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27 Nov 2008 Fight 3 Scarlett Johansson Vs Rachel McAdams

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Posted by simguy on 11/27/2008, 10:29 am

Before: Tensions unexpectedly high in prefight as HMK brings in Neve Campbell to prepare Scarlett for Rachel; Mac doesn't like it. "It changes things, certainly," Rachel says at the podium. "It's not likely to help Scarlett - she can't fight the way Neve does - but I don't appreciate seeing Neve here today, and I guess Scarlett's going to foot the bill for that. It's going to make things edgier in the ring - already I'm thinking of punishing Scarlett now, where before all I wanted to do was beat her. If you were one of us fighters, you'd know the difference." Johansson breezy in response: busty blonde knows she's a big underdog; she's playing it to the hilt. "Naturally, we don't really consult our opponents when we're putting together a training camp," Johansson grins. "Nobody knows Rachel's game like Neve, so we brought her in... and we really don't care how McAdams feels about that. As for the fight being rougher or whatever, I say go for it. If Rachel thinks she can showcase on me, I invite her to try. I've got a surprise or two in store for her, and all of you!" Rachel in crushed velvet midnight blue push up and panties; white gloves. Scarlett in burgundy crushed velvet push up and panties; black gloves; brassy blonde hair long, unruly about her shoulders/down her back.

During R1: Southpaw Scarlet scores early - edging in behind her right shoulder to pull a sneaky left onto Rachel's chin. Mac sent reeling back, eyes wide/surprised. Scarlett continues lead left hands out of the southpaw stance (right foot forward) - leaning in close to jam punches onto left side of Rachel's face. Mac adjusting late, stepping to her left around stiff poke and putting straight rights onto Scarlett's rack up the middle. Too little too late as sneaky, potshotting Scarlett steals the first.

R2: Rachel determined off her stool - eyes blazing as she takes midring. Rache stepping left - keeping her lead (left) foot outside Scarlett's right; popping jabs to Scarlett's right shoulder. Rache employing straight, sudden right hands up the middle - punching right side of Scarlett's chin: Johansson rattled by these pokes, allowing Rachel to step close. Inside, Rachel has her way: short, tight-arc side to side punches addressing Scarlett's ribs and rack; jerking little left uppercuts off the body touches, picking up Scarlett's chin. Sustained punishment hounds Scarlett throughout middle minute: she steps back grimacing, easing herself to her right knee for a breather. Rachel all nostrils flaring, pacing neutral corner as Scarlett sorts heself out - then redhead gets back on, crowding blonde to ropes. Furious mop up bombardment - Rachel working thick-and-methodical about Scarlett's waist, then shrugging up into that bulging rack, beating Scarlett into stupor. Bell: Rache makes glaring eye contact as she steps back; Scarlett slumped in ropes, mouth open, face pinched in pain.

R3: Plucky Scarlett refuses to wilt. Mac aggressively up the middle, pressing her two fisted drumming attack to waist and jugs: Scarlett fading back, pivoting to her right, turns Rachel and keeps free of ropes. By the minute mark - Scarlett's walking Rachel into clever, straight-stamping left hands on the mouth; stepping well back onto the back (left) foot, and; hooking Rachel's cheek via the trailing right hand. Mac not seeing the hook at all: she's routinely startled by the stubby left, then truly shook by the lean-away hook. Johansson wheeling to her right, keeping her lead (right) foot outside Rachel's left: southpaw vixen doing a nice job bamboozling her stronger right-handed counterpart through 3.

R4: Rachel grimly, angrily off her stool: she stomps forward, compressing Scarlett to ropes for a thrilling two way action round. Johansson under threat - she's leaning into ropes, crouching down to slip shots, putting her right shoulder into Rachel's midsection to nudge her off. Scarlett's hands loose - right hand dangling, left under her chin as she bends at the waist, moves her head in the pocket. Rachel baring her teeth - slamming short, cudgelling blows against pale Johansson flanks and arms, beating down the guard. Rachel looking to club jug - pushing in close with her left shoulder, then rising up into Scarlett's rack hup-hup-hup in tight. Johansson lashing back that whippy right hook off her hip; dipping down, then erupting up into left uppercuts - then bobbing and rolling to evade the torrent of McAdams leather. This is Rachel's fight - contested bravely by Scarlett perhaps, but redhead starting to open up a significant trade-surplus toe-to-toe.

R5: Look at plucky Scarlett compete! Outgunned - clever little southpaw gets back to potshotting and turning - drilling Rache straight lead lefts, then pivoting right around the forget-me-not right hook. Scarlett in wide stance - left foot well back: as she shifts weight forward and back, she's changing distance just enough to make Rachel miss. McAdams pouring up the middle, but being sidestepped and touched: redhead running into clean, effective punches as Scarlett tunes up. Bell: a disheveled Rachel's clearly disgusted with herself; Scarlett adds to Mac's vexation with a clapping slap of redheaded buttock to send Rache on her way.

R6: Good pressure from Rachel early: Scarlett respects it, fades it, sidesteps it. Minute mark, Johansson times Rachel - drills her a rigid straight left to left side of Mac's chin, buckling Rachel's knees. Right hook topper - Scarlett cuffing Rachel while executing tidy pivot-right, scooting out of sight. Rache turning, seeking contact: Scarlett hops in close with her right shoulder, driving the lead left onto Rachel's chin with shocking force. Johansson's body piles into Rachel's after the short shot lands - McAdams destabilized, stumbling backward and RACHEL'S DOWN! Mac scooting to her buns, head lolling: that's no push - that's a short left hand jammer to chin that's got Rachel HURT. Mac up - woozy at ropes - auburn curls in her eyes as she sways at ropes. ON COMES SCARLETT! Johansson quickly in - wide stance: she leans in on lead (right) leg to jam the straight left home; leans away onto back (left) leg to pull that whippy right hook across. Rachel BUZZED! She's facing directly into the left hands, taking them on the mouth; right hooks taking her across the temple. Rachel in swoon, hands dropping, eyes staring: Scarlett POURING it on all jugs a-sloshing - teeth bared as she slashes away and THE REF STEPS IN! Good Lord - Upset TKO6 Scarlett Johansson.

After: HMK bench erupts to it's feet, swarms the ring: Scarlett not expected to produce victory tonight, breaks the Foxfire momentum with a stunning upset. Rachel unstable - gathered up by concerned corner mates: tension in the ring as HMK girls flock about Scarlett in joyous celebration - giving the Foxfire girls a taste of their own medicine. Officials scramble to head off bench-clearing brawl: save it for the stable war, girls!

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