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31 Oct 2008 Claire Danes vs Michelle Williams

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Posted by simguy on 10/31/2008


Before: "Kreuk had nothing to do with this," Claire says defensively, answering Tractorpull assertions that the champ is pulling her gatekeeper's strings. "Mish and I...we've actually been agitating for this fight for a while now, and HISC corporate told us to wait and make it title-eligible. We were fighting each other long before Kristin ever came on the scene: we'll still be fighting long after Kreuk is gone. Every once in a while, we need to clear the air between us and sort things out. It's that time again - that's all." Mish in agreement: fight has more to do with longstanding grudge between the combatants than it does any outside machinations. "As much as we may work with each other to keep the flyweight division under-foot," Mish says in prefight, "Claire and I...we're always simmering. She's been looking for a pretext to move on me, and I'll admit it, I've been wanting to hear that little noise she makes when she's giving in. The title opportunity is awesome - I mean, if I can take something away from Claire while I'm beating her, that's all the better. But this is one ass I'd kick for free." Claire in scarlet bandeau with brass U connection at jug; small black workout gloves. Mish in leopard print push up; lacy crimson boycut panties; small black workout gloves.


During R1: Claire sidestepping, pivoting, eluding Mish early - takes Williams a minute to obtain punching solution. Second and third minutes all Mishy: she's able to penetrate, work to the ribs with short-arc roundhouses, beat the jug on Claire. Danes pushed to ropes - calm under pressure: she's pulling Mishy's head down, headlocking her, tying her up as Williams gets work done in scrounging fashion.

R2: Claire widening stance, weight on front foot - she's leaning forward, punching a stiff jab down onto Mishy's mouth/chin. Minute mark: Williams slips poke, pulls a looping overhand right counter onto Claire's face. Danes shocked, knees bending, then straightening up to scatter her sideways: she's rocked. Mishy hops-to, helps herself to tummy via a pair of thick-strapping hooks - then she reaches under Claire's arms, bodying Danes to ropes. Final minute a smothering Williams consolidation: she's on top, scrounging on Claire - smearing and mauling her against ropes. Danes much less composed this time around, getting banged up - dealing with Mishy's palms scrubbing at her face, or Mishy's head rubbing in there ruff. Bell: Williams bratty - flashing a grin and flashing eyes at a grumpy Claire D through 2.


R3: Claire hard-eyed - taking midring with authority: she's back in charge via jab. Stiff, chipping poke - Claire taking MIsh on her mouth/chin, then pivoting left: Williams unable to penetrate. Midway through - just as it looks like Claire's going to establish behind her stick - she leans in close, lathers a vicious flurry of rights and lefts to Michelle's ribs/flanks. Williams startled - Claire's small mitts sounding out PIK! PAK! PIK! PAK! PIK! PAK! as she hustles in the leather. Finished - Claire pivots left, leaning back out of range on right (back) foot, eyes blazing. Michelle turning, torso burning: she paws her jab tentatively, hoping to edge inside: Claire drops a withering pull-counter right hand over top, punch Michelle straight to mouth. Danes rotating clockwise - leaning in and getting off with these lathering, rapid-fire right/left bursts to ribs, then disengaging: she's got Michelle grimacing, gunshy through 3.


R4: Claire slashing in, ripping her body shot hup-hup to Michelle's ribs - but instead of disengaging clean, she digs a left uppercut to sternum; left uppercut to chin before pivoting left. MICHELLE'S WOBBLY BUTT! Mish catching insane volume, and now committed power from Claire - she totters back on her heels wide-eyed at Danes' ferocity. Claire grimly back on her girl, tearing at the ribcage with that furious lather: Mishy grunting, covering up and tilting forward into the tic-tac-toe beat upon her flanks. Claire's body and limbs shining up as perspiration flows: she's working hard as we've ever seen her. Midway through, Michelle's had enough: she starts loading up, swinging from her heels, trying to receipt Claire. Mishy missing, but Danes forced to lean back out and rework the jab. As Claire's pressure diminishes - Michelle's able to take tentative steps forward again - launching her own torrid assaults on Claire's ribcage with both hands flying. Bell: HISC vixens lean in close, fists just whistling back and forth underneath, tearing at offending rib meat. Ref forced to push seething beauties apart - Williams actually kicking her toes at Claire's thigh upon separation, earning an extra rebuke.


R5: Claire POURING herself at Michelle: lanky Danes leaning forward, weight on front (left) foot as she lathers to the hated, stocky torso of her longtime nemesis. Michelle beaten breathless - crouching into it, THEN ANSWERING! Mish baring her teeth, chugging back up into tummy, lung and jug - shoulders rotating, fists pumping as Claire's brought up short. Danes temporarily subdued - then SHE regroups, dousing Michelle with fresh hup-hup leather. Crowd roaring in appreciation - HISC vixens simply taking turns launching all out pasting attacks upon each other. Midway through, savage pace gets to Claire - she steps out, pinging a defensive jab, gulping for breath. Williams' blood up - eyes blazing: she surges forward, punching wild right hands for Claire's chin; sweeping left hands to jaw. Danes backpedalling, suddenly broken: Mishy's pouring through the breach! Claire hits ropes in swoon, desperately trying to neck-clasp Mish and pull head down: Williams responds with a pounding flurry to trunks and tummy, doubling Claire up with a gurgle. Mish push-propping Claire upright, heaving her so hard her right foot comes up off canvas: DANES IS GETTING RAGDOLLED! Mish in her element - shoving on Claire, brawling her - punches and elbows smash at ribs and head, bludgeoning Danes from all angles. Claire crying out, completely disorganized: she's helpless, overwhelmed. Overhand right smashes Claire's right ear flat to her shoulder, loosening her terribly: she tilts sideways into ropes, eyes glassy. Another right smashes home - another: Michelle in there close with her left fist clenched around Danes' waistband for anchorage. Right hand smashes Claire's face; right hand clubs Claire's temple. Danes eyelashes flutter as she slumps into ropes, turns to her right and pitches face-first into canvas. "GET UP, CLAIRE!" Michelle shrieks, now mindless with slugging fervor. Danes relaxing into KO, never hears the taunting. KO5 Mish Williams.


After: Brutal, brutal beatdown shown over and over on jumbotron: Mish looking up grinning and wincing as she triumphs again and again in slow-mo. Claire brought slowly around - horrid shiner emerging on her left eye: she's all tingly and helpless on her stool, reduced to rubble tonight by a force she herself may have unleashed with her own slugging frenzy. Williams pushes her way in, beaming, hugging poor Claire up off her stool even as Danes mumbles "No."

Mish corner-mounts Claire as pack looks on. Claire choking back tears, her arms curling round Michelle's curvy little thighs, fists balled in under Williams' buttocks. Michelle reaching into the dampness of Claire's blonde locks, pulling the head back, forcing eye contact. It's a long time holding that position - Michelle's exultant expression speaking volumes as Danes trembles beneath. Eventually, Dushku herself coaxes Mish down, sensing Claire's distress reaching levels that can't be sustained within any pack. Eliza gives Mish a playful piggy-back ride around the ring - Williams beaming as she watches a devastated Danes gather her things in her corner. Humbled - Danes pushes past her seconds, face in her hands, rushing from the ring in alternating jogs/brisk walks up the aisle.

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