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28 September 2009 Nadia Bjorlin vs Charlize Theron

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Posted by simguy on 9/28/2009, 7:52 am


Part 1

BEFORE: "Are you trembling?" Charlize mocks Nadia from the podium. "Omigod, that's ADORABLE. Don't be scared - I know this is a lot to take in and it all seems so overwhelming - but don't worry: nobody is here to see you. Just relax, try to compete, try to go rounds, that's all anybody expects. You'll do fine!" Bjorlin steamin': powerful figure in her own right scalded by CT's condescension. "I will destroy Charlize Theron," Nadia vows all seething at the podium. "She can't talk to me this way - I'm too strong and I hit too hard to be dismissed. She's just another blonde girl to me: two arms, two legs, one chin. I've been knocking them out all my life!" Nadia in gold lamme bra style bikini; black gloves; long brown curls loose. Charlize in green bikini; blonde hair in smooth golden battle bun; black gloves.

During R1: CT in wide stance, leggy and limber: she prods Nadia jabs, pivots around brunette right flank. Theron negligent with right hand - holding it chest-high: she's trusting her legs to keep her out of trouble. Bjorlin glaring, nostrils flaring: she's loading up, getting poke-preempted, then usually turned before she can get off. CT conducting reconnaissance - easy breezy blonde first.

R2: Charlize in wide stance again - keying off the jab to mix in her other shots. Dip-n'-dig jagged left uppercut takes Nadia in her solar plexus early. Swatting right hand side-swipes Nadia's jugs as CT lopes away to her right. Sidearm buggywhip right hand slashes across Nadia's tight brown paunch. Dazzling one-two bounces off Nadia's face, leaving her staring. Bjorlin getting pin-pointed - drilled out on the end of Theron's punches as blonde girl has her way. Nadia a little wobbly-butt by the end: Theron smiling demure at bell, tattooing Nadia into a funk through 2.

R3: Nadia jabbing-with: Theron's rhythm finally disrupted as Bjorlin's able to lean in/get off strong. Overhand right clangs off Theron's temple early, shaking her legs: CT going flat-footed, responds with ropey right uppercuts, initiating brawl. Nadia back with more swinging, roundhouse rights up top: Theron getting her face pounded aside, backing up before Nadia's walloping assaults. Fight drifts to ropes: CT's hands go to Nadia's head/shoulders as brunette presses her attack to golden midsection. Nadia in there beefy - leaning forward/slamming away right/left to waist as Theron pulls at the back of Nadia's head. Mauling, smearing stuff - Nadia atop Charlize, pumping hard to tummy, then trying up top with crude forearms to CT's chest/pecs. Theron leaning back into ropes, face pinched as she's systematically abused tummy to tummy.

R4: Nadia stepping into power punches: she catches Theron trying a right uppercut from too far out - overhand right smashes across CT's face and it's BLONDE GIRL DOWN! Theron dashed to her back momentarily amazed: eyelashes fluttering, hands up above her head as Nadia stomps past. CT herky-jerks her way on up: she's hurt, reeling, but groggily telling ref she's good...ON COMES NADIA! Bjorlin in with a rampaging right hand - missing over top as CT tucks: Nadia falls in, bodies Theron back into ropes. Grim shove-n'-slug as Charlize lays back on cables, cupping Nadia's ears, or tying up behind her elbows: Bjorlin writhing in the grasp, squirming to free herself. Nadia pushing-in, pounding tummy/waist/hips with crude pump: hard to do anything else with Charlize's control of Bjorlin's head. Theron dazed - leaning back into ropes with left hand behind Nadia's head to fetch brunette crisp right uppercuts: Bjorlin clipped cruel, but refusing to give up position. Tawdry tummy-to-tummy brawling often sloppy, grindingly expensive for both women - but it's Nadia in control through 4.

R5: Charlize in wide stance, prepping Nadia the jab while sliding back from her: Bjorlin nibbled on the approach, weaving her way forward, hounding Theron to ropes. Once CT's ropebound - Nadia sets up, knuckling her fists against Charlize's ribs, keeping hips well back, then smiting away on waist/jugline. Theron grimacing - pulling on Nadia's head, holding and hitting: right uppercut really carving across Bjorlin's features, frequently buzzing Nadia's legs. Nadia keeps her body on - reaching around CT's back to stabilize and crowd her, then brunette keeping hips-back so she can dig underneath. Writhing contest of arms up top as Nadia squirms to pull CT's hands down, then clubs punches against blonde skull and chest. Bjorlin warned repeatedly for cruel forearms shoved into Theron's breasts/pecs: Nadia complaining it's necessary due to Theron's holding. Grim, grinding attrition bell to bell: Theron mouthbreathing, looking scuffed up; Nadia's face puffy from uppercuts, but intensity undiminished as she makes ferocious eye contact at bell.




