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3 April 2009 Taylor Cole vs Amanda Righetti

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Posted by simguy on 4/3/2009, 7:55 pm


Before: "When I was finished punching Jenny O'Dell out of boxing, I figured I'd made it," Taylor says in her first press conference in months. "Everyone was saying I was the next big thing - I was this blazing combination of good looks, size and fighting ability, and the whole FCBA was going to be mine for the taking...and then I lost focus. I had a bunch of distractions, I lost out on fights, and I almost dropped off the map entirely. Now I'm back, and the things they were saying about me before, they're all saying about Amanda now. So you know what has to happen: girl's got my heat and I want it back!"


Righetti pumped: she's in with a young, big, strong phenom not unlike herself...it's a real test. "I'm up for the challenge," Amanda grins. "Taylor took down big, big names on her first run-through, and although I'd say she didn't exactly put Jennifer O'Dell out of boxing, she was probably a contributing factor. So I'm looking forward to this. She and I are probably the most physical lightweights in that division - and we both look lean and strong at Welter - so I'm expecting thunder."


Amanda in tight purple tank top and panties; black gloves; red hair in long battle braid. Taylor in royal blue tank top and panties; white gloves; long black hair straight, tucked behind her ears.

During R1: Amanda aggressive midring - slapping long hooks/driving in straight right hands up the middle: Taylor's buzzed. Cole forming a sturdy V front against Righetti's strong strokes: hands cupping cheeks, elbows together beneath the breasts. Righetti jabs the V, then deploys sidearm right hands heavily to ribs, shaking Cole's sturdy torso. Righetti working right/left either side of Cole's collected elbows - tearing up that firm waist. Righetti punishing opposing biceps - slamming away on her foe's brawny arms: sumptuous, one-sided stuff as Amanda hammers Taylor all around the ring. Steady drumbeat loosens Taylor down the stretch: she's frowning, throbbing, grimacing at Amanda's roundhouse rights bashing against left flank. Righetti drilling away up top - penetrating the V guard with straight one-twos: Amanda's right hand bouncing off Cole's forehead, then finding her chin as Taylor staggers to ropes. Amanda wide eyed as she hops-with, staying at range - just rifling in one-two after one-two. Cole taking punches, turns to her right and TAKES A KNEE! Welcome back to the FCBA beating: Taylor blinking back tears; Amanda batting her mitts and grinning at the sight.

R2: Amanda looking to clean up: stiff, long jab down into Taylor's gut, followed by a ringing right cross up top jerks Cole a quarter turn to her right, has her stutter-steppin' sideways. Cole fashioning a panicky V front again: Righetti immediately responds with the same strapping body and bicep attack to reduce her foe's guard. Taylor shuddering under shellacking assault, but firming at the minute mark: brunette digging in at apron, taking punches on her guard, then finally starting to answer. Righetti punched on her mouth as Cole drops straight lefts hammer-style from the guard. Righetti tastes Cole short right hand as Taylor twists and bends into it, scoring to chin. Women trade pumping hooks to offending breadbaskets: Taylor once against proving solid. Brunette rocked early, but proving resilient - she fights Amanda to a standstill rest of the way, drawing Righetti into thudding, crowd-pleasing toe-to-toe.

R3: Righetti dukes up, elbows in: she jabs Taylor midring, looking for right hands, but Cole's starting to time her redhead. Taylor beating Righetti to right hands, then jerking into come-back hooks - punching Amanda off her stance for the first time. Righetti blinking, stepping to her left, trying to regroup. Pressure from Cole: heavy, whacking right/lefts against sturdy redhead tummy, followed by jerking left uppercuts and short right crosses to back Amanda up. Fight drifts to ropes, Taylor on top: hard-eyed brunette administers punishing payback - jabbing Amanda in her left shoulder/breast to prep, then shellacking her rights and lefts. Amanda paralyzed, mouth open: she's punched dizzy as Cole's heavy hands do harm through 3.

R4: Both women showing hollow eyes, wincing as they rise for the bell: heavy punching taking a two-way toll. Both jab for range, thumping away on firm chests, then Taylor turns over the right cross, bashing Righetti's head aside. Queasy bend in Amanda's knees - she straightens up out of it, but she's hurt, not punching back. Taylor forward - leaning in close while thrashing her arms back and forth - big, limber backswings propelling whacking rights and lefts underneath. Righetti groaning, driven to ropes: she sets up sturdy, left shoulder pointed at Taylor - jabbing to keep brunette off. Cole pours forward - leaning in under Amanda's jab while pulling a looping right hand over top...HUGE crashing connect upside the head instantly loosens Righetti - folding her limp into ropes. Amanda rebounding, spilling down...she rolls to her back, lips mumbling , eyelashes fluttering as Cole struts away the KO4 victrix.

After: Heavy handed, mobile punchers mix it up as expected: Righetti drops Cole early - Cole gets the last laugh late. Taylor grimacing in postfight, favouring bruised ribs - but she's delighted with her comeback performance.


"Definitely, it was touch-and-go at the start. This girl's a strong puncher - I couldn't get off against her initially, and that was scary for me, because that just doesn't happen. I got dizzy and I took a knee, but I knew it was late in the round, and I'd be OK. She was still swinging for the fences in the second, but I started to take the piss out of her at that point. I'd say that's where I won it - when I broke her momentum and started to roll her up. Once I started landing on her, she knew it was over. I think it's safe to say Amanda Righetti's never met a puncher like Taylor Cole before...and probably won't want to ever again!"

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