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3 Dec 2000 (Title) Charlize Theron vs Debbe Dunning

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Charlize Theron 5.jpgDebbe Dunning 05.jpg





Dunning resurgent after upsetting Cat Bell to defend her lightweight title, Debbe stuns her own camp and fans as well by offering Theron the second defense. Debbe's rep as a fighting champion apparently more important to her than other considerations.


"I could fight a bunch of cupcakes," says Debbe, "but I have the chance to do something important here. I have the chance to beat Bell and Theron back to back and I can't pass that up." Charlize has never lost to Dunning and most insiders don't see what's different this time out, but Debbe's early power always a dangerous factor in any fight. Charlize in white string bikini, Debbe in purple.


Round 1: Dunning out with the Gatti look early, hands low, chin out, stalking forward and looking to engage the challenger with power shots. Theron using feints in, then circling away, influences Dunning early and maneuvers her into some snapping Trinidad type hooks, but by the midway point, Dunning is walking through it. Debbe with a slinging delivery puts a hard right cross on the challenger's lips and backs Theron off with a biting hook on the temple. HEAVY HOOKS TO THE BREASTS HAVE CHARLIZE IN RETREAT, hands high, trying to block the incoming - Dunning lunging after her chases the blonde around the ring, sweeping left hands at Theron's guard, then hacking that right hand down onto those firm young tits. Dunning doing some damage takes the first with pressure - Theron backpedaling effectively to take some of the edge off Dunning's shots.


Round 2: Theron still on her toes, changing up on Debbe's shopworn legs, making the brunette reset and move her feet. Theron starting to crack jabs hard against the champ's face - Dunning often brought up short with the startling impacts. Debbe coming forward, but falling prey to Charlize' beautiful movement. Midway through, Debbe plowing ahead - Theron dips her shoulder, lashes a cudgeling left uppercut in between Dunning's breasts, then slings the left hook hard across the champ's jaw - DOWN GOES DUNNING! Debbe wide eyed, gets to her feet and lists badly on the ropes before straightening herself out. Ref examines her and lets it go - on comes Charlize with that familiar arctic scowl. Stepping in, setting up on widespread feet, Theron starts cranking the hook, bashing it against Debbe's stout ribcage, then licking it across the face - Dunning breaks down and reels back into the ropes unable to take the power. Theron with a wide right hand to the body brings Dunning forward, then licks the wicked left hook across the eye, doubles it hard to the jaw jerking Debbe sideways - Dunning pitches forward into the corner, stumbling to her knees. Debbe staring helplessly into the crowd gets to her feet, but the REF WAVES IT OFF! Dunning swooning, held by a protective referee as Charlize leaps around the ring a KO2 victor and NEW lightweight champ.


After: Theron dispels the hype, systematically beating Debbe down and putting her away with an irresistible combination of class and power. Many observers come away feeling that that's the best Charlize has looked in over a year, crushing a tough champion who had come into this fight on one of the best rolls of her long career. Dunning never one to dwell on defeats, but this was a tough, dismissive loss - she looks despondent as she tells an in-ring interviewer "Charlize was the better woman tonight."


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