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4 June 2005 (Title) Ch Carmen Electra vs Jennifer Connelly

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Posted by simguy on 6/4/2005, 9:38 am.



Before: Carmen rediscovering her swagger in the wake of a stirring KO1 victory over fearsome Jen Connelly - Electra brazenly giving the deposed monarch a chance at redemption.


"Jennifer's tailor made for me," boasts the new queen, still basking in the glow of her triumph. "I bytch-slapped her senseless the first time and I'll do it again just to prove it was no fluke. Mark my words: Jennifer Connelly will not get out of the third round against me!"


Connelly stone-cold serious about this rematch - battered and stopped by Electra - perhaps the most humiliating moment in Jennifer's storied career. "I won't let that result stand," Jennifer says in arctic tones. "Carmen Pearl Harboured me and had her fun while I was indisposed, but that's all coming back at her 10 fold in this fight. Electra put me out: I have to have the satisfaction of seeing her flat on her back, out cold. And I generally get what I want."


Rousing stare down - Electra bouncing, smirking, taunting with her eyes: Jennifer coiled, vibrating, but in control, just tracking Electra with a glacial glare.


Jen in Racquel's hot pink push up and panties from 1967's Bedazzled (procured at auction by TU for an undisclosed, but reportedly monstrous sum); Carmen in neon green lace push up, yellow bikini bottoms.


During R1: Carmen storming forward, then dancing away, feinting Jen, worrying her. Connelly calm, dukes up, stepping to either side, pumping the jab early to disrupt the Electra rushes. Carm cagey, showing either shoulder as she steps, closing up her stance, dropping her mitts - it's classic club-scene flash. Late the round - Carmen with a sudden lead right to the tits scores, bounces away to her right: Jen thinks it's over, but Electra unfurls a swinging come-along hook to the mouth, swivelling Jen's head and DROPPING HER TO HER BACK! Carmen HOOTING in derision - pointing and screaming as it's deja vue all over again! Connelly twitchy, stiff n' rickety off the mat - she's all buzzed and staring as ref issues 8 at the bell.


R2: ON COMES CARMEN! Electra tackling Jen into her turnbuckles, squirming for position then CARMEN DIGS DEEP TO TRUNKS! Connelly's hips shunting up and back from thump, head whiplashing, face stunned with pain - she's reaching numbly about Carmen's back, but Electra's just thrusting up in there right hands! Ref finally pulls Electra off, giving her the finger-waggling of a lifetime - Jen given a moment to catch her breath: she's doubled over, sobbing, gasping, hands on knees. Resume - Electra attacking at the ropes, lifting a jab off her hip and bending into go-home right hand loopers at the skull. Jen getting shelled, skidding to her right along the apron - Carmen stepping-with, keeping the left light at Jen's chest to stabilize for creaming rights. Jen belted to the neutral corner where she leans in, clinching dreamily about Carm's hips: champ swinging away at the helpless flanks, quivering kidney as she stands up tall in the grasp. More ref's breaks - Jen savaged, but pulling herself together - as round goes on, she's walking Electra into clinches more efficiently, tying up tight to corral Carmen's bubbling enthusiasm. Shutout Electra - she jogs back to her corner all sunshine and puppies: Jennifer cringing to her stool, getting work.


R3: Connelly buying time - skirting the perimeter, pinging out the jab, running. Electra nimble as they come, but gaps in technique show up as she fails to cut off the ring - Connelly able to feint, change directions to outmaneuver her agile foe. Electra takes points by default, but Connelly catching her breath, regrouping in the third.


R4: Jennifer putting some mustard on that jab, stinging Carmen with it, scolding her, rejecting her. Electra circling warily, wiping at her lip - Connelly's banging poke has bought a little distance. Tactical round - Carmen trying to stay low, penetrate Jen's reach: Connelly fading any pressure, picking Carmen up the stick and looking to counter. Jennifer's first points - she's weathered the early blitz, started to impose a more regular rhythm on proceedings.


R5: Jennifer's jab a thing of cruel beauty - time and again Carmen caught trying to slip past it, forced back outside snarling and frustrated as a bullwhipped leopard. Connelly coming forward smart - not walking in - she's wary of Electra's potshotting reflexes, giving her angles and stepping out on occasion to mix things up. Blistering exchange midway through ends with Connelly's hook clouting Electra's chin and sending her staggering to her right: Carmen's eyes watery, anxious as she goes wobbly butt for the first time in two fights with Jen. Connelly jabbing to chest, forcing Electra to ropes, then squaring away: Jen putting her punches together treats Carmen to a beat down. Electra bending, weaving, rolling, but not clinching: it's a mistake as Jennifer bats away for points in a shutout fifth.


