years, the two had fought countless scraps in both public and private.  They had dueled in every style imaginable, ranging from catfights and titfights to boxing and wrestling matches, and even one La Conquista match.  However, in that vast repository, an astute observer can find several subtle trends and statistical curiosities.  They had played out over and over again, even if the two ladies were never aware of such things on a conscious level. 


One such phenomenon had played out to a brutal conclusion in their second best-of-seven boxing match: in any pre-planned fight where both women wore cotton lingerie, Cat always won.  No matter the venue, type of fight, or color of outfit, Jeri’s win percentage had never improved past a solid .000 while this effect was in play.


Jeri’s eyes fluttered open as she slowly became reacquainted with her surroundings.  She was lying on her belly with both of her arms sprawled out limply on either side of her body.  With her head tilted to the side and her cheek pressed against the canvas, it didn’t take her long to figure out that she’d been knocked out, and in the first round no less.  Struggling unsuccessfully to fight back tears, Jeri slowly tried to get her arms underneath her body and prop herself up.  However, before she could get to all fours, she was met by a hard boot to her ribs, rolling her onto her back.  Before the blonde could move, the same boot came down onto her chest, pinning her down to the canvas.


Looking up, Jeri cringed as she saw what she already knew was there: standing over her was Cat Bell, with her gloves held up at chest height and a smile on her face.


“Looks like you’re the one who got knocked out this time, Jeri,” Cat taunted gleefully, “Ironic, isn’t it?  After all of those first round knockouts under your belt, you get whacked so easily…”


“Please, please don’t…” Jeri pleaded weakly.


Cat ignored the blonde and continued to stand with one foot atop her rival like a hunter with vanquished big game.  Without moving from her spot, the brunette motioned for one of her cornermen to remove her gloves.  With her hands free, Cat flexed her fingers, clearly delighted about what she had in store.


“No beating around the bush,” Cat said nonchalantly, “It’s time for you to get what’s been coming.”


Lifting her foot off of Jeri, Cat reached down for the blonde’s hair and yanked her up to her feet.  Leading her straight to the nearest corner, Cat shoved Jeri back against the turnbuckle.  Jeri frantically tried to bring her dukes up to some sort of defensive position, but Cat merely brushed the limp arms aside.  She then followed up with her forearm, backhanded hard across Jeri’s chest.  The blonde cried out in pain and reflexively brought her arms to her jugs, trying to cradle them against more harm.  Jeri was crying openly now, closing her eyes as the tears streamed down her cheeks.


Jeri felt Cat’s hands in her hair, slowly running through the golden strands to the back of her head.  Opening her eyes, the blonde found the brunette’s gorgeous breasts inches in front of her face.  Jeri opened her mouth to protest, but it was too late. 


“You shouldn’t have made me angry, Jeri,” Cat taunted, “Bad things happen to you when I get angry…”


Jeri’s face was yanked down hard into Cat’s cleavage.  Almost immediately, Cat pushed forward, trapping Jeri against the turnbuckle as she ground her breasts against the blonde’s face.  Jeri thrashed and struggled to break free, but it was no use.  As usual, Cat’s breast smothers were perfect when she locked them on, and soon Jeri started to feel the effects.  Her hands pawed frantically at Cat’s bare belly and succulent hips, but soon they too slipped away as all of her remaining resistance was smothered out of her body.


The lights were going out once again.  This time, however, Jeri knew that she had the fight of her life on her hands.  This was just the beginning.

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