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3 April 2009 Kristin Kreuk vs Hannah Spearritt

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Posted by simguy on 4/3/2009, 7:13 am


Before: As much as Mish and Rachel are getting into it in prefight...Kris and Hannah's sessions are proving just as volatile. "We're standing up to them, and we're turning them back," feisty Hannah says after yet another pushing contest has been broken up. "Kristin can't come over her and push her weight on us! I've claimed plenty of FCBA names over the years, and I'll punch her dizzy in this fight. Kreuk and Williams will be broken women when Rachel and I are through. We'll send them back home, SOBBING!"


Kreuk flat-eyed, harsh in her assessments. "Hannah's scrappy - probably the scrappier of the pair, and the better boxer," Kreuk allows, "but none of that's going to matter. Mish and I eat 'scrappy' for breakfast. Chicks come at us with attitude, and leave with heads bowed, because that's what we do to girls: break their spirits. Hannah's upbeat right now, but she gets a few rounds of Kristin Kreuk in her and she'll get gentled down in a hurry. We're taking what we want from these women, and we're coming into their living rooms to do it. What Hannah wants or doesn't want, doesn't enter into it."


Kris in purple bikini; small black work out gloves; black low-top boxing shoes. Hannah in black bikini; small white work out gloves; grey low top boxing shoes. Frosty stare down during instructions: neither girl anxious to touch 'em up.

During R1: Hannah hopping-to, looking to engage: KRISSY LETS HER HAVE IT! Kreuk all blazing eyes, bared teeth - just switching into lefts and rights from her hips, lithe body propelling wallop with sleek leverage. Hannah catching punches on her face - tart, clapping blasts as Kreuk slings away full-throttle. Spearritt brave throughout the first minute - pasted about the ring, punched into stupor. Second minute - badly degraded blonde starting to stagger and stumble - finally punched off her feet and sent to her buns by a free-swinging lather of Kreuk lefts and rights. KK seething, jaw visible clenching as she paces neutral corner: when she rushes back in, it's with a little more reserve. Hannah badly hurt, just digs in at apron, stooping forward butt-in-ropes behind her mitts. Kreuk treats her blonde to a few well-placed, heartless buggy whip right hands lashed in above Hannah's left hip. Spearritt crying out prettily when struck: Kristin with her left hand atop blonde head, stabilizing blonde for her punishment. Bell: Kris chesting up, getting all big on cringing Spearritt - ref pulls belligerent Kreuk away as boos cascade down.

R2: HANNAH WON'T HAVE IT! Spearritt baring HER fangs - goes at Kristin tooth and nail: a flailing, furious assault of limber lefts and rights sweeps brunette to perimeter. Kreuk crying out as she's beaten - at one point sitting in ropes, twisting to her right with head in her hands - left foot up and pushing on Hannah's thigh to nudge her away. Spearritt eyes blazing, chest heaving - after every ref's push-away, she surges back in, shouting in anger as she dips and writhes to pull punches on Kristin. All Hannah for two minutes, hounding and pounding Kris about the ring: Kreuk able to restore some semblance of order down the stretch. With Hannah's pace slackening - Kris crouches, puts left shoulder into Spearritt's body, then pivots right - turning blonde and starting to negate her. Kris executing this crowd-and-turn technique to good effect - digging at Hannah's tummy with both fists in spots - just taxing blonde reserves. Hannah's round, but Kris weathers the storm, showing good slick professionalism in the face of bombastic British lathering.

R3: Kristin turns boxer: eyes siamese-cat flat as she pumps her jab, pivots left. Cruel work - brunette deliberately and insistently going to work on the cutest face in the UK: tap-tap-tapping either eye, both cheeks, that dolphin mouth. Spearritt mesmerized - turning, crouching, bobbing...she just can't seem to get her face out of the way of Kristin's educated left hand. Kris wheeling freely around her left foot - dragging it along canvas as she pivots - pulsing that left hand over and over again to Hannah's face. Down the stretch, with Hannah jabbed into compliance, Kris opens up in combination: short right hand to mouth; digging left hook to ribs; clouting left hook across mouth; jamming right hand between breasts; reset with a pair of tart jabs and crisp pivot-left. Bell: Spearritt, blinking, open-mouthed - she's been badly outclassed and both girls know it.

R4: Same again: Kris at midring, pumping stick, pivoting to her left to turn Hannah's right flank. Spearritt facing into quality poke - cute face lumping up and growing sleepy from tapping punishment. Kristin's face an angry glower: she's just steppin' and a-pokin' - wearing Hannah out. Spearritt plucky: despite grogginess - she's hooking at Kristin's breasts, trying to work the body. Kreuk discourages these incursions with blazing rights and lefts pumped in bunches to Hannah's midsection. Kris very strong here: when she needs to just lower her head and work - she's effectively outfighting Hannah, discouraging the British Blender.

R5: Hannah puffy, gunshy: she's starting to retreat rather than trying to pressure Kris up the middle. Kreuk establishing the jab - graduating to those brisk, tidy combinations: she punishing Hannah now, really taking over the fight. Spearritt getting punched up - crouching in deep earmuffs: Kristin able to deploy unopposed buggy whip right hands, leaning and thumping away on Spearritt's left hip/lower back. Crowd groaning as Hannah's little body trembles upon receipt: Kris just committing her whole lissome frame into whiplashing those blows home. Chopping whacks take a terrible toll: grimacing Hannah eventually pulling away with left hand clutching at her back...she turns to her right, then collapses to her knees as Kristin's coming in. "Stay down!" Kreuk warns. Hannah blubbering, sitting on her haunches - her heart wants her to rise, but her legs won't obey. KO5 in cold-blooded fashion - Kristin Kreuk.

After: Kreuk dispatches Spearritt with ruthless efficiency, taking just one round longer than Mish to secure victory. Rachel pulled out of the stands as American girls command the ring: dual walk of shame as grinning HISC vixens take their battered counterparts for a tour of the ring. Boos crashing down - plastic cups thrown into the ring: Mish and Kris blowing kisses as they push their battered opponents about, posing them at intervals for cameras. Not over yet: Kris takes Hannah to one corner; Mish takes Rachel to the diagonal opposite; HISC beauties mount beaten foes, further enraging the pro-British crowd with brazen American crowing, and fists twisted in the damp locks of the beaten. STILL not done: Mish and Kris dismount, cross the ring - high-fiving each other as they pass, then Kris mounts Rachel and Mish mounts Hannah to seal the deal. Waves and blown kisses; demoralized British fighters stacked in corners, wishing the night would end. HISC European invasion off to a blazing start: both starlets performing on a very high level indeed - delivering a hammer blow to English prestige on the night

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