R6: More Jennifer. Connelly busting Carmen in the chops jabs, stunning the champ - Connelly able to set on her front foot and double up the hook on Carm's mouth, putting a hurtin' jiggle on that world class backside. Electra's legs gone - she's stampin', stumblin' - Jen pivoting, touching Carm the jab to reset, then hooking her hard, dropping short, straight right hands. Brilliant stuff - Connelly rotating clockwise, banging away on Carmen's face, then sending a statement late with double-pumping straight right hands to the breasts, buffetting Electra woozy into the ropes.


R7: More Jen Connelly and HOW! Electra run ragged on the jab, then rung up the hook - while she's staggering backward, Jennifer steps-and-get a long right hand on the temple to send Carmen reeling to ropes. Bruising beatdown follows as Jen pounces, palms Carmen's shoulders back and beats the champion's body - muscular lefts and rights strap away to trembling Electra breadbasket. Carmen coming undone, blubbering, trying to clinch - Jennifer just muscling her into the ropes and continuing the steady stroking. Final minute a robust, meanspirited shellacking of Carmen's mouthwatering melons: Jennifer just busting away, punches short, shoulders turning into wallop - she's got Carmen sobbing in pain at the bell. Jen awarded 10-8 without the knockdown - she's battering the champ through 7.


R8: Electra digs down, proves worthy of the crown this round. She changes her look - using the ring, circling and feinting her quarry - Jennifer tentative, taking a look-see behind her jab and sizing Carmen up for right crosses. Electra refusing to stand still - luring Jen to ropes, then spinning 'round her - feinting then coming in with the hesitation overhand right or rising hook off the thigh. Connelly blocking most of this stuff, but she's off balance - unorthodox Electra buying some time of her own to recuperate.


R9: Spirited stuff, both women know it's close and fighting like it. Carmen unafraid to fight off Jennifer's chest, engaging Connelly mouth on shoulder for long stretches, swapping swat to the midsection and ribs. Jennifer leaning in with dukes at temples, then trying to catch Carmen hooks - if that doesn't work, Connelly usually trying to step out, walk Carmen into something. Tough to score round, but Jen's work is subtle, hard to appreciate: Electra more dynamic, flashy, obvious as she slowly gets her fight in the ninth.


R10: Similar cat and mouse - Jen trying to find Carmen with the jab and nail her the right hand - Electra slipping low, countering with hoisting rights or lefts to Connelly's pale ribcage, then scampering to the side. Jen taking some thumping good leather to her torso, but she's trudging through it, grimly walking Electra down, putting mitts on meat. Down the stretch, Jen stalking - Carmen retreats to a corner, bouncing off the adjacent ropes, trying to be cute. Jen paws the jab, shoots a vicious right hand: Carmen dips to her left to slip it, shifts her feet, swipes the hook, drills the right hand flat between Jen's eyes and CONNELLY GOES DOWN! Jennifer stumbling backward, then rolling onto her back - she's tragically hurt as Carmen stomps around bellowing in triumph. Jen up off the mat, swaying in the wind - under a minute left as CARMEN STORMS IN AND CARMEN WANTS JUG! Vintage pushup has withstood some of history's most determined sieges: Ann Margaret's savage torso attack in '69, the crazed plugging right hand of Jeanne Moreau in '70, the brilliant walking barrage of Claudia Cardinale later that same year - but none worse than Carmen's chugging assault on Jennifer's heaving bosom now. Connelly slumping into the ropes, head lolling sleepily, hands drooping to her sides - she's just oscar-winning deadweight as Electra romps to rack, thrusting and scrubbing away to the bell with the ref keeping a close watch. Comes back UD10 for the winner and STILL bantamweight champ - Harmin' Carmen Electra.


After: Jennifer moist-eyed, all used up - thrilling back and forth contest a dramatic improvement over her last outing, but Carmen's still wearing belts at the end of it. All even after 8 heartpounding stanzas - Electra salts away the final two in handing Jennifer a heartbreaking verdict. "I'm the best, bar none!" Shrieks a jubilant Carmen in post fight. "I'm top of the foodchain baby - number one pound for pound! Name me one other girl to batter Jennifer Connelly back to back? Name me one!"


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