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31 Oct 2008 Erica Durance vs Ali Larter

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Erica Durance 04.jpgAli Larter 04.jpg



Unified Lightweight Title


Posted by simguy on 10/31/2008


Before: "We're probably the two best fighters in the division," Larter shrugs in prefight, "You don't always see a fight like this in a title defence. I look at Erica and I see a girl just as tough, just as skilled, fit and hardnosed as I am - it's almost like I'm training to fight myself. Breaking her will be an electrifying experience - you only get that feeling from special opponents, and I think this match up is special." Durance concurring with Ali, continuing on with the respectful tone at the mic. "I've had the same sensation in camp. Ali is so much like me in the ring, it's going to be a real treat to test myself against her. Beating Charlize has given me a whole new level of confidence though - I think that's the difference between me fighting now and say, last year at this time. I know, right now, that I'm the best lightweight fighter in boxing; Ali only THINKS she is, but until she takes this strap off my waist, she can't be certain. That's my edge - the ONLY edge I can think of." Ali in black tie-side bikini, yellow gloves. Erica in crimson Smallville bikini with navy bottoms and red belt; red gloves; ponytail with swept bangs.


During R1: Hardworking beauties go shoulder-to-shoulder, get to swattin' early. Plain old bump-and-grind slugging - both adept at staying compact, rolling the odd shot, parrying others, but it's basically two proud women putting their bodies on the line in hopes of breaking the other's will. Short, snapping shots - girls bouncing leather off arms, flanks, tummies, tits. Erica able to fit short-jerk right uppercuts in snug to Ali's chin: probably the difference-maker in a razor-close first.


R2: More dominant performance from the champ. Starts out shoulder to shoulder - both girls bumping and digging - but Durance soon separating herself with sudden clouting combos up top, toggling Ali's chin. Larter begins to back up - still looking to fit her shoulder into Erica's chest as Durance walks forward - but Erica's getting off first, doing damage. Ali going to a loose peekaboo guard, hands at her temples as she leans forward: Erica vigorously to the exposed waistline, really tucking in thick. Right uppercuts from Durance pick Larter up hard, splitting the mitts: E able to clean up hook as well, catching Ali when her head's up off her gloves. Bell to bell Durance: wonderful pace and pressure from the champ, sends challenge a little shellshocked back to her corner.


R3: Ali goes to the jab - renegotiating distance: she's got Erica weaving poke outside. Larter stepping right, looking to turn into sudden right hands: Durance moving head well, but she's not getting off as Larter takes initiative. Ali controlling midring until final minute: Erica finally decoding Larter's jab, rings a vicious counter right hand off chin, scoring a timing-punch over Ali's left hand. Larter ROCKED: she's stepping in fence post holes, trying to earmuff up as Erica goes over to offence. Vicious tattooing to the body stiffens Larter - leaving her vulnerable to robust, curling left and right uppercuts as Erica arches her back, clips 'em home. Durance steals the round late, puts Ali in a tough deficit position on the cards through 3.


R4: Larter lumping up - she grits her teeth, jabbing to close and get shoulder to shoulder with Erica. Durance accepts those terms, proceeds to swap left hooks to midsection as both girls keep right hands at cheeks. Midway through, Larter comes off the body, curling a left uppercut to Erica's chin, startling the champ. Larter quickly to midsection - keeping her right elbow in as she chops the sidearm right to Erica's waist, then picks her up another left uppercut in close. Durance stunned, backs into ropes: Larter quickly upon her, sensing opportunity. Savage flurry lights up Erica's breasts - Larter brutally pounding at the champ, humbling her, then picking her up those close-in, curling uppercuts. Durance growing loose - hands up but easily knocked aside by Larter's tight shots. Final moments, Erica bares her teeth, slugging desperately with both hands chopping straight from her shoulder - Larter punched against her face and breasts can't quite close the show.


R5: Girls close - brutality continues as neither seeks the refuge of footwork or distance. Gorgeous, digging attrition - both women utterly confident in the capacity of their bodies and legs to use up any opponent. Leaning in, heads frequently rub - shoulders constantly bump. Hands alternate between loose peekaboo looks and crossed arm with right hands close to chins: girls crowding in, getting off snug. Leather bouncing hot and hard off taut, fit frames: bruising toe-to-toe work just a non-stop pleasure to watch. Bell: Erica's edged Ali once again - brunette flashing a quick little grin to let blonde know all about it.


