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4 August 2006 Neve Campbell vs Rachel McAdams

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Part 1:


Posted by Simguy on 8/4/2006, 6:52 am.


Before: highly charged rubber match—emotions running high—Neve having to be forcibly separated from Courtney Thorne-Smith and Rachel in several public venues in weeks leading up. “She’s feeling threatened and she’s lashing out,” McAdams shrugs in prefight, putting it all on Neve. “The sun is sort of setting on her career and she thinks by beating me, she can forestall the inevitable—but she doesn’t realize it’s too late for all that. I’m too much for Neve—physically, but more importantly EMOTIONALLY: when the chips are down, Campbell can’t handle the pressure. I’m going to wear this woman down, I’m going to back her up, beat her to the body, take away her legs and make her helpless in that ring. I’ve seen Neve quit before and that’s what I’m aiming at. Don’t be surprised if you see Campbell give it up to me on her stool!”


Campbell stone-faced throughout Rachel’s speech—she takes the dais rigidly, as though holding herself back from flinging herself at McAdams right here and now. “Sounds like Rachel and I have exactly the same gameplan,” Neve says, smoothly her hair behind one ear. “I think she’s secretly praying that I quit so she doesn’t have to fight, and that’s the big difference between us. I’M praying that she keeps coming, that she throws every last scrap of herself into this fight so I can chew it all up. I want Rachel used up and annihilated in this fight: if she holds back, I can’t have that. When I’m done. Rachel McAdams will no longer be a force in the bantamweight division. She’ll no longer be a force in boxing. Take a good look at her now—I don’t think you’ll be seeing much more of Rachel after this fight.”


Rachel in tight cropped cami-top (maple leaf configuration), solid red trunks, red/white gloves, red/white boxing shoes (midcalf) with tassels, Neve in cerulean blue bikini, French braid hair, white gloves, white aerobics socks/shoes. Ring instructions: Rachel extends mitts to touch’em up—Neve turns away in a frigid snub, refusing to offer courtesy.


During R1: Intense midring fencing—both girls jockeying for position via a rigid jab, sharp pivots in either direction. Both doubling up stick to chest and mouth, temporarily driving the other back: both scooting to the side to avoid being ropebound. Both blocking the opposition’s right hand with a high front-guard, but giving up stroking mop-up hooks in sturdy ribs. Clean, brisk punching, tassels tossing as frisky lasses attack and repulse each other all around the ring. Down the stretch, Rachel right hand high (palm out), left at her waist—she fades back as Neve jabs, neatly cuffing Campbell a cheek-hook counter on the chin. Campbell startled, doesn’t see the chopping right cross on her cheek, nor the follow up clout-clout of Rachel’s ringing double-hook upside the head—NEVE’S HURT! Campbell stamping away wobbly butt, grimly covering up at her temples. Rachel’s got just enough time to step in and slam a thick right/left against Neve’s waist, buckling Campbell’s knees at the bell. Dimply smile of satisfaction, Rachel: she finds an opening, rocks Neve to make a statement in the first.


R2: Systematic, through pressure applied, Rachel to Neve: McAdams jabbing Campbell to apron, keeping her pinned down with clubbing, bumping, jostling, non-stop attack. Campbell grimacing behind her guard, keeping dukes up: Rachel encroaching, right hand up. left at her waist, edging that chickenwing extended left elbow into Neve to prop an d nudge. Rachel snapping combos off the bump, pelting Neve about her ears, shoulders, chest—Campbell just sliding sullen to her right, Rache stepping-with, Neve not shutout, punching back in spots—but Rachel FURIOUS in response—dousing Campbell with bashing combinations. Bell: Rachel turning, hopping away in high spirits—more good work done on the body of her foe—CTS clapping enthusiastically as McAdams strides purposefully to corner.


