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30 December 2001 Jennifer Love Hewitt vs Rachel Stevens

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Posted by Simguy on 12/20/2001, 10:52 am



Before: Well-matched bout—both girls in the dues-paying stage of their respective careers, both looking to shop themselves for TE as viable opposition to Mish Williams—this will be a good measuring stick for both. Stevens with a KO over Sarah Michelle Gellar has handled slick American boxers in the past, but it’s Hewitt sounding confident during weigh-in. “Has this chick ever done a sit-up?” mocks Jen, “This is BOXING, not mud wrestling, The way this kid jiggles I don’t know whether. The way this kid jiggles I don’t know whether to fight her, or cram an apple in her mouth and bake her!”


Stevens with frosted locks, royal blue sports bra, snug red cotton jockey briefs; Hewitt in thin strap royal blue sports bra, boy cut stretch shorts, wet curls.


During 1,2: Stevens  bossing Jen around, winning the important tactical struggle for ring position by herding the brunette to the ropes for much of these rounds. Outside—Rachel stands up straight, right hand at her cheek, left hand high and well in front of her face, just stepping forward and tilting into brawny right hands over the top, then heaving back up with wild left hooks—Hewitt retreating rather than trying to time the aggression. At the ropes, Rachel gets her head and both gloves Hewitt, pushing up, then jamming away to the waist, or swinging for the skull with wide right hands. Hewitt seated ropeside, right hand at her left cheek, left hand across her body does a nice job of turning her shoulder, blocking and slipping punches, then pushing off with her left shoulder to open up space for her own counters. Hewitt fighting in spots, reaching down into Rachel’s smooth midriff with surprising authority, covering up well as Steven bashes back. Judges like Stevens’ work rate and position on top of Hewitt, but Jen’s more selective punching keeps these rounds close.


R3: Hewitt’s strategy off the ropes officially fails thus round. Stevens solves it by turning southpaw on the inside, pulling down on Jen’s head with the right mitt to pump repeated left uppercuts to the face and jugs of the American. Hewitt not slipping, and not blocking these shots, hangs in there to take a bell to bell beating this round. Plus side got Jen—shes taking a good shot, unhurt despite being badly outworked this round.


R4: Shutout Jennifer Love Hewitt. Rachel’s fought her fight to this point—Hewitt fights her fight this round and gives Stevens real technical problems. Brunette pivoting and stepping left, banking her jab off Stevens’ pretty face, steering the aggressive blonde midring. To score heavy—Hewitt slings a rising right hand to the jugs, steps right and drags a whippy left into Stevens’ bra. Rachel grunting and turning, can’t get off as Hewitt pounds puppy with impunity.


R5: Jennifer owns midring as completely as Stevens owned the ropes—jab starting to punish Rachel and shine up that left eye. End of the first minute, Hewitt has Stevens breaking down defensively and a shattering right cross swivels blonde head, sending Rachel hopping to her right. Jen smart on follow up loosening her hands to droip diwn and slash at the waist—has Stevens grimacing and folding forward from tough licks downstairs. Stevens shows some grit by not completely collapsing, pounding back some lunging overhand rights late to back Hewitt up at the bell.


R6: Rachel starting to find the range with that overhand right, clouts Hewitt hard midring, reloads and lands again over Jen’s pushy jab—JLH gives ground with a woozy pout to the ropes. Steven piling on, pushing with her head and gloves, then cramming away beneath, deliberately pounding Jennifer’s proud abworks in response to brunette’s pre-fight jibes. Hewitt gurgling, starting to buckle forward—Stevens smiling now, able to loom over top Jennifer and really sink in tough leather in behind the elbows. Nothing back from Hewitt this round—she’s pale, shaken, hurt for the first time after another steady round of work from Rache.


