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31 Oct 2008 Elizabeth Berkley vs Laetitia Casta

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Posted by simguy on 10/31/2008


Before: "All I know is, this is the first time in my career when the suits have come into the gym and stressed that I need to destroy my opponent. Their words, not mine," Berkley smiles in prefight. "I don't know what Casta did around here, but she's definitely on the merde list - but whatever. It's not like I needed extra encouragement: my jab's gonna change this girl's life, and when I start tuckin' into her for real? My guys're gonna get real happy, real quick. Destroying Tish Casta isn't going to be a problem." Casta with an enviable record of upsetting expectations - but there's big and then there's big: Berkley's definitely the latter. "Strong blonde," Laetitia admits at the podium, nodding her head. "Good skills - and she has got all of Technetium's scouting on me: I won't deny Elizabeth is a challenge. But quality counts too, as you know, and there Berkley cannot match Casta. Pound for pound, I am superior. I will make her bosses sweat in this fight, as I slowly break her down and bend her to my will." Liz in black velvet bikini; long blonde hair slickly back into pretty low bun; white gloves. Tish in ruffled white bandeau bikini top with navy pin-dots; navy bottoms; white gloves; long high ponytail with bangs framing face.


During R1: Liz: fingertips touching temples as she steps, drops the heavy poke with a sexy shoulder roll - thudding heft as promised. Casta showing leg early after catching face-spank: Liz stalking, cutting off the ring. Middle minute - Tish setting traps: she's stepping to spots, twisting into a haymaker, laying over on the opposite side in a defensive crouch. Berkley smote a heavy right across jug: she bares teeth, loads up, twists into her own right hand - pounding 'Tish inside her left shoulder. Casta twisting torso-right, pulling a thick left onto Berkley's jaw; Liz hoisting a left uppercut in receipt. Back and forth they toss - flat footed stances - girls just twisting side to side, sloshing on the hurt one punch at a time. Casta a little cuter in the exchanges - both women getting stroked, but 'Tish crouching under the odd punch, making Liz miss, setting blonde up for the extra touch. Down the stretch, smaller woman starting to come forward on bigger - Casta smiting chin with workmanlike roundhouses from either side: BERKLEY GOES WOBBLY BUTT! Sudden collapse of Liz's front as she staggers, eyes stricken: bell sounds before Laetitia can fully explore the possibilities as Berkley stumbles back to her corner. Hard glare from Casta to assembled Tech suits near ringside: Tish sending her message early.


R2: Casta thoughtful, eyes narrowed: right at her jaw, she's dipping down, pouring the left jab into Elizabeth's midsection. Berkley grunting, receiving with hands up at temples: she's late on receipts - getting touched up. Casta sidestepping after depositing stiff poke: she's turning big Berk, making Liz move her feet. Off the jab, Laetitia's putting together right hands up top (blocked), left hooks snappy to waist (scoring flush). Berkley baring teeth in frustration, getting beat to punches, backed up through 2 rousing heats of 'Tish.


R3: Liz finds her stride. All starts with the jab: Berkley stepping it in, dropping the left hand from her brow to Casta's face or upperchest: Laetitia can't stand against it. Casta trying to leg away, but Liz moves well for a big woman - cutting off the ring, maintaining contact with that shattering stick. Halfway point - Tish hits ropes, covers up earmuff: Liz digs in above French hips with tic-toc slugging - bouncing her fists loud off Casta's chassis. Laetitia grimaces, feeling the heft: she offers back a wan right uppercut, eating a torrid blast of rights and lefts shellacked to her breasts and pecs. Berkley getting big on 'Tish late - rudely palm shoving Casta into ropes, then pouring it on to jug: heartless, deliberate humbling of proud French melons leaves Laetitia panting, shabby at the bell.


R4: Liz marching forward behind that pulverizing stick: tremendous pop on the shot as she steps, rolls her left shoulder, gets her hips into each poke. Casta's face spanking back from hot blonde leather: 'Tish getting stunned, backing off as Elizabeth renegotiates all terms. Off the pounding jab, Berkley's able to step in and push - palming Casta's shoulders and heaving her backward, really showing her who's big. Laetitia proud and combative, pushing into Liz at times, slugging right/left to gut - but blonde's coming forward like the tide. Hard beating for Casta as she stands ground and suffers punishment rather than running: Casta forcing Berkley to fight for canvas; 'Liz happy to oblige.


R5: Heavy bombardment against Casta's bulging bandeau - Liz able to plow away with rising, curling lefts and rights and Laetitia attempts to brawl for respect. Tish all banged up - she disengages after thumping jug muggage has her knees knocking: Elizabeth walking brunette down, punching face via the jab. Ropes: 'Tish in trouble, legs braced wide, mouth open - there's too much blonde coming at her. Nothing fancy: Berkley squaring away, grinning harshly as she pops her hips this way and that, strapping home thick, shellacking rights and lefts to the ribs and breasts of her foe. Thudding barrage beats Laetitia upright, blinking in stupor as she slumps hurt against cables. Berkley extending left hand to palm Casta's left shoulder - then driving in with drifting rights: stop the fight ref - French girl's getting battered! Tish relaxing, out on her feet: Berkley pouring it on as instructed - using her left hand to prop Casta up for plowing rights, belting Tish stupid. REF JUMPS IN! Casta on her way down when official scoops her up under her arms, cradling her against ropes for support. TKO 5 big Liz Berkley.


After: Slow-struttin' Liz walks the ring with hands held high: tested tonight, but ultimately just too big and strong for Laetitia. Casta still dim with punishment when Berkley barges into her corner, pulling the standing French woman around by her shoulder, slipping a strong right arm around her waist: Tech suits smiling broadly as Liz Berkley gives Laetitia Casta a bitter walk of shame. Casta blinking back tears, meek in the grasp: Liz waving with the left hand, beaming a bully's smile as she parades her stumbling trophy.

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