R3: Neve dukes up, stooping forward, deeply discouraged as Rachel punches her jab through Campbell’s guard, scuffing up the face, Hooks downstairs freeze Neve--vicious, licking strokes belting off the meat, cramping up Campbell’s world-class gams. Neve biting back groans of pain as Rachel’s muscular body work drives brunette to the ropes: Campbell stooping forward, not punching as McAdams squares away. Rache employing a hacking right hand to Neve’s ear—bending left to chop- the shot short, then snap-hooking Campbell behind her elbow, or up underneath to sternum, It’s all too much—rigid punching paralyzing Neve—Campbell woozily wilts to one knee, ashen-faced, tremble-bodied as Rachel looms above, glaring down until ref coaxes her back. Veteran 8 Neve—just getting her wits together—McAdams right back on, stroking right/left to the waist line, doubling up hooks to the right ear, chopping short rights to the left ear Rest of the way just Rachel going at Neve with heartless intensity—all squared away, shoulder-bumping, chickenwing-nudging with the left elbow, pulling down on Neve’s guard to clout her face. Bell to bell Rachel leaves Neve in stupor: McAdams turning away with dimpled grin, piling up the points on Campbell through 3.


R4: Neve wakes up, surprises Rachel with vigorous resistance midring. Campbell scowling, hard-eyed as she pumps her jab to Rachel’s face and upperchest, stopping auburn-haired girl’s advance. Campbell coming forward with sidearm rights and lefts to the ribs, walking barrage puts McAdams’ back to the ropes for the first time. Then it’s Neve edging her left shoulder in to bump, Neve using her chickenwing extended left extended left elbow to prop, Neve hacking away short overhand rights and doubling up hooks. McAdams frowning—showing crossed arm, showing earmuff as she rolls punches at the ropes, bell to bell Campbell—and Neve doesn’t stop there: clouting right/left on the ears as Rachel’s stooping forward lands late—ref rushing in to keep beauties separated as tempers flare.


R5: hardhearted boxing midring—girls ramming out jabs to knock back faces or thump chests, then committing to hard body blows, intent on backing the opponent up. Hammer and tongs—but classy—both girls blocking well, staying disciplined with their feet—nobody’s overswinging or sloppy with her punches. Difference is Rachel’s ability  to fight moving backward and her head movement—she’s slowly getting the better of exchanges by making Neve miss just a touch more. Rache slide-stepping back is getting that cuffing check-hook counter on Neve’s cheek—startling the brunette when she comes forward, often disrupting her and setting up McAdams counter attacks. Waistlines and ribs pink and humming through 5: both girls delivering on respective promises to bring it to the body.


McAdams/Campbell conc.


Posted by Simguy on 8/4/2006, 6:53 am.


R6: Neve game, but giving ground, spending more time gritting her teeth, covering up and riding out Rachel’s intense, relentless bombardments. Campbell pressed to the apron if not always the ropes, moping to her right, stalked and hounded as Rachel steps-with. McAdams keeping a stiff jab in Neve’s chest to stabilize, then ringing brunette up hacking overhand rights, constant lick-snatch hooks—subjugating every inch of the Campbell torso with a thorough workmanlike drubbing. Neve really being bumped and jostled—Rache getting her left shoulder/elbow in there, constantly nudging up before bashing away—beating giving Campbell the sensation of being tumbled downhill. Something peculiarly intimate about the constant touching—even when Rachel’s not ripping Neve, she’s pawing at her guard, shouldering into her, making her take weight: McAdams imposing her will, breaking her girl down in comprehensive fashion through 6.


R7: Neve bleak, lumping up, but still punching hard: early exchanges in hooks goes Campbell’s way as Rachel’s knees give a shimmy. Campbell over to offence—Rache with her bell rung shies to the apron, covering up earmuff and giving away ribcage to Neve’s ripping fury. Campbell braking out the baseball bat, stroking loud, spanking shots across the ribs and waist of her foe: McAdams biting down on screams behind her guard, then issuing fight’s first clinches to avoid going down. Hardhearted, vindictive stuff—Neve sensing weakness pressing right back in after ref’s breaks and clobbering away: Rachel gritting her teeth, covering up, rotating her torso and offering back just enough body work to satisfy the vigilant ref. Crowd-pleasing trade to the bell—punches smashing and rebounding off shoulders and skulls with wince-making intensity: Campbell hammers out the points, makes seething eye contact as ref edges in to separate girls for the break.


