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3 June 2005 Vanessa Marcil vs Kelly Monaco

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Posted by Simguy on 6/3/2005, 6:35 am.


Marcil in chocolate bikini top, leopard print bottoms

Monaco in black push up, lemon bikini bottoms


UD10 1point - Marcil


"I look at girls like Vanessa and Eva and Sarah - girls who came out of daytime and have made it big, and I can't help thinking: 'why them?'" Kelly admitted in prefight musings. It's a constant nagging hurt for the woman known in daytime circles as the 'brunette Jessica Simpson' for her stupendous jugs - watching other talents pass her by on the road to stardom. For one shining night at least, Kelly Monaco would get her chance to share a little of her pain, giving favoured Vanessa all she could handle in 10 thrilling heats of flyweight boxing.


Kelly aggressively pressed the pace over the first three rounds, punishing Vanessa with crisp right hands on the chin, banging her to the waist and bullying her at the ropes. Warnings were plentiful: Monaco wasn't intentionally cheap, but she was so rough and physical, so eager to land the extra shot that a little trunk, head-butt, and elbow action seemed inevitable. Scuffed, hurt and psychologically on her heels, the proud Ms. Marcil was forced to dig in and make this thing a bitter war of attrition every minute of the rest of the way.

Marcil began her rally in Monaco's breadbasket, pounding the other girl's taut frame with lefts and rights, graduating up-torso to belt away jug. Dividends came quickly as Kelly began to throb, her form degrading - she became open for crosses and hooks upstairs and soon both women were scoring heavily with fight-winning punches. But just as it looked Marcil had turned things around - she was rung up and stunned a blistering 6 punch combination that had her reeling in the sixth. Rallying once again, Vanessa would halt Monaco's advance and resume the offensive in the seventh, giving Kelly arguably the worst drubbing of her entire life. The sustained pounding rendered Monaco a stumbling wreck and cost her the next two rounds, but Vanessa was punched out, too exhausted to bust Kelly out. A valiant Monaco counterattack pressed Marcil to ropes and had her slumping, but there simply wasn't enough petrol in the tank to force the stoppage. Bruised, withered and spent the girls had put in a typically destructive daytime style dime, with Marcil's 10-8 7th standing up as the difference.


Thanks to Apollo for this repost.


Archer 10/19/09


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