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3 March 2000 Charlize Theron vs Ali Landry

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Posted by simguy 3-05-00


Entertaining pre-fight conference - Landry mock-innocent, wonders aloud if Charlize is pretty enough to be fighting her: "My fans don't want to see me beating up average looking women. Come to think of it, nobody's fans want to see that!" Sophomoric bait, but it's effective - Theron not amused. Landry in electric blue/brown string bikini, curly brown locks - Theron with her new long blonde hair look, navy bikini bottoms, pale blue top.


During R1: Landry caught with her hands at her chest, soaks up a series of jolting lead rights as Theron steps and punches, battering Landry wide-eyed to the ropes to open the bout. Theron setting up shop, gets into a groove, hooking Landry hard to the teeth, then bouncing the backfist jab off the eyes to set up a slashing right cross - back to the hook and repeat. Landry hammered senseless, eyes going blank soaks it all up, and at the bell, icy eyed Theron glares at her opponent as Ali stumbles away.


R2: Landry badly lumped up, comes out still holding her hands low and Charlize takes the pageant princess apart with an educated left jab, stinging the blow over and over to Landry's beautiful brown eyes. Ali winding up on the ropes, gets rocked back by a whipping Theron hook. Charlize bodies up, using her left forearm to shove a dazed Landry back, then leaning into cracking right hands on the mouth to bust the brunette up. Shell-shocked and hurting, Landry finishes the round unable to tell her corner what city they are in, as this fight starts to unravel for the brunette.


R3: All Charlize again, stabbing the jab in on Landry's ruined face, then selecting belly, breasts and mouth for piercing right crosses which land all too frequently. Landry on her heels, head snapping back routinely, hands low, and in the final minute, Theron works her brunette to the ropes for another big finish. Charlize pouring slashing combinations down onto Landry, paying special attention to the face as she smashes Ali this way and that with either hand. Charlize bodying up and clinching Ali into the ropes at the bell, hisses "You should see yourself baby. Not too pretty." Landry swooning, appears oblivious.


R4: Credit Ali Landry for still being in the fight as Charlize gets a little arm weary. Landry able to jab with Theron early, stepping into a clubbing left hook to Charlize' breasts that draws a squeal of pain. Landry, getting inside, is too big to go toe to toe with and Theron gives ground, her back touching the ropes for the first time in the fight as Landry slogs away at the waist late.


R5: Theron looking sluggish, may have spent her money and Landry is able to walk the blonde to the corners, jab her way in, and set up inside to work that tanned midsection with two handed slugging. All Ali as she uses her legs to keep Theron pinned, her shoulder to keep Theron on her heels, and her fists to keep Theron hurt from increasingly heavy leather to the body. Landry pouring it on after the bell, draws a warning from the ref as she heaps on the payback.


R6: Charlize getting a second wind, up on her toes and wheeling around Ali, steering the brunette with the jab and walking her into crisp right hands on the mouth. Landry also effective, cutting off the ring, putting her head on Theron and pounding torso with clubbing, compact strokes. Down the stretch, Theron able to leg it out, keeping Landry off with that stiff stick to the bell.


R7: More two way action as both girls continue to work their game plan. First Charlize with the stick, luring Ali across the ring, then stinging her a hard right hand as the brunette jumps in. Then it's Landry on the inside, reefing hooks to Charlize' liver, holding the blonde around the back with the left, and when in close, turning into heartless right hands to the boobs. Charlize flinching and clinching for a break, starts the action all over again in a close, well fought round.


R8: Landry still barging in - Charlize using a fade to draw Landry's right, then leaning forward onto her front foot to clip tit with the hook, then slash at the chin with a chopping right and LANDRY IS HURT! Ali reeling back with a stunned expression, Charlize coolly steps forward, hooking, back-fisting the jab, then pitching in the right cross to bash back Landry's head. Ali battered across the ring hits the ropes heavily, gloves at her lips as she swoons. Theron puts on a brutal clinic in finishing, breaking Landry down with withering straight arm hooks to the right side, turning the hook into a slicing uppercut to bring up Landry's face, then turning into the crashing right hands on the jaw as Ali flounders. Ali overwhelmed, standing straight up, hands loose at her stomach as her head swivels dangerously - Theron putting her punches together, lanky body vibrating with the kill at hand. Finally the ref jumps in, saving a horribly beaten brunette from more abuse as Theron glares for a second before strutting back to her corner. TKO8 Charlize Theron.


After: Startling one-sided pound out as Landry's inexperience became glaringly obvious from the outset. Theron jumping Landry early, landed power shots from the first minute on and steadily beat her woman down, culminating in a very thorough stoppage of a dangerous contender. Ali beaten unrecognizable, shows Theron's cruel side as she paid the brunette back for every pre-fight comment in spades.

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