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29 May 2009 Neve Campbell vs Olivia Munn

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Posted by simguy on 5/29/2009, 8:31 am.


BEFORE: "Look, I respect Neve," Olivia admits in prefight, "but Neve's an old fighter for the FCBA. I'm what Neve was 10 years ago - only sexier and more exciting in the ring. I'm bangin' this chick out - simple as that. The Olivia Munn express doesn't stop for girls like Campbell: it rolls right over them." Campbell nonplussed: veteran brunette can't be rattled by youthful exuberance at this point. "I'm not going to stand here and tell you Olivia's another windbag starlet ready to be deflated," Neve says at podium, "she's beaten too many good fighters for that. But you break her game down and you realize you're not trying to figure out Claire Danes here. Girl's tough - she comes straight in, she punches hard. I'll meet her head on and see what happens. Sooner or later, we're going to figure Olivia out and you'll see her take losses. By sooner or later, I mean, starting with this fight." Neve in black bikini top, sporty yellow bottoms; short hair freshly showered for fighting and still damp; black gloves. Olivia in black bikini with twist-tied bottoms; black gloves; hair long, soft, loose.


During R1: No feeling out: Olivia closes, greets Neve with a swinging sidearm roundhouse to ribs. Campbell back with left uppercut to stomach/left hook to tits...girls trade stout right hands to chins. Each recovers behind brow-high guard, then they lean back in - digging hard off planted lead left legs. Hooks thump hard off stubborn midsections; right hands bounce off flanks. Neve bumps Olivia a shoulder to chest, celebrates with a tuff left/right rolled tight to gut. Right uppercut from Olivia picks up Neve's chin; quick left hook turns Campbell's head aside. Olivia sponges it, answers: right hand bashes off Neve's left flank; left hook takes her to jug. Neve dips left shoulder, pumps left hook to tummy/left hook across jug: Olivia pounds back left/right roundhouses to waist - the right hand catching Neve in the back. That's the gist: brutal, hamhanded walloping: elbows in tight, girls getting legs, hips and backs into well-leveraged shots. Bell: Neve's done enough to take points, but it's expensive...Campbell wobbly butt back to her corner, taking on water, getting a vigorous rub down of biceps/thighs during break.


R2: Olivia closing, pumping left jabs to Neve's rack, turning over the brisk right cross to chin. Neve well struck: she covers up hands-at-temples, trying to set her feet. Olivia thumping waistline a rich left/right: gloves bouncing off Neve's thickness, buckling her knees. Munn bumping Neve back a steps: Campbell treats her to the short right uppercut, then trades hooks as Olivia sponges wallop. Olivia clubs a right upside Campbell's head: Neve staggers back another step, crouching, releasing the retaliatory right hand to pit of Munn's stomach. Shoulder to shoulder trade a brutal exchange: lefts and rights rapidly back and forth, bludgeoning breadbaskets and breasts. Neve two steps back, breathing hard: Munn steps-to, strokes her another clubbing right upside the head. Campbell hits ropes, digs in: dukes at temples, forward tilt as Olivia squares away. OH THE BODY WORK! Munn to Neve's waist via ripping right/left roundhouses: Olivia popping hips, weight on planted left leg as she sits Neve breathless in ropes. Campbell unable to punch - stooping forward behind her mitts: she's momentarily paralyzed, crippled to the body. Olivia stays on her: right hand bounces off rib cage; left hand plows at paunch, doubles into jug; right hand bashes in around Neve's wrist, turning her head. Olivia resets, pops hips-right to tuck left hook home to gut, then doubles it into Neve's tits. Right hand SLAMS off Neve's flank, drawing groans from ringsiders; left uppercut splits Neve's mitts, brushing her upright. Campbell in swoon, blinking, hands at chest: OH she takes a sweeping right upside the head, stunning her upright. Left swings to jaw; sidearm right smashes off cheek: Neve swaying back into ropes, eyelashes blinking as MUNN RELEASES THE HOUNDS! Olivia pouring herself at Neve: seeing Campbell stunned and helpless, slamming away rights and lefts. Campbell fielding terrible, clapping whacks - curvy legs holding her up but THE REF STEPS IN! Good Lord - TKO2 Olivia Munn.


After: Munn pursing her lips, pumping her fist and rejoicing as Neve is cradled to safety by concerned ref: another crunching, dismissive performance for the upstart phenom. "I need to be made the number 1 contender," crows Munn. "I battered Neve Campbell tonight - punched her helpless: who does that? I'm a monster baby - I'm the baddest ass in the division and if Missy Peregrym goes to lightweight without fighting me, then she's just a big chickenshyt!" Neve quiet in her corner, but composed: it's not her first defeat and she's not moping. "One more time," Neve tells celebrity ring. "She got to me, stunned me, finished me like a pro, but I'm just not convinced. I saw a lot of holes I know I can exploit, and I want a rematch. Olivia Munn's not putting the period to Neve Campbell - no way."

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