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4 28 2001 Michelle Williams Vs Virginie Ledoyen

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Mish Williams vs Virginie Ledoyen title bout


Posted by simguy on 4/28/2001, 8:58 am

Before: Savage brawl first time out left both women hospitalized, but neither women comes away from the experience with much fear of the other. "I was stupid in that first fight," explains Michelle, "I let Virginie hurt me, I let her get off, I made her look good. Tonight, I'm fighting my fight from the opening bell, and she can't last. You're getting knocked out Virginie." Ledoyen unimpressed with the idea of getting hit by Williams, "She does not hit as hard as she thinks she does," says Virginie in a rare soundbyte. "Tonight, I finish what I started." Ledoyen in black bra style leather bikini, Mish in red and white striped string bikini.

During R1: All action from the start - Ledoyen with her weight on her front foot, licking the hook up and across William's face in a frightening replay of the first fight - Mish taking the blows flush without flinching. Mish stalking, launching in off her back foot with right hands to the face, then cranking the hook as she comes up just short in the early melee. Williams keeps up the pressure, hunting Ledoyen down and at the midway mark - Mish's jolting right hand puts Ledoyen straight back on her heels, hands at her waist - Williams gets Frazieresque extension on a MONSTER left hook, clapping Virginie's pretty head hard to the side and LEDOYEN IS OUT! Virginie's face goes peaceful as she stiffens, then topples straight back onto the floor beneath the ropes. KO1 Mish Williams as her stablemates flood the ring for a party.

After: Williams delirious with her title winning effort, has no Cat Bell compunctions about taking her devastated French pastry for a walk of shame - Mish loving every step as Ledoyen's ashen face betrays her disbelief at the harsh dismissal. Williams with absolute confidence in her ruggedness, believing that Ledoyen couldn't stop her, charged in and forced the issue immediately - winning the title about as decisively as a girl can with one spectacular shot.


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