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31 August 2008 Olivia Munn vs Holly Valance

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Posted by Simguy on 8/31/09, 7:17 pm


Before: Phunket, Thailand: Pac Rim favourite Holly Valance expected to dominate pretty brunette Munn—but Olivia determined to make some noise on the beach. “The knock on me is that I don’t have enough celebrity heat to get fights,” Olivia acknowledges in prefight, “But I’m not the first girl in that position—and lots of fighters have overcome a celebrity deficit to make a good living in the fight game. I’m good at beach fighting—I’m not scared of Holly one bit—and if I do well, promoters are going to want to fill out their cards with me!” Valance treated like an A list star on the South Pacific Resort circuit: beautiful curvy blonde always in demand on the beach. “Munn got my attention by fighting my so-called rival Manillo—and beating her,” Holly shrugs at the open-air podium. “Anybody who kicks Vanessa’s ass takes Vanessa’s place on my dance card—so I’m happy to give this kid a try, Don’t know who she is—body looks sturdy: I’ll suss her out for a round or two, then start breaking her down with whatever she’s giving me.:

Phuket private beach—ring posts set up directly on sand. Holly in black bra-style bikini; blonde tousle; black gloves. Olivia in brilliant cerulean blue bikini with yellow tie-side bottoms; white gloves; long black hair loose.


During R1: Girls step-to, get to work. Holly relaxed—right hand stacked atop left at her midsection: she dips and rolls with incoming, blocking punches on her shoulders or slipping them, then nipping back at Olivia’s openings. Valance so cute and smooth—never really seems like she’s dishing out a beating—but she’s catching Olivia with short, cuffing swipes and clouts. Touching up belly, breasts and chin with equal measure. Cutest punch for Holly: little shoulder-roll right with Olivia’s right hands, then a come-back right uppercut picking up Munn’s chin inside. Dependable, tough shot for Valance has Munn blinking early.


R2: Munn unsuccessful head hunting last round: she crouches in close, spends a minute pounding away at Holly’s firm biceps as blonde dips and rolls on the spot. Mistake for Holly—this stuff’s numbing her, setting her up for Munn’s rough right uppercut inside and tidy hooks-across-the-chops. VALANCE GOES WOBBLY BUTT! Midway through, Munn spruces Holly up the ol’ uppercut/hook combo, buckling blonde legs. Holly clinches, but Olivia’s strong—she steps-right in the grasp, wriggles her way free, pumps right/left to the belly as Holly hunches forward. Munn brawny down the stretch, hooking Holly repeatedly behind right elbow as stricken blonde stoops forward, keeping her face close to Olivia’s chest.


R3: Holly’s complacency gone: she’s in a fight. Valance opening up at close range—dipping side to side with her hands in that loose stack, swiping tidy right and left clouts to Munn’s breasts, chin and waist. Olivia strong on her feet despite tough scoring touches against: she’s able to plant, bang back as Holly’s offensive posture makes Valance more available. Crowd roaring loud as girls exchange clanging short rights to chin—girls dipping low on follow through, coming back with hooks and tummies. Torrid stuff: Holly nips a short right uppercut off her right foot, puts the hook on trop. Munn eats it, hooks Holly’s teeth, then her breasts, punching blonde backwards. Holly dip-rolls with Munn’s clubbing right; blonde back underneath with a right uppercut to gut. Both vixens trigger hooks in tight—Munn lands—Holly’s knees buckle, eyes widening in shock as she goes wobbly butt. Munn edging in with her left shoulder—jabbing Holly back a step, then turning on a sneaky right cross, catching Holly flush to chin. Head-swivel Valance—she steps away, then legs spasm as delayed effect has her stumbling in fence post holes. Munn steps in off Holly’s left shoulder, hooks face from oblique angle: Valance virtually clotheslined, head snapping back as her hands drop. Munn bends forward—brunette pouring in the punch in and down over blonde left shoulder. Holly a chopping right off the left foot; misses the hook as HOLLY CRASHES BACK INTO SAND! Valance: body rigid, legs quivering out straight—left hand up in the air as she twitches out on her back. Hamhanded KO3 Olivia Munn!


After: Big upset on the beach—Holly a feared and crafty veteran on the sand, simply punched sleepy by fresh and rugged Olivia, “I’m not joke,” Munn reiterates in postfight, looking happy and pretty in the sun. “I hurt her, made her open up, then ‘good nigh Holly’ when we got to slugging, you now? She’s a nifty fighter—slickest I’ve faced—but I’ve got heartbreaking power in both hands and an unshakable will, I’ll taje that over nifty any day!”


Reposted by Archer 9/9/09.


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