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27 May 2005 Hilarie Burton vs Alyssa Milano

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Posted by Simguy on 5/27/2005, 7:21 am.


Before: "This one's for Dani, CB, Syren and all my friends at TE," Alyssa hams in prefight. "I'm gonna do Burton up right. Get the plaque ready: I've got 'beating of the year' all locked up!" Hilarie taking Milano's boasts very seriously - Alyssa a well scouted opponent at TE and a grudgingly respected one. "Look, I hate to say it," Hilarie winces, "but this girl DID take Dani out with one shot once upon a time. You don't just dismiss that. Alyssa's got tons and tons more ring experience than I do, but I feel I'm ready to step up. I've beaten all the rookie competition handily, I'm got the height on Milano and I don't think she can do her new boxing thing against someone of my build. It's going to be interesting - I really think I match up well against Alyssa and I'm going to do my best to stop her." Alyssa in pea green bikini top, white bottoms, wet hair - Burton in black push up, red & black plaid bottoms.


During R1: Burton dukes mouth-high, eyes wide with concentration - she's trying to work stick early. Alyssa showing her new committment to scoot: reversing directions in front of Hilarie - feinting at her body, walking away - just testing the waters early. Milano eventually working her way to Burton's ribcage, but catching jabs to get there - Hilly doing a nice job of making Alyssa pay for real estate. Milano returning the favour banging away with AUTHORITY to the ribs - Burton open-mouthed, startled by sock - she extends arms to push Alyssa back, buy a little breathing room. Milano pressing the pace late, attacking to the breadbasket, burrowing in down there, when Hilarie lights her up the right uppercut! Milano caught clean on the button, straightened up and staggered - she's still blinking, trying to clear her head when Burton steps into a shearing right and POUNDS brunette face hard to starboard! Milano put wobbly butt, staggering to her right at the bell - big smile Hilarie as she yanks away points in the first.


R2: Milano tasting blood in her mouth: doesn't like it own bit - she's off her stool with hate-blazing eyes. Alyssa bending low, weaving a lot like Dani would - she gets under the Burton jab, hops in close and HOOKS THOSE TRUNKS! Alyssa POUNDING away big time left hands, beatin' the britches on Hilarie and sending curly-headed blonde reeling to ropes. Hilarie sobbing aloud, trying to cover up - Milano scoots-to, jabs the chest, shifts to her right and HAMMERS right hands to pale blonde ribcage. Thudding barrage has Burton sagging - reaching to clinch - Alyssa hammering past the outstretched arms to batter Burton's pretty face. Hilly rejected, belted upright against the ropes - shorter vixen looping rights and lefts at the head, practically leaving her feet to pound away up top. Hilarie dazed, confused, slides to her right along ropes - Milano snarling, stepping-with - she shoots a hardhearted straight right into the ribs, turns on a VICIOUS low blow hook and poor Burton pitches forward to drape herself on Milano's shoulders. More low blows, MORE LOW BLOWS! Milano beside herself, just bodying long Hilarie against the ropes and wedging that left mitt between Burton's thighs, crowding in close to disguise the atrocities. Hilarie in crotch-shock, numb, no longer competing - ref FINALLY jumps in to wave this thing off. TKO2 in brutal fashion - Alyssa Milano!


After: Milano climbing the ring ropes and pounding her chest like she's just knocked out Charlize Theron - she leaves Hilarie trembling, cradling her goods on her stool as TE girls are prevented by security from exacting immediate revenge. "Not tough enough," Alyssa assesses in prefight. "TE breeds soft fighters and looks like they've done it again. This kid might be WB, but she's no pro - my body shots just PARALYZED her tonight. I put my stamp on Hilarie tonight - my brand. When you beat a girl the way I beat Burton tonight, she's yours forever."


Thanks to Apollo for this repost.

Archer 10/19;/09.

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