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28 Dec 1999 Chae vs Nia Peeples

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Clairol 110lb Title Bout 


 Posted by Simguy on Tuesday, 28-Dec-1999 11:17:39


Before: PEEPLE's champ back in the ring 4 weeks after demolition of Hayek - against Carmen Electra's big rival, all in an effort to send a message. "I'm a fighting champ," says Nia in pre-fight, "When was the last time you saw Electra fight? She's a chump, and now that I'm back, she's a scared chump." Tough test as Chae looks like a young version of Nia to many - Nia in pink bandeau top, black bikini bottoms, Chae in scarlet push up and panties


During R1: Nia showing that exquisite footwork early, hemming Chae into a corner, feinting at the Asian with hands at her sides, slipping and bending under Chae's strokes. Nia moving in and out, lifts the left off her hip to swat Chae on the ear, then bops back a step to bring Chae forward into the curling counter right hand. Chae confused, unable to bring the big guns to bear. Gets worse midway through as Nia moves in, stepping like a fencer to land thrusting lead rights on the mouth, then pounding away with slicing combination punching. Chae on the ropes gets eaten up as Nia's fists play across her cheeks and chest. A digging left to the sternum sets up a chopping right that Chae never sees - Asian takes a knee, bleeding from the nose, and looking shellshocked. All Nia down the stretch as she helps herself to Chae's abs, jerking vicious Mosley-esque lefts and rights into the Asian's taut body to the bell. Chae left in ruins on the ropes as Nia nods her head, smiling en route to her corner.


R2: Nia posts a sweet boxing shutout, stepping in with that exaggerated fencer's stomp, jolting Chae with short, explosive straight lefts or rights, then slipping away at an angle to re-set. Chae's left eye swells shut courtesy of Nia's cruel accuracy with banging right hands - Peeples strutting away at the bell with the same look of supreme confidence as Chae wilts in her corner.


R3: Chae with her hands at chest level, looks like an extra in a Clint Eastwood movie as Nia bats her face back and forth with quick lefts and rights delivered from the hip. Chae groggy, no longer reacting to Nia's punches, and Peeples squares up to finish, pounding Zab Judah type combinations off her opponent's face to send Chae to her backside at the ropes. And Chae won't get up. Shaking her head, sitting with her forearms on her thighs, Chae refuses to go on, and Nia struts the ring with KO3.



After: Chae barely lands a punch in soaking up a dreadful beating from the new Clairol champ. Peeples looking deadly sharp, boxing like a queen, slugging like a tramp, to take the heart out of normally competitive Chae. Peeples remains focused, calling out Carmen Electra after this win, knowing full well that Carmen's never been able to b###h-slap Chae like this.


(Our thanks to Fight Fan for this story)

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