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4 July 1999 Tournament Awards Ceremony

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Originally posted by Simguy on Sunday, 04-Jul-1999 12:24: 40


Gala evening brings out the stars as the USA vs The Commonwealth tournament comes to a close. All the combatants sit at tables with their families and close associates—everyone dressed up as for the Oscars.


FIGHTER OF THE TOURNAMENT: Catherine Zeta Jones. Her heartless beating and knockout of Heather Graham is the epitome of what has come to be expected of female celebrity fighters. A big screen shows highlights in slo-mo of the fight—Catherine digging at Heather’s stomach, uppercutting Heather’s face, Graham’s eyes blinking slowly, lips and cheeks blubbering as she eats the punch. Camera closes up on Heather in the audience to catch her reaction: wan smile, distant haunted look in her eyes as she watches the beating for the first time. Shot goes to split screen, Heather on the left trying to stay composed, Catherine on the right, staring intently, fingertips on her lips, then leaning back with a cold gleam in her eye and a satisfied look on her face.


OVERACHIEVER AWARD: Geri Halliwell. Hanging tough with Madonna for 9 grueling rounds. Gerri gave the Material Girl all she could seemingly handle, and had moved ahead on the cards after 7. Big screen shows some of her work in close with Madonna seated on the ropes.


PUNCH OF THE TOURNAMENT: Tyra Banks on Charlize Theron, 1st round—easily the hardest punch of the tournament. Big screen shows the right hand scorching down in slo-mo, catching Theron in the left eye, scraping along the nose and mouth, Theron’s head jerking back, eyes glassy, mouth open, Charlize in audience applauds with an embarrassed grin, still wearing sunglasses. Tyra sits with her arms crossed, still bitter about the decision.


WORST FIGHTER OF THE TOURNAMENT: It says something about celebrity boxing that this category even exists. Jewel heads for the exits before her name is even announced, and presenter David Letterman has a field day doing Jewel Kilcher imitations.


MOST BEAUTIFUL BEFORE AND AFTER: Liz Hurley. Barely touched in her fight, Liz is radiant as she stands and waves good naturedly to the crowd upon announcement. Vanessa Williams applauds, completely expressionless.

GUTS AWARD: Hands down Charlize Theron, for gobbling up repeated bombs from arguably the hardest hotter in the tournament. Big screen shows Theron immediately after the decision is announced, battered unrecognizable and exhausted. Charlize applauds, and receives warm applause from the audience for her efforts.


FIGHT OF THE TOURNAMENT: Tyra Banks vs Charlize Theron. The only fight to go the distance had it all, drama, power punching, desperate boxing, heart and momentum swings. Highlights of the fight are replayed via the big screen—a montage of Banks landing huge right hands, followed by Theron’s withering hooks to the body.


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