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4 April 2008 Yvonne Strahovski vs Mary Elizabeth Winstead

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Posted by Simguy on 4/4/2008, 4:55 pm


Before: Strahovski bulging with confidence after her Rawat-busting debut—Winnie assessed as a “no-threat” follow up. “Mary’s not on my radar,” Yvonne says of her more experienced, but still green foe. “She’s scrappy—but the FCBA is littered with the bodies of scrappy girls who’ve led with their faces once too often. You’ve got to be more: I’m here to show Mary what it takes.”


Winstead fuming in rebuttal: “Yvonne’s a one-fight wonder,” Mary proclaims at the podium. “Rawat’s a great fighter and she had a bad night: Yvonne’s just an opportunistic little garbage picker. If she’s counting on me to come in flat and give 50%--she’s got another thing coming.”


Yvonne in off-white sport bikini; white gloves; two short pigtails and feisty bangs; dark tan. Mary in bright yellow bikini; white gloves; dark tan, hair loose/bangs,


During R1:  Orderly first minute—dominated by Mary—she jabs Yvonne around the ring, walking her down, 60 seconds in, Yvonne stretches her torso into abrupt lefts and rights—shocking, powerful clouts, elbows in close to her body as she chops at Mary’s face. Winstead stunned, backing up: Yvonne stepping-with, PASTING! Winnie driven to ropes, head on a bobble—she tries to earmuff up and stoop forward but a vicious series of right uppercuts beats her breasts and face, punching her upright. Final minute—Mary loosening—eyes glazing over—arms gull-winged, hands out to either side as Yvonne BATTERS HER WITHOUT MERCY! Just one girl standing another up and clobbering her senseless. Terrible shellack applied to Mary’s jawlines, bouncing her head about. Winnie’s legs locked, tummy trembling as she slouches hurrrrrt against ropes. Yvonne puts crop to haunch, whips her mount to the finish line. She’s in slugger-frenzy—eyes wide, teeth bared: ref has to pull her away from behind after the bell. 10-8 round in welcome-to-Strahovski-boxing fashion, without the knockdown. Mary bursts into tears on her stool—necessitating immediate confidence boosting by panicked trainer.


R2: Mary’s face already tender and pink—soon to be swelling: she’s still rocked and shaky after the break. Yvonne pouncing in, chopping strong right hands upside Mary’s

Head: Winnie trying to block and ride, but leather’s getting through, hammering her to ropes. Winnie just sick about it—covering up face-in-gloves, rotating her torso to slip incoming: Strahovski switches back, batting away brawny rights and lefts against Mary’s shining flanks. Good, good, rib-busting softens Wi8nstead up: Yvonne able to employ dip-and-rip uppercuts to chest and face, pounding through weakened Winstead forward-defences. Mary lolling upright against ropes, lips parted sadly—sopping up punches like it’s her birthright. Final minute, Strahovski’s torrid pace FINALLY slackened: Mary actually able to slap left hooks and drill a short-chopping right to Yvonne’s face, backing her off late.


R3: Cue comeback? Mary’s flat footed, still woozy, but she’s stabilizing—getting back to business behind her jab. Yvonne gassed—blocking poke while retreating and circling: Winnie able to walk her blonde down and get strong. Winstead stepping into straight-jamming right hands—blocked up top, but occupying Yvonne’s guard, Winnie hooking torso low to Yvonne’s right side—good stiff punch, landing clean—Mary making some headway as Yvonne looks cranky through 3.


R4: Mary continues to outpunch Yvonne as pace slows, becoming mor3e methodical/determined. Strahovski not so willing to give ground—she’s laying in behind her mitts, bumping guards with Mary, bumping shoulders with her. Winnie churning in spots—left and rights chopping in side-to-side on Yvonne’s face and chest: blonde very brave as Mary’s scoring—just covering up, riding it out, then answering. Winnie busier—lathering blonde flanks and head, pushing consistently forward.


R5: Strahovski catches a second wind, starts to outwork Mary. Yvonne shows that good jab she had against Rawat—stabbing up the middle, stepping right off it—opening up punching angles over Mary’s left shoulder. Winstead turning, not getting off as she moves her feet—she’s starting to eat strong, short right hands to chin and bracing hooks up and down her torso. Strahovski still flat footed, but sliding to either side, putting her jab on Mary, controlling her and beating her thoroughly, Bell: blonde brightens, retaking initiative and deflating Mary in the fifth.


