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30 September 2005 Rachel McAdams vs Allison Mack

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Posted by Simguy on 9/30/2005, 6:49 am.


Before: McAdams staking out territory as an ingénue of promise—eschewing softer touches to take on rugged Dani-buster Allison Mack. “I’m looking forward to it,” Rachel grins in prefight. “Allison’s one of those tough, compact, come-forward girls who really brings the fight to you and I want to show I can handle her strength. I’ve got the legs. I’ve got the height and I’ve got the tools—I really think I can make a statement on Allison Mack!” Mack non-plussed—she’s heard the buzz, but she’s from the show-me tradition of FCBA fighters. “Rachel’s got a solid look, but who knows?” Ali shrugs. “She could fold at the first sign of pressure—you never really know what’s under the hood until you test it. I’m gonna bang this girl, pound her body and see if she’s got the guts to fight me.”


Allison in red push up and panties, white lace trim—Rachel with auburn curls, wearing white bikini top, shades of blue splash print bottoms.


During R1: Well-schooled Rachel taking a textbook approach against a shorter foe in the first: jabbing, maintaining distance, forcing Ali to come forward against accurate, pinpoint punching. McAdams’ sticking her jab, scuffing and scraping it atop Ali’s head, across the face. Rache getting a stiff, jarring right hand onto Mack—nailing her brow, drilling her chin—then stepping back, Rache turning at the ropes, keeping her back clear and luring Allison forward—blonde bobbing at the waist, crossing her arms and taking a good shot but she’s shutout in an auburn first.


R2: Ali making inroads, bobbing and weaving in close to detonate a few spanking lefts loudly against Rachel’s right arm and flank. McAdams’ sticking to the program, spreading Mack out with jabs, piercing her bobbing D with short, drilling right hands, Mac’s punches skidding, slipping, scuffing atop and across Allison’s face—little blonde walking through the blows, constantly pressing forward.


R3: Rachel constantly poking and chopping at Allison, stepping out, walking to the side—she’s got blonde on the end of the punches, systematically banging away. Midway through, new punch in brunette arsenal: jerking right uppercut tugs Ali’s chin hard, buckles blonde knees and ALLISON”S ON THE DECK! Perky blonde shaking her head with a frown, caught and dropped by a short, perfectly placed punch—Rachel strutting proudly to neutral corner as Mack takes a disheveled 8. McAdams able to clean up proper down the stretch, attacking a dazzled Ali Mack at the ropes, chopping and slicing brisk lefts and rights as Ali bobs up and down to the bell.


R4: Rache drops in a short, slightly sidearm right, beaming at the flush contact against Mack’s face: Ali soaks the shot, steps in and HAMMERS cocky McAdams clouting hook on the chin—DOWN GOES RACHEL! Rache stepping back, caught and dropped—she’s all wide-eyed astonishment as Mack stomps jiggly to the neutral corner. Pay back time as Mack wades in, spits stubby little jabs to pin McAdams on the ropes, then BANGS away beefy to the body. Rache breathing hard through pursed lips—covering up and soaking, then grimacing as she pushes Allison back by the shoulders for little breathers, Mack just wading back in and bringing it—she belts way to her heart’s content on the offending torso, arms of her foe through 4.


R5: Rache looking a little haggard, a little rundown—Mack walking her down, getting on top and muscling her to ropes with the low center of gravity. McAdams stooped forward, elbows in, covered up—Allison able to swing away unmolested as she shakes McAdams taut torso. Bruising stuff—Ali looming over crouched foe, often getting 3, even 4 repeat right hands up underneath—big, beefy reefing blows that have Rachel wincing in shock. Bell: Mack beaming, stomping happy-butt to her corner, very animated with her corner; Rachel grimacing, cranky—constant body work making robust brunette look a little rickety.


R6: Allison’s numbing ground game grinding Rachel up along the ropes. McAdams under constant, bludgeoning attack—she’s covering up, staying low, showing Allison either shoulder, but Mack won’t be beguiled r bamboozled. Rachel wincing, absorbing punishment, then pushing Allison off for a few seconds’ grace Ali just re-balancing outside, banging her mitts together, then dipping back inside to continue the drubbing, Rache offering back the odd carving right uppercut or cuffing counter-hook, but not nearly enough volume to discourage the little juggernaut fighting off her chest. Bell: Rache back to her corner with a far away, staring look and shaken expression—she’s taking pasting through 6.


