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3 Feb 2001 Dani Fishel vs Britney Spears 2

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Originally posted by Simguy on 2/3/2001, 12:12 pm.


Before: Moral anxiety relieved for Disney when they see early buy numbers for this fight—outdoor Disney World venue, fight preceded by extensive fireworks and multi media display—Spears putting her prestige on the line with the high profile hype. Should be an easy fight for Britney, but Fishel’s been working the kid over all week long in press sessions—questioning Brit’s heart, questioning the body strength—digs designed to get Spears to stand and fight,. By fight time, Dani has Brit wound up tight—Fishel smirking during the stare down—Brit smoldering.


Dani in teal push up, grey stretch cotton shorts, Spears in pink leather tube top, pink leather bikini bottoms.


During R1: Pivotal moments early—Britney looking to dance the perimeter, Dani neatly cutting off the ring, bobbing low under Spears’ offerings and coming back at the body underneath with sticking lefts and rights. Fishel forcing Brit to fight with her back to the ropes—Spears unable to open up the canvas and the girls start to bang in earnest, lighting each other up with heavy lumber—Spears curling her shots in rising arc to catch Dani in her crouch. Final minute after constant work along the waist, Dani twists into a crashing hook upstairs, catching Brit in mid-uppercut and sprawling the blonde on the ropes. Dani punishing the sides, getting her hips into it as Britney swoons wide eyed at the bell.


R2: Britney comes out hurt, flat footed—but she nails Dani early with a short left uppercut—lifting the smaller girl onto her toes and moving her back a couple of steps. Fishel undaunted, taking a good shot early, moving her head, coming forward—hooks start to break Britney down as Fishel continues to plunder midriff out of the crouch. Round ends with Spears seated ropeside bending over her legs, giving up her sides and midsection as Fishel sinks in with both hands underneath. Dani nodding aggressively at the bell as Spears pouts, winces.


R3: Britney once again looks to circle, hands loose at her stomach—but Dani very decisive with her feet, stepping over to cut off the motion, then bobbing in close to twist hooks to the stomach, or chop right hands to the chest. Spears once again working off the ropes, looking concerned—she’s reduced to trying to clip Dani with uppercuts, Spears holding her hands low at her stomach, trying to keep the punches short—but Dani’s lighting her up. Fishel now landing well to the jawline, jugs and tummy—pounding away in combination, then shoulder-heaving Britney back into the ropes for more. Spears coming unraveled, accumulation of head-swiveling hooks on her chin has Britney stupefied at the bell—Dani pushing oiff the blonde with disdain, returning to her corner with gloves held high.


R4: Shutout Dani Fishel—Britney offers a little lope to the right, but immediately fades to the ropes as Dani efficiently cuts her off. Bell to bell beat down as this starts to get ugly. Fishel’s face sweaty, alert—she rubs her head under Spears’ chin, getting the taller girl back, opening up the midsection for vicious scooping digs from either hand. Dani getting her legs and shoulders into every punch—blows sinking in at the hips or ribs, sounding out with heartbreaking spanks as Britney lolls forward, or drapes back, taking a mouthwatering beating this round.


R5: Dani hounding Britney to the ropes once again—Spears standing up straight, hands down, leaning back from the heat and clipping the odd little uppercut counter from her waist to Dani’s face. Fishel swarming, practically leaving her feet as she sweeps big left hands at Spears’ head, turns her shoulders into straight right hands to the stomach—it’s as brutal a beating as Fishel has ever dished out. Spears taking it like a mule—curvy legs holding her up, muscular torso soaking up amazing damage as Dani puts in a punch every 3 or 4 seconds—occasionally busting Spears up with a sudden burst of cluster punching to the body then head. At the bell—a battered and exhausted Britney Spears stares in dim awe as Dani gets up off her and bounces back to her corner—Fishel is sestroying the popstar through 5.


R6: Shutout Dani Fishel, Britney’s legs aren ‘t working any longer—Dani can bob her way in past the don’t-hurt-me jab, reach under Britney’s arms and chest the bigger girl to the ropes with impunity. Dani just helping herself—Britney dazed, getting tagged almost routinely with clapping hooks upside the head, right hands curling against her face. Brit ragdolled, limp, defense a shambles—and still she refuses to submit or adjust. Dani showing off—bursting left/right across the belly, then coming up the middle with right uppercut to drape Spears blinking against the ropes. Fishel doing whatever she wants—resetting her compact body and exploding into the enemy with machine precision. At the bell—Spears is left quaking, eyes puffing badly, lips swelling, ribcage turnig purple—she stumbles to her corner with a barren expression.


R7: Dani Fishel piles on board once again, walking Spears to the ropes, bodying the singer into the strands, then pulling out to go to work. Britney just taking now, butt propped on ropes, gloves limp at her face—Dani’s punches to the head easily sweep away the guard as Britney can’t defend herself. Fishel batting at Spears arms to encourage weakness—she’s breaking down every available inch of Britney. Ref doping a deplorable job as Spears goes out on her feet, but continues to take ruinous punishment. Final minute—Dani sets her feet, steels her eyes, and goes at Britney’s liver with a series of hooks—murderous, bludgeoning punches that bash in behind the elbow with a meaty thunk, over and over again and SPEARS GOES DOWN! Britney simply beaten to canvas, falls to all fours, then sinks back to her haunches, head lolling back to expose that sweat streaked neck—she can’t go on. Savage KO7 Dan Fishel.


After: Crowd stunned—boxing stunned as Dani Fishel absolutely destroys Britney Spears, taking apart the singer with round after round of relentless pressure. Britney supporters want to say their girl fought stupid—but Dani made Spears fight stupid—hurting the blonde early, cutting off the ring to force the fight, and pounding away without restraint as Spears began to wilt. Fishel’s legs really dominated this fight—providing the power, but also the positioning needed to take away Spears’ advantages—one of Dani’s most complete performances ever.


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