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30 May 1999 Janet Jones vs Charlize Theron

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Originally posted by Simguy on Sunday, 30-May-1999 11:44:29


Before: An awkward pre-fight session as the fighters clearly are uneasy around one another. Unable to look at one another, both women read prepared statements and refuse to answer questions. Insiders say the atmosphere in both camps has been very tense—the bout is looked upon as the de-facto blonde championship, a prestigious, if unofficial designation. Theron, loser of the last meeting between these two is especially jittery.


Charlize in teal aerobics two piece, Janet in white aerobics two piece.


During R1: Janet looks to establish herself as the boxer early, but it is Charlize who wins the early jab skirmishes and settles into a nice rhythm, hooking hard to Janet’s chest and chin to take the round. Jones’ corner tells her to relax during the break as she is seen to be taking deep breaths while listening to the trainer.


R2: Theron cuts off the ring immediately as Jones tries to slide left, and walks Jones into a pulverizing short right hand to the chin. Janet goes wobbly butt, momentarily stunned, and Charlize coolly reloads, pitching a short right to the sternum, then chopping over Janet’s shoulder with the left to the ear. AND JONES GOES DOWN!! Janet scrambles to her feet at 8, then covers up as Theron wades in. Charlize bangs at Janet’s flanks with both hands, then tries to get under Jones with her shoulder, opening Janet up like a clam for some work on the inside. Janet recovers midway through the round, and the crowd roars to its feet as the girls trade leather in the final minute. A vicious exchange of left hooks seem to suck the fight out of both women at the bell, but they continue shagging until separated by the ref.


R3: Janet open with a double left hook, whipping the blow with a swiveling elbow and opening a cut over Theron’s right eye. Theron stands behind her gloves, trying to get it together as Jones exploits the hurt. Janet welts away to the sides with her long arms, shivering Theron’s body with thumping impacts. Stepping to the right, Jones gets an angle for her hook in between the mitts to the face of Theron, and Charlize comes unglued, standing up straight, trying to clinch. Jones steps back, swinging with lethal accuracy to shred the hurting South African. Charlize plods into a series of double left hooks and single straight rights, finally plowing past Jones to her knees at the ropes. Janet pounds a fouling right to the ear of Charlize as the blonde, on her knees, stares blankly out at the crowd. Theron topples to the canvas as Janet is bundled away by the ref. Charlize can’t beat the count, staring up at the lights, legs swimming, hands above her head. KO3 Janet Jones as she pounds out her supremacy in convincing fashion.


After: Gut check time for both women with Jones coming off the canvas, and Theron staying there. Jones consoles Theron in her corner for many moments as press and entourages flood the ring, but Charlize remains devastated by the loss for days afterward. For Jones, the time is now, as she once again issues a challenge to Jami luner ti settle the pound for pound dispute.


Reposted by Archer 5/6/09.


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