Posted by simguy on 9/28/2009, 7:52 am


R6: Sloppy CT caught trying the right uppercut off her right foot from too far out: Nadia's overhand right claps onto face, spinning Theron's noggin, sending her reeling to ropes. Bjorlin in lusty, looking to add hurt: Theron catches her the right uppercut coming in, then puts the hook on top and BJORLIN'S SHOOK! Nadia suddenly glassy-eyed, stamping in fence-post holes: Theron props her the left-forearm to spread Nadia out, then twists into a limber right, swivelling Bjorlin's head. Nadia staggering to midring firms, swings a roundhouse right to Theron's ribcage: THEY'RE BRAWLING CRAZY, MIDRING! Teeth bared, eyes blazing - girls just dipping/twisting in haymakers off the hips - punches caroming off skull-tops and shoulders in turn. Theron eats a huge right to jaw - mouthpiece flapping off her teeth into the air: she straightens up, stumbles back on her heels, eyes blinking. Nadia forward with right hand raised: she wades into Theron with a slamming forearm across tits, driving CT wailing to ropes. Charlize gasping, tying up around sweaty brunette head: Nadia blind in the grasp, just kneading and pushing her fists into CT's tummy. Ref's break: Theron's mouth wide open as she slides to her right, into Krusher Korner: Nadia seething, stalking, wades in with another overhand right as Theron ducks. Bjorlin missing over the top, but she reaches in under Theron's arms, stacking her up: BEATDOWN IN THE CORNER! Janet screaming up at CT to hold; Nadia slopping on blunt lefts and rights like she's doing the front crawl on CT - pounding and chopping away face/chest. Theron in stupor - right at her shoulder, left at her tummy as she leans back, eyelashes fluttering while punches detonate off face/thud against chest. Bell: Nadia snarling, pressing her body in close to Theron's with the right forearm tucked in snug to brace hated blonde breasts. Bleat of pain from CT: eyebrows high, eyes closed as she takes a tuff post-round body press.

R7: CT with the right uppercut misses, eats a crashing overhand right to her face: blonde back (right) leg buckles, touching the knee down for a quick 8 at the open. Resume - Nadia in like a freight train: Charlize greeting her off the ropes with a shovelling right to belly, then laying back into cables to twist across the slapping left in tight. Nadia shaking it off to smash at her foe - leaning in close with her head, bobbing at the waist, keeping hips well back for room underneath. Another siege of Charlize begins at ropes: Theron elbows in, hands up; leaning well back on cables; twisting side to side, rolling her torso in slow circles from the waist; looking to tie up head-and-arm on Nadia. Bjorlin working hard to extricate herself, trying to keep punching: she's claiming steadily against Theron's available waist, but finding it tougher to penetrate up top. Charlize usually with one or the other hand in control of Nadia's head, holding her for uppercuts: blonde extracting a heavy prive for brunette tummy-to-tummy aggression. Down the stretch, Nadia in tight slaps a right against Charlize' body, then picks her up the tidy right uppercut: Theron rocks back into ropes, head tossing dramatically: she's badly loosened at bell. Nadia's left hand pushes CT's right wrist down/to the side...Nadia pushes in close with that tight right forearm bracing Theron's puppies...Nadia's right foot skipping up off canvas as she plows in tuff to Theron's body. Breathy sob of protest, Charlize...Nadia with a hungry grin, eyes bright as she watches Theron swaying groggily in the wind while ref issues warnings for the late body-check.

R8: Charlize jabbing while sliding back: Nadia weaving side to side, always encroaching. Ropes: CT's hands palm at Nadia's shoulders, then seek her head/ears...Theron just can't get her back off the ropes. Nadia snuggled up, but keeping hands free: even when she's virtually headlocked, she crams away tuff to tummy, punching Theron's buttocks into ropes. Sweating ref working hard to pull CT's arms away and break the fighters: Nadia back on top with robust overhand rights, then squirming to body up. Bjorlin reaching up into CT's clasping embrace, wrestling apart the clinch: brunette having more success upstairs, putting bludgeoning rights and lefts together to smash at Theron's sleepy face/rosey pecs. Latter half the round, Theron in distress, unable to clinch Nadia's head: blonde girl shows weary face-in-gloves, giving away her flanks/waist on the cheap. Bjorlin finishes brutally strong - head pressed into CT's mitts - stroking rights and lefts shivering off sleek blonde sides/bashing those biceps...brunette numbing blonde at the bell, leaving Theron slumped in ropes.

R9: Theron destitute, eyes half closed...she's so sleepy, so hurt...flat footed as she steps to midring. Right uppercut Charlize misses: Nadia rushing in, tackling Theron in such a way as to trap that right arm up in the air, bundling Theron sideways to ropes. Systematic pounding ensues: Nadia pushing CT into place, then heartlessly pounding away at her. Theron sobbing into her palms, gloves covering her face, elbows pressed tight to her body. Nadia baring teeth, squaring away: rhythmic, batting licks to flanks/arms have CT paralyzed. Midway through, Nadia works on left and right uppercuts after touching the body - arching her back to split CT's gloves. Eventually, these blows start penetrating, partially at first, then flush, punching CT's head back over top rope. Theron loosening, lolling forward: Nadia reaching under blonde arms to chest-stack slumping goddess. Bjorlin overpowering now - swinging in glorious right hands to Theron's breasts/pecs, drumming her hellishly as blonde head lolls. Pushing CT upright, Nadia's plowing away to face - swivelling Charlize' groggy noggin, locking up her legs. Theron on autopilot, sponging it up, hands up but limp, no longer protecting her. Down the stretch, Nadia pushing in close, taking care to brush CT's arms aside before plowing brutal, close-in rights and lefts to tummy/torso. Theron awestruck, stooping forward, hands low, out to either side - her body's defenceless, just there and available for Nadia. Bjorlin keeping elbows in, just twitching her shoulders side to side, bashing away tummy, ribs, tits...Theron tilting forward, eyelashes batting sadly...she goes down under the thumping barrage, toppling forward as Nadia keeps up a steady beat. CT bellying in at Nadia's feet - blonde girl fast asleep for a barbaric KO9 Nadia Bjorlin.

After: Nadia bellowing down - placing her right foot atop CT's upturned, conquered buttocks before ref can ruin the photo-op. Savage stuff - Nadia the reigning queen of daytime wading through Theron's Oscar-class power, taking the fight to ropes and systematically reducing the golden goddess to blonde rubble. It's Nadia's best win in some time: "I won't be denied," Nadia seethes, puffy-faced, but ferocious in post-fight. "Not by Charlize, not by Ali - not by anyone. This is still my division: I'm strongest; I'm hottest. If you stand in my way, I will break you down...just ask Theron!"



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