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29 May 2009 Megan Fox vs Minka Kelly

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Posted by simguy on 5/29/2009, 8:20 am


BEFORE: "Time to expose Minka," Megan smiles in prefight. "Seriously - she's a cute girl, a good TV fighter, but come on: does anyone really think she can hold her canvas against me? She's been chowing down on ham and eggers to this point: she gets in with prime rib, and she's gonna taste the difference!"


Minka agitating against Cuthbert almost as much as Fox in various prefight events: does Kelly have designs on Lookout? "It's been suggested that one thing I should look to do is pick apart the stables one by one, starting with Lookout's girls," Minka admits. "That does appeal to me, and it's something I'll consider. Fox and Cuthbert are girls my fans really want to see me clobber, so I'm super happy to have gotten this fight right off the bat. I'm punching hard and feeling really good about myself right now: I just can't wait to see what happens the first time I hit Megan clean, and get her hurt. When we're toe to toe, I think she's going to punk, and this TV girl is going to kick a little A-list bootie!"


Megan in green bikini, small black mitts; tan short UGG boxing boots. Minka in pink bra and panties; small black gloves; tan short UGG boxing boots.

During R1: Minka steps in, leads the straight stubby right to Megan's face - spanking contact rocks Fox' head back, startling her at the open. Megan hopping to her right: Minka resets, hops-with, steps in: driving lead right hands search for Megan's face or breasts, following by a short, rising, clipping, palm-down hook. Fox showing respect - lots of leggy distance-changes and loping footwork: she's not eager to stand and trade with aggressive Minka. Kelly's the aggressor; pretty smile at bell as she chases a reluctant Fox for points.

R2: Similar stuff - Fox leggy, loping - hopping to either side in an attempt to disorganize Minka's feet. Kelly pushing off that back (right) foot as she steps in, looks to lead that poking right hand straight up the middle. Kelly's buttocks shimmying side to side on these rigid punches: crowd-pleasing stuff as she spooks Megan, then walks her down. Fox' lips curled off her teeth in bytchy snarl: Meg keeping her distance - stooping to jab at Megan's tummy; trying to loop potshot right hands at her head - but it's another Kelly round as Fox won't commit.

R3: Fox stops running, plants, trades a limber right hand for Kelly's poking one; comes back a lashing hook for Kelly's clipper and MINKA GETS ROCKED! Kelly staggers back, blinking pretty: Fox hops forward, leaning in to punch a lanky right straight down into Minka's tummy. Kelly chased to the apron: she's showing dukes-at-temples, digging in; Fox works the waist via lathering lefts and rights, beating that tight tummy meat. Kelly chopping back her right hand, then trying the hook: predictable punch selection allows Fox to slip and roll all bendy-backed, making Minka miss. Another lathering series of lefts and rights licks at Minka's tummy, then Fox slides to the right, hooking Kelly's face from the oblique angle. Pushing in with left shoulder/elbow - Megan crowds Minka to ropes, pivots-left and throws sidearm right hands from the angle off Minka's right shoulder, striking at head and chest. That's the way of it - Fox being all sleek and slashing - stroking and licking away at her girl, sliding side to side to fight off either Minka shoulder. Kelly brave in the pocket, but looking confused: she's clouted, licked for points in a firm Fox third.

R4: Minka forward, always looking to step, set and punch: Fox not cooperating. Megan pretty on her toes, standing her ground as Kelly approaches, then hopping to either side: Kelly constantly forced to regroup. Megan jabbing consistently to Minka's body, punching her in above either hip, smudging lefty at her breasts. Megan leaning in, looping hard overhand rights: Kelly blocking these but leaving her torso vulnerable to Foxy's limber left hand cloutings. Kelly outpunched, befuddled by angles: Fox claiming steadily against firm little paunch, pert breasts, cute face.

R5: Minka determined, relentless: several pawing, poking lead right hands find the mark, punching Megan onto her heels where the hook can find her. Megan clipped to chin - taking it well - but the clean hits have her flat footed, squaring up and trading with Minka. Fox in slight crouch, right at her chest - she's pumping jabs to Minka, turning over brisk rights, then tilting right to pull her sleek hook across. Minka punching straight right hand leads, then jerking palm-down hooks across to chin and body both: she's thumping away on Megan's lissome ribcage, parting Fox' lips in hurting pout.

R6: Competitive round for Minka, but once again: predictable punching pattern allowing Fox to time Kelly. Megan standing flat footed, pursing her lips as she leans in, beats Minka to the right hand, then leans back to clap her the left hook off the right (back) leg. After beating Minka to punches toe-to-toe, Megan will duck low/pivot left - sorting Minka out jabs as Kelly's turning to regroup. Fox to the body whenever MInka's leaning forward behind her mitts: Megan scoring with luscious, limber licks - both arms thrashing up into Kelly's sturdy ribs. Kelly able to land punches in spots, but Megan's willowy torso movement and swivelling pivots proving more and more difficult to decode as rounds roll on. Sexy smile Fox at the bell: she's gettiing measure of her beautiful opponent.

R7: Shutout Fox. She's hopping side to side, disorganizing Minka, then setting, hitting Kelly the lead right hand; stroking her the fall-away hook; easing in to crowd-and-pivot to fresh angles. Minka eating punches head and body, but proving sturdy: again and again she lifts her mitts, steps-to, trying to square up and force Megan to exchange. Gorgeous, lithe ring generalship from Fox: she's touching, not being touched through 7.

R8: Minka finds the mark with the odd wide left hook to the body - but they're few and far between. Fox loping around, ranging the ring, being pretty with Minka, controlling and vexing her. Combinations to the head force Minka to cover up, giving away her tummy as Fox leans in and lathers it up. Fox in leggy, lissome control - taunting pretty Minka with pursing lips, haughty eyes throughout.

R9: Shutout Fox: Minka starting to take a beating. Fox really clapping at Minka's body via limber, strapping left hooks - taking Kelly in behind her elbow and causing her to wince in pain. Pivoting left around the body shots, Fox sets, jabs body/head, then drops the right hand up the middle, punching Kelly's face back off her gloves. Lather to the tummy, pivot-left: Megan in a relaxed, lithe rhythm, dominating Minka with legs, timing through 9.

R10: Pretty Minka lumping up nicely, looking discouraged...but she's bravely off her stool, looking to close and bang. Early success for Kelly - straight right hand forces Megan to her right...directly into the path of Minka's swinging left hook. Middle minute - Fox re-establishes her footwork, pivots and jab - boxing Minka into compliance. With Kelly leaning forward between her mitts - Fox leans in, sweeps a limber sidearm right loud to body, stiffening Minka in her crouch. Fox arches her back, hoists left hook to body, left hook to body: poor Minka groan, knees buckling. Fox jerks left uppercut to Minka's jugs, then digs left uppercut to sternum: Minka's easing herself down, giving up her back to a sweeping Fox right hand across the kidney's. Teary-eyed Minka on all fours, snivelling; Fox struts away hands high, eyes dancing. Final minute straightforward clean up: Fox pushes Minka to ropes, lathers at her as Kelly slumps into cables, covering up hurt and groggy under the deluge. Comes back UD10 wide, Megan Fox.

After: Kelly fit and determined, but outclassed tonight: Fox' consistent execution had pretty Minka ready to go by the end. "She was startiing to quit - I just about got her out of there," grins a chagrined Megan in postfight. "You know, she's a come-forward girl, likes to punch at targets, and I just didn't give her that. She'll give Elisha a great fight - until Cuthbert knocks her out. Then hopefully Minka will go back to fighting dinner theatre somewhere and leave prime time to the prime girls."

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