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30 Oct 2008 Jessalyn Gilsig vs Lori Loughlin

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Posted by simguy on 10/30/2008


Before: Two tight, professional fighters ply their trade, making the card on short notice - but both girls are always in shape, ready to make weight and go. "Somebody told me we'd make a good tag-team," Loughlin shrugs in prefight, "that usually translates into a competitive boxing match. I've heard Jessalyn's name on the gym scene, but I don't know much about her. I'll suss her out early, see where the holes are, then exploit her." Gilsig with an opportunity to make a splash - well-traveled blonde has 10 years of pro fighting experience, but no FCBA rounds to show for it. "I'm excited," Jess admits at the podium. "Lori's kind of the TV version of a Demi Moore - she's a serious fighter and I know what I'm up against with her. I've seen a lot more of her than she has of me, so I think that's an advantage. Another is that I'm stronger, and more determined, because I think Loughlin's found ways to quit in some of her bigger fights. Between the two of us, she's definitely recorded the harder miles - I'm looking to add a few to her odometer." Lori in red cotton tank top and panties; small black work out gloves. Jessalyn in baby blue cotton tank and panties; small black work out gloves.


During R1,2: Classy stuff - Loughlin circling, eyes narrowed, using jab and legs to unlock Jessalyn's secrets. Jess the aggressor - cutting off the ring, using HER jab to Lori's chest, then stepping close to scrounge away shoulder to shoulder. Gilsig surprisingly adept - she's on top quickly, forcing Lori to work; she's outdigging Lori inside, clipping away short uppercuts, hooks and utilizing a nasty shoulder-bump to get her way in the phone booth. Both rounds to Gilsig, close.


R3: Girls shoulder to shoulder - Lori moving in to accept terms, looking to overawe Gilsig. Not happening: Jessalyn's short hook just as snappy and sweet; Jessalyn's right uppercut just as quick and jerky; Jessa's body touches just as tart...and maybe she IS stronger. Loughlin being bumped and stepped back after brisk, workmanlike exchanges in close: girls scrubbing tousles, grinding away shoulders against chests as they rub for punching room. Down the stretch - Jess swats a decoy left hook up top to ear, then digs the money hook short-n'-savage behind Lori's right elbow. Cringe o' pain, Lorilocks: she cramps up hurt, elbows in, face pinched; Jess shifting weight to right foot, clawing away insurance hooks across Lori's head and shoulders at bell. Smug satisfaction on Jessalyn's face: she's got Lori down three rounds to none.


R4: Lori gambles on lead right hands - punches Jess square to face, drives her backward as Loughlin turns puncher. Furious follow up at ropes - Lori on top, scouring away all tight-n'-tasty: shoulders hunched, weight forward, arms chugging to hustle hup-hup leather into Gilsig's body. Grunting Jess clinches for ref's break - disengages: Lori pursues - once again pounce-stepping in the shocking lead right to score against Gilsig's beautiful face. Jess chased to a different length of ropes - beaten again to her tummy and breasts - Lori pouring it to her rival, pumping and chugging. Gilsig grimacing, forced to slug back: she's shouldering in short right/left uppercuts - working hard as girls fight chest to chest. Down the stretch, Loughlin banks her own left hooks in Jessalyn's liver region - paying Gilsig back in kind. More clinches from Jess as she's mouthbreathing, starting to unravel after a torrid dose of determined Lori.


R5: Lori rejuvenated - all flashing eyes and bared teeth: still SO cute when she's angry! Lori jabbing to close, putting left shoulder in Gilsig's chest, then digging-with: both girls very comfy at close quarters - tightening up stroke to swat, swipe, chop and cuff their shots. Toe to toe - girls keeping heads in close together, tidying up downstairs: Lori's consistently stepping Gilsig back, starting to get the better of those offending ribs. Loughlin's got a tasty double-hook that Gilsig lacks: Lori feasting on her foe a bit with those classy left hands. Final minute - Gilsig loosening: Lori dips, picks her up a short outside-in right uppercut that has Jessalyn open-mouthed and shut-eyed: Jessa's knees a-knockin' as she buckles, then clinches Lori to keep from going down. While embracing, grinnin' Loughlin reaches down to pat Gilsig's buttocks, symbolically taking ownership.


R6: Lori working overtime with that double left hook - bumping Jessalyn shoulders inside, then hooking her tummy, tits and chin. Secret is Loughlin's ability to punch off either foot - so economical the way she shifts weight, pops her hips, twists her torso. Lori's teeth bared as she comes forward: busy little cougar really pouring out the volume, showing a young-woman's work ethic tonight. Gilsig wilting: basically showing earmuff to Lori, or reaching to tie up - no punches back from a weary, discouraged Jessalyn. Glorious highlight for Loughlin at the bell to take Jessa's breath away: cuffing double left hook in the ribs chup-chup; quick left uppercut splitting Jessalyn's mitts, knocking her drowsy face back all startled and shopworn.


R7: Lori continues to apply pressure - jabbing to close, establishing tidy, tucking hooks in under the elbows, then scouring inside as Jessa grimly accepts terms. It's the fight Gilsig wanted - inside and brawny - but Lori's clearly winning it now, backing Jessalyn up, damaging her to the body. Ropes: Lori atop Jessalyn, working her: Gilsig able to squirm her arms in under Loughlin's and reverse her into the cables. Jessalyn not finished - catches a second wind, keeps Lori pinned down, out-works her in the final minute as the girls continue to tuck and jam away tidy body shots, mouth-on-shoulder. Could be a fight-winning strategy for Jessa if she can manage it: getting her body on Lori's a good idea.


R8: Jessalyn mouthbreathing, hair disheveled: she's exhausted - using herself up in that last bid to overwhelm Lori in the 7th. Loughlin businesslike - quickly atop Jess with the jab, then raking her hooks head to hip, then bumping her to ropes. Lori showing real eye-of-the-tiger stuff here, just gnawing on her blonde at close range. Right uppercuts starting to punch Jessalyn dizzy in tight - Lori shrugging 'em in, then putting hooks on top: Gilsig's coming apart. Ripping hook tucks in deep to Gilsig liver, sitting her moaning into ropes: quick thumping of hup-hup uppercuts takes her in cotton-swathed breasts, humbling her. Lori's on a jailbreak - feet wide - hands delivering. Loughlin's elbows in close to her body as she chops away rights and lefts. Just a good, competent clubbing flurry drives stunned Jessalyn to her knees, then knees and face with buttocks raised as she suddenly shuts down. KO8 - Lori Loughlin.


After: Lori smiling sunny - perennial cougar-queen shows flashes of her old magic as she overcomes a healthy Gilsig lead to batter Jessalyn senseless. "She rung my bell in the third, and I was like 'whoa - time to bump up the volume on this chick'," grins Lori in post-fight. " Good wake up call for me - I was sort of cruising on her early, letting minutes slip by, but once I focused, she was cooked. I'd like to see her on the Malibu scene more - Jessalyn would be a great match for somebody like Courtney Cox. Just a little too slow for yours truly."


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