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29 December 2001 Beyonce Knowles vs Shakira

Page history last edited by Archer844 13 years, 7 months ago

Originally posted by Simguy on 12/29/2001, 12:32 pm


Before: Non-sanctioned brawl set in a NYC nightclub—ring set up on the dancer floor, mirror balls overhead, balconies of frenzied youths looking down on the action. Dangerously small glove gloves worn by both women, Shakira in brown kid leather bikini top, low-riding pants of the same material (from her video)—Beyonce in her pink two piece off the shoulder top and low riding dance pants from “Bootylicious” video, Plenty of liquid belly and hip showing on both combatants—no secret where they’ll be going in this fight.


During R1: Not a boxing match—girls rush to embrace one another and immediately look to work out of the wrap. Shakira with the early advantage, riding her left arm around Beyonce’s shoulders and plugging beefy right hands in tight to the midriff. Knowles with her right arm light about Shakira’s waist, stooped forward with a constipated look of pain, taking punches, giving ground. At the ropes, Shaki slips a thumb into the waistband at Beyonce’s right hip—anchoring Knowles for thumping rights—Beyonce grunting, clinching for breaks. Down the stretch, Knowles squirming for position inside finally establishes HER wrap and guts Shakira with some juicy right hands to the stomach. Both girls breathing hard, wearing pouting snarls as they slug it up—punching continues on after the bell as the ref struggles to prey’em apart.


R2: Beyonce standing her ground, letting Shakira come to her, easily nailing the blonde coming in with a sucker right hand on the face before the girls close, wrap up, and cram

away to the body. Whenever fight bogs down into mutual clinching, ref shoves the sweaty youngsters apart, and Beyonce repeatedly begins each exchange with a drifting right hand across her opponent’s mouth. By the bell, Shakira’s looking a little touched up—giving up freebies to Beyonce in a kindles effort to body up.


R3: Senseless body on body brawling exactly what the fans want to see—purists turn up their noses at this crude, gut-cramming display. Girls gasping and snarling with chins out over one another’s shoulders, fists pumping away blindly downstairs, each taking a turn to body the other into the ropes and work the opponent over, Knowles proving stronger in these grueling sequences, muscling Shakira back, pressing her up against the ropes for breaks. Both girls grabbing at one another’s waistbands, clutching along the hip or back to literally pull the other onto sinking belly blows. Stumbling, reckless action has no rhyme or reason—both girls looking used up after only 3 rounds, often lolling open mouthed against one another’s shoulders, each trying to marshal some reserves for a big push.


R4: Brawl tumbles along the ropes, girls twisting each other into the strands, piling on with jamming punches until the inevitable clinch, Midway through, Shakira eats the obligatory Beyonce right hand across the chops, but comes back with a thudding 3 punch combination tough to the midsection, finally buckling Knowles’ legs and drooping Beyonce helplessly forward. Punishing consolidation for Shakira as she stuffs Beyonce into the ropes like a pink duffle bag of meat, reaches up under the blonde’s arms, and wedges alternate lefts and rights to the belly while swimming atop Beyonce’s chest. Knowles shutting down, gets all sleepy/hurt as Shakira helps herself to more ast the bell.


R5: Knowles crippled—Shakira exhausted—pace slows as blonde walks down blonde, fists at chests, teeth bared. Beyonce paws a JAB of all things, brushing Shakira’s face, but it’s enough to straighten the blonde up and make her blink. Beyonce piles in behind a straight right hand beneath he breast line, hammering home a heart punch and driving Shakira back with a sobbing moan. Knowles pulls Shakira into the ropes, jostles for position, then comes up pumping, left hand wrapping up under Shakira’s right arm, right hand plunging away to stomach. Shakira can’t take it—she slides down Beyonce’s hip to hug herself in pain, out on her launches, KO5 Beyonce Knowles.


After: Knowles looks like she’s in agony as she lifts her mitts and shuffles raggedly around the ring in triumph—Shakira trembling, rocking gently on her haunches—these two savaged each other in a brief, brutal affair that brings both women’s conditioning and skills into question. Nevertheless—club goers don’t pay top dollar to see two girls dance—Shakira learns you don’t just body up on Beyonce and expect to cruise.


Reposted by Archer 7/31/09.


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