R6: Same again: determined, no-nonsense, digging attrition. Short, crisp punches and chops - both girls using the left shoulder as a third glove in there, bumping each other off. Erica's right uppercut inside a clipping little wonder - constantly picking Ali up and taking the initiative away from her. Larter continues to cuff either hand at Erica's ribs, and launch spiteful jug-mugging campaigns in hopes of breaking champ's will. Not working: Erica back at Larter with thudding authority following every Ali outburst - brunette slowly starting to impose will on her blonde through 6.


R7: We've seen sustained, brutal punching, but rarely have we seen either woman seriously rocked. Ali eats a right uppercut/hook combo at minute mark and finally shows us signs of wilt as she sways hurt on the spot. Erica immediately into the Larter gut with a series of ripping, snatching hooks - Durance baring her teeth, dipping and resetting to get each hook tight off her front foot, beating the breath from Ali. Larter issues first true clinch of the fight, her mouth open against Erica's left shoulder as brunette walks blonde to ropes. Down the stretch, Ali stabilizes her front - preventing a Durance finishing run with a rousing trade in side to side lefts and rights to buckle Erica's knees at the bell. Both girls drained, wandering back to corners looking disheveled, worn through 7.


R8: Both women are tired, but Erica finds a way to uptempo, willing herself to tax Ali even harder. Durance in close, pumping rights and lefts off Ali's flat midsection, driving her to ropes: Larter grimacing, loops arms around Erica's head, trying to slow the pace. Durance shoving her way clear, stays on the body - constant pounding starting to loosen Ali up, wear on her spirit. Larter open-mouthed - tying up behind the elbows, pulling Durance onto her as she leans back into ropes for ref's breaks. Erica POURING it to Ali - from the midway point on, it's a beatdown - with Durance savagely bashing at the arms and ribs, then clocking chin uppercuts and hooks as poor Ali wilts. Huge gutcheck for Larter as time and again she looks ready to go - only to steady herself on proud legs, tie up, and gain ref's break.


R9: Commitment to attrition paying off for Erica: she's all banged up herself, but clearly the aggressor now - walking Ali down, forcing herself upon Larter. Ali mouthbreathing, eyes bleak: she's rarely been tested on this kind of physical level, taken into waters too deep even for her. Grim retreat for Ali: she hates to give ground to Erica, but when she stands in, she's beaten without mercy. Erica setting a brisk, but measured miler's pace - arms, shoulders in constant motion, working, working, working Larter into stumbling swoon. Ali trying to walk Erica into shots - scoring the odd uppercut to sternum or chin - but brunette pours right through. Larter suffers all around the ring, sponging up unacceptable punishment as Durance pulls away.


R10: Deep breath Erica as she rises off her stool: she bats mitts together, steels her eyes, marches on what's left of Ali. Larter with a glassy, dazed expression: tactical error of meeting Erica shoulder to shoulder all night has left shabby blonde with few options. Still, Larter pushes-in, trading rights and lefts tucked tight to squirming tummies as the girls brawl mouth-on-shoulder: Erica grunting, grimacing as even now, she's forced to her limits just to keep up pressure on Larter. Two minutes of trudging, brutal digging before Ali starts to droop. Blonde mouthbreathing, all puffy and dazed - she steps back with arms crossed against her chest, looking shaky. Left/right from Erica punches Ali onto her left foot, then her right - blonde swaying badly, dimly tilting forward. Erica to the flanks as Larter tips forward, digging in behind Ali's elbows - then dipping the left shoulder to hoist left uppercut to blonde sternum. That's it - gorgeous, shrugging shot sends a jolt through Ali's frame: she grunts softly, doubled over around the body blow, then sinks to her knees. Erica exhales through pursed lips, hands on hips as she turns away in exhaustion. Larter will beat the count, but she's ruined, lifting her mitts shabby as Durance is walking back in at the bell. Punches replaced by hugs as Erica embraces Ali and congratulates her for a war well fought. UD10 for the winner and STILL lightweight champ - Erica Durance.


After: Erica resplendent in victory - all banged up, but glowing with the knowledge that she's just fought - and won - a modern day classic. "I couldn't have asked for more from an opponent," Erica grins wearily. "Ali was so hard in there - no give in her at all. I had to chop and beat at her all night long just to get her to back up. But eventually, she did start to fade, so I just poured it on. I don't know how - I was gassed myself, but I saw that look in her eyes that told me she was through if only I could push a little harder. And when she went down? That's a feeling I'll never forget - electric. To beat a woman like that to her knees in like the final minute of a 10 round fight? It's one of the highlights of my career so far." Glorious year for Erica continues - she's finally put it all together and delivered on her considerable potential.

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