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27 May 2005 Laetitia Casta vs Annette Milbers

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Posted by simguy on 5/27/2005, 7:25 am



Before: Unusual promotion - virtual unknown Milbers (see annettemilbers.com for reference) cast as Rocky in the piece - her brutal drubbing of a shopworn Kiana just enough to catch Casta's eye, translating into a huge PPV opportunity for sleek blonde. Annette looking a little overwhelmed in press conferences, not as conversant in media management as we're used to seeing - fortunately for promoters, Casta's more than able to pick up the slack. Laetitia relishing her role as starmaker, constantly relating the story of how she "plucked Annette from obscurity" - reigning and defending Ice Queen has good contacts in Canada, was able to get Milbers for a song. "She is beautiful, non?" Laetitia gushes in prefight, kissing her fingertips like a French waiter. "As handsome a woman as we have in the FCBA - truly more exquisite than many who peddle their wares on our stages. I am proud to bring sunshine to her life, however brief."


Milbers in white string bikini stark against tanned body, Casta in chocolate underwire bikini with beige rills at the edges (TU reference photo).


PPV feed cuts to Milbers' hometown bar jam packed with friends, family and fans - it's like Swaziland making it to the World Cup final.


During R1: Casta wary of Milber's springy-legged mobility, brunette jabbing more than usual at the open, bringing fleet-footed blonde to heel. Milbers cut off and confronted lifts her mitts and shows she's got a fine jab herself - rare in a fitness competitor. Late the round, Casta ducking and hooking lands some fat left hands against Milber's rack-bulge - Annette on her heels, a little wide-eyed - she catchesa gobsmacking right hand on the mouth as Casta bends in big. DOWN GOES ANNETTE! Gorgeous blonde scooting to her backside, lips pursed in a hurting 'O' - she scrambles to her feet quick but it's a welcome-to-the -FCBA haymaker from grinning Casta in the first.


R2: Casta's seen enough, knows what she wants to do - French girl directing her hardest punches to Milber's flat, toned tummy to wick away blonde vitality. Silky smooth stuff from Laetitia - well-timed jabs upstairs unnerving jittery blonde, standing Annette upright, stiff behind her guard - brunette able to strap that waist succulent rights and lefts, really turning into the punches and bouncing mitt off meat. Annette stationary, posing - she's taking WAY too much direct punishment on her ribs and abs - showing the fitness competitor's typical confidence in her body, but it's a mistake all the same. Late the round, Casta having done due diligence has Milbers loosened up: Jagged left uppercut off a series of thudding body shots picks up Annette's chin, sends her stomping back wobbly butt on her heels at the bell. La'Tish beaming en route to corner - she's dominating, making it look easy as Milbers deals with butterflies through 2.


R3: Annette showing resilience, shaking off the Casta sock - blonde finally into the fight, no longer skittish as focus comes off the 'event' and onto the opponent where it belongs. Milbers busting Casta a scolding jab teeth and tits - Laetitia dukes up, weight on right foot as she leans away - she's forfeiting initiative this round. Milbers treats Casta to some of the same batting body work that demoralized Kiana - ripping rights and lefts spank up Casta's corsican curves, drawing breathy grunts as LaTish turns, trying to stay square to her opponent. Midway through, Annette gets respect: Casta stooped forward behind her guard - Milbers leans in on front foot, gets three rich hooks PAK! PAK! PAK! in behind French elbow, buckling Casta's knees and prompting fight's first clinch. 'Tish open mouthed, hurt, but savvy - she bogs Milbers down in a series of swamping grapples to get out of the round.


R4: Milbers pressing the pace, hounding Casta now. Laetitia using her legs to buy time, changing directions, skirting the perimeter at the hop. Annette stalking, relaxed enough now to stomp-feint and misdirect Casta - Milbers showing class as well as hard-body physique as she jabs, influences Laetitia to spots, then moves in on her. Casta drawing Annette into groping clinches, tieing up around blonde's elbows, bellying her into ropes for breaks - blonde whining to ref about the constant holding.


