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30 Jan 2009 Missy Peregrym vs Laura Vandervoort

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Posted by simguy on 1/30/2009, 7:13 am

Before: Good chance for both girls to dip a toe into lightweight waters; both long, tall bantams itching to expand territory/grow into new opponents. "Missy's been her usual boring self leading up to this fight," says ringside commentator Hilarie Burton as girls make respective entrances. "She won't say anything bad - or real - about Laura, but the fact is, Missy has no respect for Vandervoort. Laura's a typical CW fighting bimbot - as pretty as she is dull. Peregrym's obviously lost her nerve along with her title - passing over legit blondes to take on this tramp. Vandervoort's got beach-sock - I'll give her that - but Missy should smoke her crisp and early." Laura in bright blue sports bra; red nylon Hooter's style trunks; white runners/socks; small white gloves; hair in long low ponytail with wisps about her face. Missy in yellow sports bra; green stretch shorts; small black gloves; white runners/socks; scrappy ponytail - messy.

During R1: Missy out to test Laura early - Peregrym's punching. Hook off the jab; left uppercut off the hook; chopping right hand: Vandervoort rocked, knocked back to ropes where she bounces and firms. Batting left hook behind elbow, Missy: she's got weight on front (left) leg, leaning forward to really dig at Laura. Jerking left uppercut to solar plexus a rangy thing of beauty: Vandervoort gasping in pain, cringing 'round the shot: Digging left hook to liver; crisp left uppercut to chin...LAURA SITS DOWN! Ringing combination punching from Missy: she's all business to neutral corner as sniveling Laura's pushing up off her shellshocked buns. Swaying 8 Laura, Missy wades in: LAURA WON'T HAVE IT! Vandervoort snarling - still wobbly butt, but slugging back all lanky and supple. Peregrym smote across the chops a drifting right; slapped a left upside the head as she tries to jab her way into Laura's chest. Crazy long limbed brawling, but with good control: both vixens tightening up stroke, bringing hands back to mouths to reset; moving heads in tight torso-weaves. Down the stretch, Laura licks right uppercut to chin, picking MIssy up pretty: BRUNETTE STOPS PUNCHING! Missy stunned, brown eyes wide with wonder: Laura steps-to, lathering wide, slinging hooks; trying for sleek right crosses to end it. Missy staggering to ropes, finishes up face-in-gloves, shuddering as Laura bats away tic-toc to either brunette flank. Ref moves in: Vandervoort seething, eyes blazing; Missy slumped in ropes has to accept a 10-9 as Laura denies the 10-8.

R2: Missy may have gotten the knockdown last round, but it's Laura coming forward, being the aggressor in the second. Laura calming down, working behind her jab - keeping right hand just under her chin as she steers Missy round the ring. Nice limber hook from Laura - wide to Missy's rightside lats - Laura pivoting-left round the shot, all leggy and sinewy. Vandervoort leaning in with rangy rights - slinging shots, usually slipped as Missy's moving head well. Laura back underneath with batting, straight-arm hooks off Missy's flat waistline: Peregrym taking the body blows all tight lipped and frowning. Bell: Laura steely-eyed back to her corner, knows she took it to well-regarded Missy this round.

R3: Missy regroups: fists in tight group near mouth/chin - patient stepping pivots-left as she establishes her jab. Laura trying to step-and-poke with Missy: getting picked apart a bit by sharper-punching brunette. Missy stabilizes her front, lumps up on her beautiful foe, neatly boxing the initiative away from Laura. Something to watch for: Missy jabbing, then dipping forward onto front (left) leg - fetching a jagged little left uppercut to Laura's ribs PIK!

R4: Missy at her very best: patient boxing, searing jabs leading to pinpoint power punches. Laura traipsing after Missy - blonde girl startled by stiff poke to face; grunting from lapping hooks to waist/behind elbow; shocked by sudden right hands crossing to chin. Peregrym circling clockwise round her jab, systematically taking what she wants from Laura, breaking her down for a last minute surge. Down the stretch, Missy stepping in stiff one-twos, drilling her way into Laura's chin as weary blonde stares in confusion. Vandervoort face-punched to her glutes not once, but TWICE in the final minute - both times off crisp, ringing left/rights up top. Vandervoort up quickly both times - these were stinging, tart blows, not fight-winners - but Laura's glassy-eyed regardless. Missy strutting away bright-eyed: she took a very pretty blonde apart that round and the whole country saw it.

R5,6: Methodical Missy consolidates, patiently breaking down Laura's surprisingly resilient defence. Vandervoort firming off the knockdowns, but she's busting up some, wearing down. Missy's jab clearly punishing Laura, working over left side of blonde's gorgeous face at will. Missy's sudden, jolting right pounding through to chin with alarming frequency: Vandervoort cringing, covering up after gobbling it, but legs taking it well. Laura rangy in receipt: dip and rip left uppercuts to Missy's torso; slinging right hands and wide, lashing hooks. Peregrym altogether tighter, more disciplined in her stance, but forced to concentrate, work hard to get the better of Laura through 6.

R7: Laura! Vandervoort's fans cheered to see her catch second wind, get after Missy with renewed vigour. Peregrym covering up, legging away from lanky blonde slugging: Missy using the ring, letting Laura surge and spend up some money. Vandervoort finding Missy's face with the odd jab, but for the most part doing her best work with rangy left hands downstairs: hooks and uppercuts. Missy grimacing after the odd digging touch to her ribs: she's feeling it from Laura - forced to respect her blonde in the 7th.

R8,9: Missy so calm, methodical and precise: she starts to visibly break Laura down these rounds with the same persistent, withering, professional attack. Missy's jab piercing Laura's guard, knocking tired blonde face back off her gloves: Vandervoort blinking in confusion, reacting late. Laura's batting hooks/digging left uppercuts doing real damage underneath now, hammering at Laura's sinuous waist and flank. Laura's punch output dropping as damage accrues; long blonde legs looking stiff as Missy imposes will, taking away blonde options with her steady, heartless onslaught. After 9, Laura's mouthbreathing, shabby, but defiant: still picking her chin up and chesting forward at Missy as Peregrym wheels away all business.

R10: Missy's form relaxed - elbows in, fists in tight grouping around her chin - eyes clear and bright. Laura all banged up, disheveled, labouring: she's stepping-to, looking to engage like a real fighter despite her degraded condition. Missy pivoting left, pounding a trio of jabs at Laura's mouth/left eye, loosening her. Missy feints, drawing cringe from Laura - then Peregrym stoops, jabs Laura's body; straightens, hooks Laura's chin a slinging beaut of a carving left hand. Boozy head-swivel Laura - right foot skidding forward as she's rocked upright onto her heels. Missy leans in, driving that vicious right hand through to chin: goodnight Laura. Vandervoort clipped clean - head jerked about - legs stiffening even as she's toppling backward: she's out before she hits the canvas. Sickening deadweight impact - Laura's legs all straight and rigid, backs of her hands bouncing off canvas as she stretches out pretty, hands above head. KO10 in clinical fashion, Missy P: no lovelier sight in all of boxing than a vanquished Laura V relaxing into KO.

After: Laura showing all kinds of heart - outclassed tonight, but showing tremendous improvement in competing with one of the best brunettes in boxing. Peregrym smiling, delighted: she may be a sweetheart, but she doesn't let that prevent her from stopping hurt prey. "I really wanted the knockout," Missy says in postfight of her post-card perfect whack. "I love to stop girls - that's the best outcome for me. Laura made me work SO hard tonight - I mean - after that first round, I knew she wasn't going to be giving me an inch. I had to break her down from the hips up before I could even think about trying to lay her out."

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