 R7: BRAWL! Hewitt gritting her teeth, hunkering down, lays in with Rachel and soaks up some BEAUTIFUL thwacks to her breadbasket—Stevens leading with her head, getting her hips and shoulders into walk-in body shots that have the crowd groaning Hewitt’s body up to the test, absorbs these shocks and has Rachel in the habit of walking straight in—by the midway point, Hewitt starting to pick Rachel up with the left hook on the eye and cutesy right uppercut to the mouth. Girls punch, fall in together, push off—it’s beefy work from the little women and STYEVENS GETS HURT! Grinding give and take ends as Hewitt hacks down over the top and bashes a right hand off Stevens’ temple, putting the Brit wobbly butt and defenceless mid ring. Classy shoeshining combinations rub Rachel raw, back her woozy to the ropes—Hewitt finishing up strong, heaving in lanky rights and lefts to the breasts and jaw of her opponent—Stevens wide open and taking at the bell.


 R8: BRAWL II, THE SEQUEL! Both girls starting to tire, slugging flat footed, open mouthed, eyes dimming, but locked on the opponent. Clobbering action meanders around the ring, Girls close, but not right on top of one another, just bending into solo-power shots that bash against shoulders and heads as the girls get off, then push off to reset. Midway through, Rachel drops down, takes a skidding Hewitt right off her forehead and immediately answers back with a heartfelt right across the ribs—Hewitt sobbing aloud, pulling in her elbows, she backs away gutshot as Stevens walks her down. All Rachel down the stretch, mugging Jennifer at the ropes, pushing up, then digging into the waistline with crude lefts and rights to the bell.


R9: Hewitt’s legs are shot—she’s been caught slugging too much with Stevens and now can’t do anything else. Hewitt on autopilot, giving ground as she trades with Stevens, brunette laying over on either side, slashing with wide single shots to try to time Rachel’s walk-in rushes. Stevens’ left eye closed, but no longer pestered by the jab, pounds her way inside with straight right hands, left hooks inevitably backing Jennifer to the ropes where the blonde can pile on for points. Stevens ground out the round—Hewitt mauled, but showing no signs of quite through 9.


R10: Exhausted beautifies plod to midring—Hewitt with a high guard, reads Stevens overhand right, rolls with it, comes right back with a stuffing right uppercut to the breasts and Stevens is backed up by the collision, Jen flicking out a little screening jab, rockets over the top with a slashing right cross and pounds the mouthpiece off Stevens’ teeth—RACHEL HURT, wobbly butt, starts to totter backwards as Jen flicks jabs, hammers home right hands to the ropes, Stevens badly stunned, sitting ropeside, gloves stupid at her cheeks and she is SHREDDED by Love Hewitt combinations—brunette swishing back and forth, scrubbing up the bra, polishing the face, then sitting down to dig a hurtful left hook into the cushy midriff or bang a hard right cross against that busted up eye. Stevens soaks up a beating. Hewitt punches herself out and RACHEL comes brawling off the ropes. THICK underhand lefts and rights scoop out Jennifer’s midsection, leaving her groaning out over her feet, helpless to answer. Stevens mindless, coming forward, willing punches into Hewitt until Jen’s back hits the far ropes—sensational clobbering lefts and rights, Rachel leaning into the side to side swings as Jens trembling legs refuse to give way. At the bell, both girls savaged by raucous two-way action, comes back a close UD10 Rachel Stevens.


 After: Tactical first gives way to slobberknocker second as the small women throw away the playbooks, and attempt to subjugate one another with sheer animal ferocity. Crowd pleasing stuff—both girls able to hurt the other, but nobody goes down—typical flyweight slugfest. Fight elevates both combatants, Hewitt probably giving the decision away by choosing hammer and tony over rapier, although Stevens did a good job of narrowing the brunette’s options. Happy Rachel smiling despite a badly swollen left eye, “We;;, I had to give her a proper drubbing didn’t I? All that rubbish about my body beforehand—I wouldn’t trade stomachs with her NOW!”


 Reposted by Archer 8/25/09.

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