R5,6: Confident, back to back shutouts, Casta. La'tish going flat footed, supple, showing Milbers more upperbody movement, making blonde miss, then making her pay to the body. Laetitia scoring very well with low-slung rights and lefts batted against Milbers taut ribcage, abs - when Annette folds forward to cover - Casta eases her into front-headlocks or other tie-ups, constantly resetting with ref's breaks. Casta also diligent about pounding Milber's hulking chest - stepping right and drawing the come-along hook across Annette's breasts, then bending into sucker-right hands on the chin. Milber's taking a good shot, but she's getting outclassed, bamboozled - big right hand midway through the six shakes Annette to her toes, has her momentarily paralyzed as Casta finds the groove.


R7: Milbers busting up a little, getting a little tentative: she's pretty much reduced to jab/right hands. Casta circling, timing her jab to compensate for Annette's superior mobility - blonde having trouble expressing athleticism against Laetitia's veteran ring generalship. Casta landing thicker and thicker right hands in Annette's body - Milbers starting to stoop forward, starting to hurt. Down the stretch, Casta looking to deposit the beefy right downstairs, then put hooks, clouting right hands up top - Milbers taking a true shellacking at the bell as Casta lets her hands go. As girls disengage for the break, Casta cheekily mops her brow with Annette's long blonde hair - prompting outraged protest and referee intervention as Milbers won't be punked.


R8: Milbers outworks Laetitia this round as Casta takes a breather. Laetitia safe behind her guard, sliding back and walking Milbers into greasy clinches, letting Annette make the fight. Blonde jabbing, probing straight right hands at the guard, then getting in on Casta with batting lefts and rights to waist and hips, hammering away until the inevitable Casta clinch. Milbers showing her lack of big-time experience - in the fitness club and beach scene she's used to, girls don't clinch - Annette basically without a clue how to prevent Casta from doing this.


R9: Casta with patient punch n' clutch, sometimes coming forward behind her jab, sometimes fading back, walking Annette in. Annette a good puncher-at-the-body, but not a true inside fighter - Casta doing well when the girls tie up, French minx much more adept at squirmy hold-and-hit tactics. Milbers constantly knocked by right uppercuts in the grasp, getting her tits squished by tight hooks, soaking up thick right hands flat on her breadbasket, then turned or walked off balance. Annette typically durable as all fitness fighters, still fresh despite the punishment, but she just can't get it going - Casta's imposed her will on the fight. LaTish smiling, preening at the bell, relishing her supremacy.


R10: Shutout Casta - poor confused Milbers trying to make the fight but bogging down in Laetitia's silky clinches. Laetitia jabbing to supress Annette's jab, pursuading blonde to just walk in - it's easily to grab her up, turn her, hold and hit until ref does his job. Casta fitting her right hand snug into Annette's tummy, jamming it behind her elbow, tapping it to her chin - all while riding the left across the shoulders, pulling Milbers forward into harm. Mugging jug work inside - Casta purring with deep satisfaction as she slumps Annette forward and shrugs short right hands to throbbing fitness jug - Milbers open mouthed, too bedazzled at this point to offer competition. Casta strong to the bell, just massaging and managing a dangerous opponent to the finish line - comes back UD10 comfy - Laetitia Casta.


After: Casta glowing, heaps insult onto beaten Annette by gathering blonde up in her corner and taking her for a walk of shame sans knockout! Milbers bewildered, humiliated - she doesn't know any better - brazen Casta simply taking advantage of Annette's naivete in FCBA protocol. LaTish smiling broadly, right arm snug around Annette's fat-free hips, left hand waving regally - boos cascade down as knowledgable crowd knows Casta's getting away with murder here. 'Tish does the circuit, pulls Annette in close for a rough conqueror's kiss on the cheek - Milbers shoved off to make her own way out of the ring as TU celebrations commence

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