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29 April 2005 Catherine Bell vs Nikki Cox

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Posted by Simguy on 04/29/2005







Before: Busty chin-checker Cox likes her chances. "After what Biel did to Cat, everyone's anxious to get a crack at her," Nikki says in prefight. "Knocking her out, then openly bullying Cat like that... just seeing Cat so helpless gave me goosepimples, and it's motivated a lot of girls to test the waters. It's open season on Cat Bell now - everyone wants to help push her into palookaville. All I know is, I punch harder than Jessica Biel for sure - all I'm going to need is one good shot and it'll be ME partying on Cat all over again!"


 Bell not amused - she's never been the heavy-handed tyrant BLONDE! magazine makes her out to be, but she's never seen this level of disrespect from the rank and file before. "Every once in a while, you need to reassert yourself in this league," shrugs Cat at the dais. "Looks like that time has come again for me. It's a shame: Nikki's made some improvements, put together some promising performances, but she's catching me at the worst possible time imaginable for her. I have to punish Nikki - no choice - I have to hurt her. As for partying on me? If that was a joke, you gotta know: I'm not laughing."


 Bell in electric blue battle bikinin - Cox in purple bikini.


R1: Cat often takes it to punchers early - does so right off the bat against Cox. Right hand smashes off Nikki's face - her own right waves over top, butt back, chest out - she's hurt. Follow up right from Cat, swiping hook: Nikki's head swivels, mouth piece shooting off her teeth over her left shoulder. Another right hand on the face - Nikki stumbling back into ropes, nose bloodied - eyes panicked. Walking right hand on the face drapes her momentarily over the top rope - Nik lolls back into position, guard up drowsy. Cat dangles the left at her side, feinting with her head, feinting with her head, BRINGING THE RIGHT HAND! Cox belted on the face - head torquing to her right, body slouching into the ropes before relaxing forward to face Cat again. Bell heartless, stone-faced - left hand's still down as she edges her left shoulder into Nikki's chest to prop her up, then POUNDS belly a robust right. Cox wants to swoon forward - Cat just easing Nik upright, right hand palming NIkki's left shoulder back, all the better to beat that body. Bell pumping tummy, then cramming right hands into Cox's hulking rack - poor Nikki floundering, quaking, sopping it all up. Bell with a shift-step right, clips Nikki the outside-in right uppercut, then drops the right foot back a smidge, TORQUING the goodnight right hand over the top - DOWN GOES COX! Nikki bludgeoned to all fours - BUT SHE BEATS THE COUNT! Ringsiders screaming for fight to be stopped as Nikki sways in the wind, shaking the ref off - ON COMES BELL! Cat with a tapping jab bunts Nikki's face - ripping right/left on the waist sit Cox groaning in the ropes. POUNDING rights and lefts to jug - Cat just standing up and lashing her arms at Nikki's pulsing jugs AND THE REF STEPS IN! Cox battered senseless - savage KO1 Cat Bell answers the critics.


After: CAT BELL'S NOT DONE! Removing her gloves, icy-eyed Bell pushes her way through Nikki's people to pull blubbering, dazed Cox to her feet, roughly riding the left arm behind the girl's head, right hand cupping atop damp skull to lock the reverse sleeper in - Bell's stupendous jugs finally unleashed as poor Nikki gets used to send a message. Bell backing to midring, thrashing Nikki side to side, cinching up the lock - poor Cox stumbling in the grasp, sweaty palms tacky on Cat's hips. When Nikki's knees start to give, Bell releases, allowing Cox to slide down Cat's thighs in woozy slow-mo. Nik wilting to a seat on her right hip: dazed, staring, shabby, face moist and shiny under the unforgiving overhead lights. Bell bounces down onto her haunches, buttocks springy on her heels. Looking Cox in the eye, Cat says quietly, just for the two of them: "Look Nik (rubbing her forearm): goosepimples." Camera pans to a fired-up Charlize Theron, nostrils flaring, back ramrod straight in her seat as she white-knuckles her arm-rests: a proud, dominant, marauding Cat Bell is like an open-hand slap in the face to this blonde.


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