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31 Dec 2008 Lacey Chabert vs Sarah Michelle Gellar

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Posted by simguy on 12/31/2008, 4:56 pm.


Before: "Hell yes, Sarah's used up," Lacey says in no uncertain terms. "She's been involved in some of the most brutal scraps in flyweight history - that little chassis wasn't built to take that kind of punishment. So no - Sarah's not going to give me much of a fight. This is gonna be me hunting her down and pounding her till she gives. It's all about Lacey beating another legend into retirement, then moving on. Can't wait!" Gellar feeling tremendous heat from boxing media, stablemates, and even her fans: it's an open question whether Sarah can still compete, coming off her disastrous '08 campaign. "I lost some fights," Sarah acknowledges, "but I'm still one of the best at 110 when I'm on. One of the very best. To me, Lacey's just a one-trick bimbo, and if she truly thinks I'm shot, then I challenge her to try me hard up the middle. Go for it Lace: see how much fight I've got left. I'll touch you up sister - tummy and tits. Believe it." Lacey in white push up and panties; white gloves. Sarah in black bikini with yellow/black strings; black gloves; hair in puncher's ponytail with bangs framing face.


During R1: Sarah: relaxed stance; hands stacked right atop left at her chest; left shoulder pointed at Lacey. Chabert: marching to the attack, hands either side of her mouth as she weaves side to side to get close. Sarah tapping out jabs; curling the right uppercut; pivoting 30 degrees to her right while dropping right foot well back; springing the right cross against Lacey's brow; mopping up a slappy left hook to jaw and pivoting-left around it. Lacey trudging through - swinging sidearm rights to Sarah's leftside ribs, then tilting torso-right to drag home the left. Brushing, tapping, scrubbing stuff in volume from Sarah; clubbing, thumping receipts from Lacey as girls negotiate midring. Sarah sidestepping, turning Chabert's flanks, then touching her up: blonde mixing it up tummy, tits and chin. Lacey lands hard right hands to Sarah's skull late - partially blocked - but Gellar slugged off balance all the same. Tough to score: both girls getting some of what they wanted in a brisk first.


R2: Gellar with the tapping, nuisance jab flowing into right uppercuts - pivot outs - right cross leads - left hook mop ups. Chabert bobbing and blocking, willing to face into Sarah's clipping licks in order to close and bang. Midway through, Gellar seeks respect in Lacey's rack - crowding close and deploying shoeshine, scrubbing rapidly back and forth across hulking Chabert puppies. Sarah steps back well pleased with herself: EATS A SWINGING HOOK! Snarling Lacey takes it to rack, then hops into retreating Sarah, clapping a buxom hook to chin that has blonde reeling in confusion. Sarah bogged at ropes, eyelashes fluttering as she tries to organize her hands. Lacey stomping in jugs a-jumpin': heavy hook to flank; hup-hup lefts and right to Sarah's overhanging rack as blonde stoops forward. Chabert pushing in close, then stepping out, setting for a short right hand to Sarah's breadbasket: blonde girl groans, shuddering forward behind gloves. Right uppercut Lacey; right cross: Sarah picked up, then clouted to her right, eyes wide as she stumbles along ropes. Lacey hopping with - JMD killer instincts kicking in. Chabert pounces - weight on left foot - right foot skidding up off canvas as she commits on a sweeping sidearm right fully extended to Sarah's jaw. Clapping blast slumps Sarah into neutral turnbuckles - head lolling, hands dropping. Lacey all in: right hands in plowing, sidearm wallops, pounding at Sarah's chin as little blonde slumps helplessly in padded corner. Lacey with her left pushing Sarah's chest to stabilize her: torrential right hand punching pounds staring Sarah out on her feet. Ref steps in, bodies li'l jiggler off: Chabert struts away the TKO2 victrix.


After: Gellar overwhelmed - still classy and cute offensively, but shutting down quickly when hurt: Slayer just doesn't seem to have the reserves left to answer hard challenges anymore. Chabert feted in her corner as Sarah gets salts on her stool: Chabert donning a long pink blouse over her bra and panties, primping her hair and starting to cast greedy looks Sarah's way. Pretty soon, Lacey and Jennifer Love Hewitt head to Sarah's corner, looking for tribute (Lacey in pink blouse open down the front to show bra, panties, tummy, rack; Hewitt in purple velour curve-hugging sweats and hoodie with a hands-width of tummy and hip exposed).


Sarah groaning as she's pulled up off her stool by Lacey, expertly tucked face-first into jug. Chabert secures the reverse sleeper grip - her pink blouse cool against Sarah's trembling body. Lacey squirming, frowning to get optimum arm grip: the left arm in behind Sarah's head; left hand clutching Lacey's right bicep; right hand cupped atop Gellar's damp scalp. "Jen - could you..." Lacey says, turning Sarah in the grasp towards Hewitt. "She's not snug..." Jen leans in, hands lightly at Sarah's hips as she inspects Lacey's grip, then suddenly ramming her right thigh up in under Sarah's buns: once, twice. Lacey brightens, "That's got it - thanks," she says, snugging up her hold.


Sarah suffering, hands palming at Lacey's hips: eventually, Gellar's legs give way. Gellar releases rather than riding Sarah down: Chabert stalking off, hands on hips as Sarah swoons to hands and knees, panting and jug-stunned.


Hewitt moves in - pulling Sarah up by her forelocks, turning her, and quickly pulling her velour hoodie up over Sarah's head so it's two girls in one top. Poor Sarah squirming, reaching around Jen's waist: Gellar trapped in her foe's top, getting a faceful of rack in the bargain as Jen now secures her brawny grip. Conquered blonde ponytail just visible through the stretched neck of the top.


Hewitt licking her lips, cinching her grip while stepping Sarah around: something's not quite right. "Lace?" Jen says, lifting her chin at Chabert. "Could you...?" Grinning Chabert steps in, looks things over, then goes to her right knee, kneeling in behind Sarah with a left hand on Sarah's right thigh. Reaching right arm through Sarah's legs, Chabert jerks up with her shoulder tight to Gellar's buns, ramming the bicep/elbow in around conquered blonde crotch. Once, twice: Sarah's shimmed into position, and Jennifer grins as her grip is snugged. Once again, Gellar is dosed with rack until her legs give way: she tumbles out from under Jen's top, spilling to canvas and rolling to her back in clammy-faced stupor.


Two hard working JKO beauties pull Sarah up, walking her to her corner and propping her against turnbuckles. Sarah's head lolls - she licked her lips and chokes back tears as Jennifer slaps at her cheeks, bringing her 'round.


"Choose." Jen says as she steps back, crosses her arms. To her left, there's Lacey, hands on hips, glaring at Sarah. "Whichever one of us has too much jug...we'll let you go with the other one. You're going out - nothing can stop that - but you can pick the lesser of us. You've been in there - you know where it's just too much. Choose."


"Mmmm..." Sarah groans, shaking her head.


"Choose!" Lacey shouts. "Choose Sarah, or it's both of us on you."


Blinking back tears, groggy Gellar looks from one pitiless set of eyes to the other, then...she reaches for Jen's velour top, stooping to pull it over her (Gellar's) head. "Whaaaaat?" Hewitt cries - outraged. "YES!" Chabert roars, thrusting hands high as Sarah can't bear to face her breasts again. Chabert struts away glowing as an enraged Jennifer tugs and twists Gellar into position, muscling her roughly into oblivion.

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