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28 September 1999 Paula Marshall vs Heather Graham

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Originally posted by Simguy on Tuesday, 28-Sep-99 19:19:58


Before: Marshall with a very public dissing of Graham as a fighter helps promote the undercard into a de-facto co-feature come fight night. Graham has shown good skills against fighter that let her get on track, but Marshall’s made a career out of beating up stars and will not be intimidated by this one in particular,


Pink conservative bikini lingerie for Paula, powder blue of Graham,


During R1: Paula establishing a punishing jab to Graham’s face and hurling the odd right hand against Heather’s body to keep the blonde on the defensive from bell to bell, Marshall walking Heather down—Graham getting outboxed early.


R2: Graham looking food early, grooving the left hook onto Paula’s sturdy jaw in the first minute, but Marshall continuing to advance, bangs the straight right hand off Heather’s sternum to set up her own left hook midway through. In the final minute, Marshall stepping left behind a smoke screen of jabs, plows a hard right cross to the mouth to drape Graham on the ropes. Opportunistic flurry has Heather cringing from lefts and rights to the flanks at the bell.


R3: Paula maybe underestimating her opponent, walking forward with hands down, suddenly hunting Heather’s chin with right hands from the hip. Graham backpedalling in good order, makes Marshall miss, then makes her pay with clipping left/right swipes to the face. Graham playing Paula’s aggression nicely walks the brunette into firm left hooks, clinching after connecting for the break.


R4: Heather still doing good work with jarring left hooks on Paula’s jaw, but sloppy right hands cost her as Marshall counters savagely to re-take the initiative. Graham, staggering slightly as Paula punches with her, and in the final minute, Heather slides along the ropes, covering up, taking punches as Paula lets her fists fly.


R5: Graham hooking off the jab early, but a banging right hand to the body folds her up with a grimace and turns the tide Paula’s way. Marshall backing the hurting blonde up with banging lefts and rights to the sides, steps to the right and ranks a beautiful short right uppercut to snap Graham’s head up for the cameras. Heather hurt badly by the punch, stumbles forward—Paula re-loading, cranks a quick double left to the jaw that sits Graham down. Heather on her haunches, legs numb beneath her, eyes glassy and confused, can’t beat the count. KO5 Paula Marshall.


After: Paula calling out the likes of Theron, Nolin, after this one-sided beating of Heather G. Graham pressured into one mistake after another, just couldn’t keep Marshall off her, and the brunette’s punching power proved decisive.


Reposted by Archer 4/27/09.


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