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4 July 1999 Jewel Kilcher vs Sarah McLachlan

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Originally posted by Simguy on Sunday, 04-Jul-1999 10:20:30


Before: Even match up between two nicely rounded physiques. Sarah really the brunette version of Jewel in a lot of respects. Neither known for real aggression in the ring— it’ll come down to whoever steps up and takes the initiative. Sarah in red adidas terrycloth trunks, black jogbra, red gloves. Jewel in teal adidad trunks, white jogbra, white gloves.


DURING R1: OH CANADA! Sarah opens up with a 3 punch salvo south of the border to put Jewel on her toes, clutching at herself in agony. McLaughlin on a rampage, hugs Jewel up under the arms and stuffs her into a corner, then, holding the blonde in place with the left, throws several right hands to Jewel’s face, turning this boxing match into a hockey game. Jewel shellshocked, look of stunned pain each time, Finally, Jewel pushes Sarah exhaustedly back, but stays in the corner, Sarah wades in , digging to the soft git of Jewel, uppercutting with the right hand. Jewel pushes Sarah back again, lips trembling: Sarah wades in again, working the body and head. A vicious uppercut seals Jewel’s fate as her body goes limp. Sarah pounds away as Jewel slides past her to the floor, Stunning KO1 for Sarah McLaughlin.


After: Lilith not so fair after all as a brutal McLaughlin batters hapless Jewel in what many had thought would be a slow tactical match to a decision. The Commonwealth squad really fired up now, moves to 4 and 2, with the U.S. needing to win both remaining matches to salvage the tournament.


Reposted by Archer 7/14/99.


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