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31 October 2009 Carmella DeCesare vs Jenny McCarthy

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Posted by simguy on 10/31/2009, 9:54 am,

BEFORE: "We've been circling each other long enough," Mac grins in prefight, "it's time to get this done. Decesare...she's a one-year wonder as far as Playmates go: she's basically an octagon-girl now, you know? There's no question I'm the bigger name, the better commodity and superior fighter - no question except in the Decesare camp. I've been letting it go, but with her being a playmate of the year, it's hard to ignore. The more she talks, the more she sounds like a loose end I need to take care of." Decesare composed at the dais, refusing to be baited. "Look: Jenny's a legend, and one of my idols coming up," Carmella allows, "but Jenny needs to be checked. She looks fabulous, but I don't believe in her body: I really think she's lost a step since the Krista Allen fight, and the time is ripe for me to move on her. You guys can favour her if you want, but I'm telling you: don't be shocked to see me punch her helpless in this one." Carmella pretty in dark bikini with pink orchid print; white gloves. Jenny in black bikini; red gloves.

During R1: Carm jabbing from the shoulder...right hand at her tummy...she's leaning away in flinches, wide stance allowing her to create distance as she works Jenny with stick. McCarthy dukes up, blocking poke on her mitts, dipping side to side, looking to catch Carmella chopping rights or lefts off the block. Jenny scoring at the minute mark, clouting Carm off her stance: Decesare slinging right hands off her waist, clouting Jenny about the ear...DONNYBROOK! Descends into madness...Jenny wading forward, getting close before releasing on short, clubbing blows to Carmy's chin. Decesare knocked about, staggering around, but slopping back lanky at Jenny, clobbering her nicely about the head and shoulders at times. Jenny the first to regain her senses: she calms down; stoops to jab Carmella in her stomach - slowing the pace and restoring order. Jenny takes over behind a pumping poke - jabbing tummy, tits, head to close out a competitive first.

R2: Jenny weaving her way in, closing before clubbing away short rights and lefts up top. Carmella backpedalling lanky - legs buy her room and she starts nipping back: rangy right hand off her hip finding Jenny's face; dip-n'-dig left uppercut fitting into Jenny's midsection. Pretty wheel-pivots left from Carmella sees her turn Jenny's right flank: Decesare all supple and bendy-backed, getting away with low hands with her willowy torso-movement. Jenny stroked, cuffed, buffetted: Carmella turning her blonde, encircling her, then managing her lanky as Jenny clams up. Round ends to Carmella treating herself to a series of sidearm buggywhip right hands to Jenny's flank as McCarthy's showing rigid earmuff. Good lanky stroke: Carm's slender arm shivering on lashing contact with Jenny's sturdy chassis.

R3: Carmella's sinewy, unorthodox style giving Jenny problems: blonde out of rhythm, doubleclutching on punches, second-guessing herself a little as Decesare operates. Carmella smooth, slippery outside - right hand often as low as her thigh as she sticks left jabs, or dips left shoulder to hoist lanky left uppercuts to Jen's tummy. Decesare twisting torso-left to sling right hands onto Jenny - clouting her across the eyes; clapping her to chin; plowing her to jug. Carmella's loping footwork awkward, but effective - time and again she slides past Jenny's right flank, forcing blonde to turn-and-cover. Bell: Jenny disgusted, vexed...Carmella's outfoxing her!

R4: More Carmella! Decesare oily-slick outside, freezing Jenny with feints, then stroking her whippy. McCarthy erupting with frustrated lefts and rights in bursts: Carmella lopes back from this, circles to the side, curls back in off her pushy jab and succulent left uppercuts to body. Decesare generating bendy-backed torque on side-swiping right hands: Jenny frequently startled from chin clout, or outraged as Carmella paints jug. Deech fighting with just the hint of a smile - bedeviling Jenny, touching her at will. Bell: Decesare's strut so superior, Jenny pushes her angrily in the back, bringing in the ref.

R5: Jenny had to the waistline for the first time, intent on chopping Carmella in two. Vicious two-handed strokes bunch Decesare up: she's disorganized, punched to ropes, covering up earmuff while edging elbows down against her ribs. Jenny snarling, jerking short left/right uppercuts through the middle after tapping that waist: Carmella getting picked up - eyebrows high, lips parted. Jenny's pressure increases: smiting, chopping blows to waist winning gurgles of pain from Decesare; ripping uppercuts brushing her back, loosening her guard. Half way in...MAC WANTS RACK! Jenny Mac suddenly all about Carmella's jugs - churning away all palm-down greediness, hustling leather in and across and down - romping on rack while pulling apart the defences. Poor Carmella's stricken! Carmy sagging in ropes, getting ransacked - JENNY'S TAKING WHAT SHE WANTS! Carm whining, trying to turn herself to the side, but Jenny keeps sorting her out, then staying on jug. It's all too much - ref can't allow one girl to harvest this much rack without receipt from the other: he steps in, hugging a sobbing Carmella as Jenny leaps away the TKO5 victrix.

After: Decesare distraught - angry at the early stoppage: Jenny makes a point of going to Carmella and commending her on a good, competitive effort. "She gave me problems," Jenny admits in postfight - unashamed to give Decesare props. "I thought I could just blow her out - went right at her...and she handled it. You know: I'm built sturdier, I'm stronger - but Carmella's much more difficult that I thought she'd be. Until I trapped her on the ropes, I really had no answers. I have no problem saying she's better than I thought she was, and that I'm the best playmate who ever fought. No problem at all."

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