R6: Mary in full retreat—Yvonne’s got her groove back. Strahovski fighting with a bully’s grin—eyes bright as she steps in the stiff jab, hooks off it, drops the right hand in, mops up hooks in under Mary’s elbows. Winnie grimacing, backing away, flinching from tuff body shots: Yvonne really walking her girl down, beating Mary up. Strahovski actually takes a cellphone call! Trainer impatiently holding the phone to her ear as Yvonne speaks: “Hello? Oh, hi baby,,,no, I’m fighting…Yeah, I’m in a fight right now..Mary Winstar…MARY WINSTAR… I don’t know—some brunette…No, she is definitely NOT hotter than me (smiling)—she’s a pig…yeah, I’m cleaning up on her—I’ll get her out of here and I’ll see you soon, ok? Luv you too—gotta go!”


R7: Confident Strahovski leading right hands—splitting Mary’s guards, punching her head back. Winstead backpedals a few steps, firms, hooks Strahovski’s chin; Strahovski willing to take, chops that short, elbow-in right hand to Mary’s face and suddenly…HAMMER AND TONGS! Girls lathering  away same short, hacking delivery from the shoulders—elbows in and mitts chopping left/right at offending faces and breasts. Blistering toe-to-toe for a few sizzling moments: Strahovski buckles! Yvonne staggering to her left, eyes wide—she stakes all ion a crushing hook, turning her torso into the blast, tucking in behind that left shoulder, clouting Mary clean! Winstead rocked to her left—stumbling in fence postholes: SHE catches Yvonne charging in a rising left hook, pre-empting Strahovski’s jab, Mary steps in a hook—turning tight into the blast,  clouting chin—follows up a choppy right from the shoulder—steps in and chops the left from her right foot. Walking barrage of face-punches drives Yvonne to ropes: SHE RIPS MARY A DESPERATION HOOK TO CHOPS! Yvonne wobbly butt, saves herself from a jailbreak as Winstead is momentarily stunned—HAMMER AND TONGS AGAIN as wonky beauties stabilize and churn away. Lefts and rights—LEFTS AND RIGHTS! Groggy, mindless leather shoving back and forth, pounding each staring face raw and STRAHOVSKI GOES DOWN! Mary punching, punching, punching—just pure rock’em sock’em robots even as Yvonne’s wilting forward. Blonde on all fours, blinking, sobbing as Mary stumbles away to the wrong corner at the bell.


R8: Mary over to offence, looking to press; Yvonne backing away, catches the brunette a lovely check-hook counter to chin, stunning Winstead at the open, Yvonne over to offence: right to Mary’s breasts; hook to Mary’s mouth; follow up hook misses as Mary leans out. Winstead back in with a right to Yvonne’s mouth: girls trade hooks and STRAHOVSKI’S ROCKED! Yvonne swaying on the spot, hands at her waist: Mary slaps her a hook, then drifts her a right—Winnie’s right foot skidding up off the canvas as she leans into the blast. Yvonne listing badly to starboard, staggering off to her right—Mary hopping after her, clubbing right hands upside the head and YVONNE GOES DOWN! Strahovski laid out on her side—head near the ropes—she rolls to her back weeping, hands up above her head, left knee up, right leg out straight. STRAHOVSKI CAN’T BEAT THE COUNT! Yvonne shuddering with “I’m hurt” tears, can’t get off her back—stunning KO8 Mary Winstead.


After: Strahovski shocked and battered on her stool—and MARY WANTS MORE! Foxfire cutie pushing her way in, pulling YVONNE UP BY HER ARMS—BRUNETTE RIGHT ARM SLITHERS IN BEHIND AND AROUND BLONDE WAIST, TUGGING HER OUT FOR A walk of shame! Yvonne blinking back tears of bewilderment—“wha,,.what are you…Mary…” Winnie very rough, pulling at her girl, eyes gleaming fierce. “Better call your boyfriend back,” Mary says at one point, “tell him you’re gonna be late. Oh yah—and skip the entrée; stick with SOUP!” Mary getting a knuckle-bump and a congratulatory slap on the ass from a beaming Sarah Carter: SC loving the Welcome-to-the-FCBA aggression being shown by fired-up MEW. In days to follow—Yvonne is challenged by AMANDA RIGHETTI in the pages of BLONDE! magazine as one opportunistic ingénue looks to kick another while she’s down.


Reposted by Archer 8/10/09


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