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30 September 2001 Gena Lee Nolin vs Torrie Wilson

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Posted by Simguy on 9/30/2001, 12:19 am.


Before: Wilson gets her wish, pitting her sleek fitness physique against the bigger, softer blonde - most think the WWF valet is a doomed woman despite the hard body edge. "Don't know much about her," admits Dani Fishel, "but I wish her luck. Anybody who wants to beat Gena Lee Nolin can't be all bad." Wilson in black sports bra, silver/grey sprinter's trunks, white shoes, Gena in blue bikini top, yellow bottoms, white shoes.


During R1: Torrie circles to her right, looking to keep the big woman from setting her feet, then suddenly shocks Gena with a jump-frontal assault. Nolin in pain as WILSON goes crotch with the fight's first punches and it's pandemonium as Torrie hammers away between the hips to drive Gena in startled agony to the ropes. Brawling low blows give way to desperate clinching - Wilson immediately trying to pop Gena's elbow with an arm lock and drawing yelps of pain from the shellshocked veteran. Referee's breaks, more clinches ensue - both women trying to smother the other, sneaking in cheap elbows to breasts or jaws in close as they tumble along the ropes. Nolin's size finally starts to count late as she pushes a forearm against Torrie's neck, draping her over the ropes and finally freeing up punching room. Round ends with Gena stalking Torrie along the ropes, sweeping big right round punches to the body at the bell. Snarls all round - it's treacherous blonde brawling at its worst.


R2: Choosy power punching midring - both girls trying to load up and land haymakers - big punches graze chins in dangerous early action. Both girls over-swing on mean spirited rights, both come back with left hooks and NOLIN GOES DOWN! Gena spanked to her butt, gets up quick, but she's in some disarray, clearing underestimating the fitness blonde's power. Torrie marches in behind a flicking Six Heads Lewis type jab, then stroking right hands hard upside Nolin's head - bigger blonde stumbling straight back as the sinewy valet scores over and over again. Nolin taking a good shot, answers back with spearing straight rights down into the body - Torrie's turn to scowl as she buckles slightly and gives ground. Now Gena steps forward, slagging lefts and rights, missing a fair amount, but the connects are shaking the slighter girl - Wilson's feet start to step wrong. A thunderous left claps cheek, followed by a searing right off the face and WILSON GOES DOWN! Torrie flat on her back, limbs twitching as she tries to rise, but this one's OVER! KO2 Gena Lee Nolin.


After: Nolin delighted with the short, violent struggle, tackles a woozy Torrie as she sits up, pinning the valet cross body and slapping out a three count on the mat with a vindictive smile. Ref pulls the big blonde off as corners flood the ring, "Typical," snorts Dani, "The WWF's the perfect place for Gena. She's pure sideshow."


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