R7: Rachel back to ropes, legs in a stiff A-frame, torso bending at the waist and rotating slowly around. Mack attacking in waves—she’s showing fists-under-chin looks or the crossed arm as she bobs, slugs, bumps and bodies up underneath. Rachel shoved and bashed, bullied and pressed—she’s pushing Ali off, then as Mack walks back in, trying to label blonde chin the uppercut. McAdams scoring, but Ali soaking up everything offered and POUNDING the body. Rachel sent to her corner throbbing once again—trembling during the break from the non-stop abuse. Mack guzzling water, nodding and smiling as she chatters with her trainer—she’s just overtaken Rachel on the cards going into the backstretch.


R8: Allison back on top, working McAdams over at the ropes. Rachel right hand at her cheek, left across her gut, bending forward and back, pointing her left shoulder at Alison, trying to get low and nudge stocky brunette torementress back. Allison reveling in the punishment, just pounding away on autopilot, smashing at the body. winging at the chin whenever Rachel stands too far erect. Down the stretch, McAdams swiveling on her hips, and comes up a GOBSMACKING right uppercut, catching Allison flush on the chin. Rare backward hobble-steps for suddenly stunned Mack—she’s blinking, hurt, stepping in fence post holes. Deep breath Rachel—she jabs Allison’s forehead. Tottering her backwards, steps right and hooks Ali’s left eye, steps right again and hooks the left cheek as Mack staggers backwards to ropes, McAdams swarming in—jab/right hand up top, then vicious left uppercut to catch Mack ducking forward. Rachel’s hard punching steals the round, breaks Allison’s momentum with a thunderclap.


R9: Rachel’s eyes hard, unforgiving, teeth bared—she tears into Allison without restraint, Mack’s arms crossed, eyes forlorn—she’s taking punches, backing up now as Rachel cuts into blonde with jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercuts. McAdams showing economical technique in putting punches together—nice choppy rhythm as fists play across Mack’s groggy face, Chin-tugging uppercuts from either hand lifting Mack onto her toes and moving her now—she’s not shrugging these babies off anymore as McAdams hammers her pillar to post in the 9th.


R10: HARD right short over Mack’s left mitt buckles her knees—while she’s soaking it up, Rachel reloads, jams another blunt right home, puts the hook on top and steps forward and ALLISON SPRAWLS TO HER BACK! Stocky blonde sputtering, picking head off the mat in confusion—she’ll shake off the knockdown, but she’s busted up, getting battered now. McAdams heartless pouring in after 8—putting short, riveting punches together to pound away on Allison’s head. Mack ruined, crossing her arms and bleakly trying to ride out the punishment soaks a true beatdown this round—McAdams tirelessly applying the hurt bell to bell. Mack unbreakable despite one hellacious chin-check after another—she wobbles to the finish line all glassy-eyed and hurt as McAdams storms to a UD10 victory.


After: Impressive come-from behind win—Rachel regrouping after a stern midrounds shellacking from a determined and sturdy blonde puncher. McAdams answering some of the questions about her heart—Allison providing good reasons to quit in this fight, one of which were acceptable to brunette bent on achieving elite credibility in boxing’s deepest division. Rachel, Rachel: where was your body punching in this fight: “You know, I just couldn’t get to her ribcage!” a weary McAdams admits in postfight. “She’s built so low to the ground and she’s so strong, it’s very difficult for a taller girl to dig down there, I didn’t bend my knees enough, which I would definitely do next time to work her body, because I never want to absorb a beating like that again! My hat’s off to Alison—she’s one ruff customer for sure.” Where does Rachel think she stands in boxing’s richest division? “I’m in no hurry—I know I’m a few fights away from taking on a Fishel or a Connelly. The only elite name I know I can beat right now is Jessica Alba—I’m going to have to sharpen up to take on the rest of the top five names. I’d say I’m shoulder to shoulder with girls like Lilly, Bosworth—you know—the new girls pushing the older girls to the sidelines.


Reposted by Archer 10/6/09


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