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31 October 2009 Martha Kellar vs Marissa Miller

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Posted by simguy on 10/31/2009, 9:50 am

BEFORE: "It's natural for me to dominate other models," Miller says in prefight, twirling a curl as she speaks. "Tiegs did it; Brinkley did it; Crawford did it...I'm next in line in that legacy. Keller's beach - lacks class: I'll show her what real boxing's all about." Keller champing at the bit: knocking off Marissa means something in the company both girls keep. "Oh my God," Keller says, rolling eyes for emphasis, "tell me Marissa didn't compare herself to Cindy Crawford. That didn't just happen. Miller will NEVER impose her will the way Cindy did. In fact, if she tries? We're gonna pass her around like a hand-me-down sweater. I'll stop Miller early - just so she's not confused at all by the result. This girl SO needs a reality check!" Keller in green bikini top with diamond shaped print; pale blue bottoms; white gloves. Marissa in baby blue cashmere crochet bikini top; navy bottoms of regular swimsuit material; white gloves. Girls mean with each other during weigh-in: Miller demanding confirmation of Keller's weight while Melissa goes round the back in search of cellulite on Marissa's perfect backside.

R1,2,3: Tactical boxing rounds marked by Miller's loping, circular rotations; good stiff jab, and; opportunistic, rigid straight rights. Keller stalking flat footed, scowling and looking fierce...but she's facing into punches, allowing herself to be pre-empted, and she's not cutting off the ring. Miller very pretty about her business - legging the ring, extending on shots: she's basically keeping Keller out on the end of the jab, lining her up spiffy. All three rounds to Marissa: Keller unhurt, but scuffing up, taking more than is good for her.

R4: Keller on the board, punching hard right hands over Miller's jab, knocking Marissa's head aside as girls trade midring. Miller proving sturdy: she's punched off stance, but loping away to regroup...Melissa HAS taken the initiative however.

R5: Miller snatches initiative back - prodding Mel that stiff, rangy stick, keeping Keller outside. Circling clockwise, Marissa drops choosy right hands...even executing a lanky pull-counter right over a pawing, tentative Keller left jab. Good clout applied to Keller's face this round: Mel still unhurt, but Marissa's finding the range nicely.

R6: Keller aggressively forward - finally looking like a good beach prospect. Mel pounding robustly to Marissa's breasts, backing Miller up: Mel in charge as Marissa's slender back hits ropes. Keller workmanlike - punching her hands in palm-down against Marissa's world-class jugs, then pulling Miller's hands down on follow-through: makes for crowd-pleasing churning assault on Marissa's rack. Miller whiny, helpless off the ropes: she's better out in space, punching from set positions.

R7: Keller pawing the jab early...Marissa leans away, then drops a rangy pull-counter right hand over top, taking Melissa neatly to chin. Good stiff clout: Mel's right (back) foot skidding forward as she's clipped - she spends a moment stumbling awkwardly as Miller assumes forward aspect. Marissa in charge thereafter: right heel up off canvas; weight on left (front) leg; stiff jabs pounding at Keller's face, discouraging her as Miller dominates.

R8: Keller brawling...wading forward with swinging left/rights from her hips: Miller swept ropeside, momentarily panicked. Fresh assault on Miller's rack: Mel baring teeth, chugging away that palm-down, right/left delivery...greedy model-on-model hup-hup sees Mel punish opposing hooters. Miller unable to fight her way off ropes, but doing a better job of drawing Melissa into clinches: job of work for ref to push lanky blondes apart, resetting Mel a few feet away for each new attack. Bell: Melissa pushing up off Marissa very roughly: fight delayed as Miller barks about it; tempers fray.

R9: Keller coming forward, Miller loping back: Marissa plants, times Keller for a lanky right hand, greasing chin even as Mel's lifting her own right off her hip. Mel's back (right) knee gives way...she staggers out of it all perplexed: Miller over to offence with a plowing right thick against Keller's jostling jugs. Walking barrage, Marissa Miller: she wades in while plowing lefts and rights to Keller's offending rack - Maris with elbows up high as she chugs straight in, palms-down. Ropes: Keller staring, lips parted...Miller snarling, showing terrific determination and aggression. Keller wilting...crossing wrists in front of face, turning face to the side, closing her eyes: she's suddenly sleepy, taking a pasting. Miller's body tense in wide stance - back straight as she jacks away straight, palm-down left/right criss-cross punches against Melissa's sagging front. Mel slumping in ropes, not offering back: Marissa not scoring cleanly, but her punching's non-stop...ref has to step in. Mel bursting into exhausted tears as ref cradles her to safety: that's TKO9 Marissa Miller.

After: Once gloves are off, Miller wastes no time: she pulls Keller out of her corner by her wrist, then slips right arm around her waist to guide her on her Walk of Shame. Miller resplendent - waving regally with the left hand or primping her hair: Keller snivelling, blinking back tears as she's put on display. Good statement for Miller tonight - outclassing and outpunching fellow SI alumn to send a message to the rest of boxing's glamour-queens.

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