R8: Neve has her best round, jabbing Rache to ropes and really working her over. McAdams upright, dukes t temples, bending at the waist, or leaning back into ropes to help distribute the punishment. Neve showing great conditioning—rhythmically blanketing Rachel in punches, stroking away lefts and rights, head and body in a methodical lather, Midway through, Campbell unveils the right uppercut—clippin’ it tidy to Rachel’s chin: perfect punch for loosening McAdams; guard up, rendering her vulnerable to follow-on hooks upstairs. Bell to bell Campbell—she forces heartless eye-contact, stepping to block Rachel’s way when McAdams tries to get ‘round: referee intervention as girls threaten overtime once again.


R9: Campbell on the hunt, walking Rachel down and NEVE GETS HURT! Rache sliding back, gets that cuffing counter-hook off, doubling it up HARD to temple to send Campbell blundering sideways to ropes. ON COMES MCADAMS! Rachel stepping to a distraught Neve, squaring away and POURING home the punishment. OH, those bodyshots! Great ripping hoists up into the lungs, taking Neve beneath the breastline, lifting her butt up into the ropes. Savage hooks clawed across waistline or bitten deep behind the elbow, crumpling Neve’s proud chassis forward. Rachel goes to the left uppercut—jerking it up to brush Neve back, then clouting Campbell brisk left/rights on the chops. Campbell windblown, eyelashes fluttering, lips parted I woozy stupor—she’s moving her hands from crossed arm to earmuff and back, but it’s all too limp and disorganized to offer much protection. Brutal beating the worst it’s ever been between these two—Rachel just beating Neve senseless—but Campbell’s curvy legs too proud to give way! The piece de resistance? JUGG! Rachel not known for it, but down the stretch, it’s there for the taking and McAdams helps herself EAGER. Dip n’chug left  and rights lifted in there thick—sumptuous pulverizing of Neve’s underrated breasts   has Campbell blubbering how-could-you tears at the bell. RACHEL forces hot eye contact—deliberately, vindictively looking to punk her nemesis—outraged Neve wearily pushes Rache and once again, ref has to separate combatants. Goes 10-8 Rachel—she’s SO excited strutting back to her corner, right arm cheerleader-rigid in the air as she exhorts the crowd.


R10: NEVE BATTLES BACK! Campbell battered to the brink of submission last round, but Rachel’s out of gas and Neve steps-to her. Ropes; McAdams hunkered down—right hand at her left cheek, left across her waist, leaning in on Neve’s right shoulder. Neve stacking and bumping, keeping Rachel cooped up: systematic swiping licks administered to ribs, shoulder, waist as Campbell puts workmanlike punches together, Rache doing a nice job moving her head, leaning in on either Neve shoulder, rolling shots, but withering body work IS getting done. At the bell, both beauties are limp and rained—clearly frazzled by the long hard duke. Comes back UD10…RACHEL MCADAMS!


After: Neve ashen face, staring into the middle distance: beaten—and badly—tonight by the one girl from whom she simply can’t accept such a verdict. McAdams accepting hugs and kisses from cornermen and stablemates, but she’s very gracious in victory—eventually extending the olive branch by way of an offered handshake to her rival. Campbell accepts, pulls Rachel in and LABELS HER AS CHEAP TAPE-KUCKLE LEFT ON THE MOUTH! McAdams sprawled IMEEDDIATELY and SICJKENGLY to her back, cold-cocked out as ringsiders start screaming in shock. Courtney Thorne-Smith rushes in to tackle Neve about the waist—Campbell punching the blonde in the body and back at the girls hurtle into the Campbell corner. Outraged Cobie Smulders tries to leap in—held back by officials—TOTAL pandemonium as order is slowly restored and seething Neve is lead away by a phalanx of security. OH THE HUMANITY!


Reposted by Archer on 11/12/09

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