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30 September 2001 A J Langer vs Kelly Packard

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Posted by Simguy on 9/30/01, 2:50 pm.


Before: Little known rivalry stems from an old Baywatch guest appearance by BOTH girls (Packard wasn't then a regular) prompting some beach action in which eye witnesses say Langer dominated. Packard's gone on to earn more glory, but Langer's always been solid and she's eager to join the ranks of girls who have kicked Kelly while she's down. Black bikini for Packard, purple bikini for Langer with yellow strings, small gloves for both.


During R1: Crisp punching from an unusually aggressive Packard sees her rock Langer early with crashing hooks and crosses. Action settles down as Kelly stays flat footed, using her shoulder cute in tight, left hand low, right at her cheek. Packard slapping Langer's tummy with the left, then nudging up with the left shoulder, chopping at cheek with the high right, nudging up again with the shoulder - all the while rolling and slipping punches to frustrate Langer's clubbing responses. Packard's right there to be hit - supple upperbody movements, brilliant anticipation from Kelly.


R2: Even better execution from Kelly as she gets in close, using the shoulder bump to set up swatting left hands to the tummy, clouting right hands to the jaw. Packard's loose, low left also handy at curling around Langer's hip, turning the brunette, holding her close whenever Packard doesn't want to fight. Langer staggered once again when an exchange of big lefts and rights goes Kelly's way - Packard outboxing and outslugging her girl toe to toe.


R3: Breezy shutout for Kelly Packard - Langer with her gloves up, laying in on Packard's shoulder, but getting picked apart so cleanly she's afraid to punch. Kelly content to frustrate, slap and turn her foe, easily slipping or blunting Langer's rare responses with cute shoulder turns and head bobs.


R4: Kelly in control - Langer getting nickled and dimed but still an effective force. Brunette has her moments - she's clubbing dutifully away at the hips and waist of her foe, giving up on the unhittable head, but Packard's the boss. Slap and bump offense from Kelly keeps Langer under control - AJ just not doing anything to get Packard out of her rhythm.


R5: Kelly sitting down on right crosses now, really slicing them in on Langer's teeth off every brunette miss. AJ's legs give a shake once again as Packard can rattle her foe, but can't put her down. Blonde so fluid, pretty to watch her working with her left shoulder pointed towards the foe, patiently breaking AJ down.


R6: AJ breaks out, jamming her head between Kelly's mitts and forcing the blonde's back into the ropes for the first time. Langer punching blind, just pumping her arms back and forth into the toned goodness of Kelly's hips, stomach and ribs. Packard off balance from the sheer ferocity - all she can do is try to position AJ's head on her chest, protect herself from butts as the brunette rampages. Final minute: Langer tires, Packard able to put her shoulder back into AJ's mouth and walk her way off the ropes - gets back to slapping the face and tummy off cute shoulder bumps at the bell.


R7: Packard takes a shot at getting AJ out of there this round. Stepping right, using that low left to turn AJ by the hip, walking her into slicing right hands on the jaw, bumping the shoulder hard against the teeth, staying close to her foe - it's masterful stuff from Kelly. Langer repeatedly rocked, stumbling sideways, squaring up with gloves at her temples - round starts to be punctuated by the sharp sound of Kelly small, hard gloves spanking into the flesh and skull of her helpless opponent. Langer wobbly butt and busted up at the bell, but refusing to go down, she makes defiant eye contact with Kelly as the ref jumps in.


R8: Kelly eases off the gas - it's a slightly more competitive round, but AJ's only doing what Packard lets her. Kelly so nifty and supple in close, bending side to side, surprising AJ with the left uppercut from the thigh, rolling and countering with right hands off AJ's missed crosses, and the constant, insolent slapping about the tummy and breasts has the brunette flustered. Packard's form never better - she could probably fight 20 rounds she's so relaxed, economical.


R9: Kelly deliberately retreats to the ropes, gloves up high, giving away her sturdy midriff to a tired brunette in hopes of drawing out AJ's reserves. Langer squaring up, fighting off Kelly's chest, lugging solid lefts and rights against the blonde's midsection, but Packard adept at turning to accept the punches, tieing up for referee's breaks and slowing the action for long stretches. Langer coaxed into simply lolling on and wrestling with the blonde at the ropes, takes a nothing round.


R10: Packard more active, having her juicy way with AJ, who appears game, but lumped up, tired, and completely bamboozled after 10 bewildering rounds. Packard will step back, fit the jab off her thigh onto AJ's oncoming cheek, step in with the shoulder bump to the teeth, and turn Langer's head with a slick right hand as the blonde falls in close after. Langer more often than not taking 3 or 4 pesky punches, then forced to grapple and push as Packard bodies up. At the bell - discouraged AJ is ashen faced - Packard beaming, face untouched, hands held high - she's the UD10 winner.


Thanks to Apollo for this repost.


Archer 10/20/09

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