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4 June 2006 Jennifer Garner vs Jenny McCarthy

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Jennifer Garner 12.jpg

Jenny McCarthy 06.jpg


Paramount :Lightweight Championship:

Rd. 2


Originally posted by Simguy on 6/4/2006, 2:44 pm


Garner in teal surfer bikini, bra strap top

McCarthy in tawdry lavender cashmere crochet bikini




QUOTE: “Ask Cameron Diaz if I can still compete—“ Jenny McCarthy, snapping at impertinent Tractorpull question, suggestion JMac was in over her head against ms. Garner.


SYNOPSIS: There was little doubt that Cam Diaz could have offered more in the way of tactical problems for Jennifer Garner than Jenny Mac—but Mac’s ability to make the most of chaotic situations, and her relatively heavy hands led many pundits to give her a brawler’s chance against the rejuvenated Jennifer G. For her part, Garner seemed fit and poised, having put Helfer far behind her, and focusing 100% on Jenny.


By the second round it became clear that the roughhouse tactics that had proven so destabilizing to Cam Diaz would be completely ineffective against the more robust, burly Garner, Time and again, JG would engage McCarthy chest to chest—meeting Jenny head on—and repulsing the blonde’s tackle-attempts with muscular walks to the ropes for ref’s breaks. Stronger than Kenny, Garner was also sharper, punishing Mac with that howitzer jab and going to the body with ripping rights/lefts. By the fourth and fifth stanzas—poor Jenny Mac was ropebound almost the entire time, allowing herself to be worked over hip to head by Jennifer Garner’s rip-snatch combinations out of the crouch.


In the sixth, McCarthy repulsed another Garner pummeling session with a brutal hook in the trunks, but the respite would be all too brief for the beleaguered blonde. On the defensive yet again by the end of the round, Jenny could only cover up and shudder underneath the ringing blows of her brawny opponent. Badly battered, Jenny Mac struggled off her stool for the seventh, but there was now no longer any chance to hold Garner off. A withering bombardment against the ropes saw Garner break out the baseball bat on her blonde, beating Mac into stupor and finally forcing the ref to intercede on Jenny’s behalf. TKO7 Jen Garner: Jennifer advances to the Paramount finals.


BEST MOMENT, JENNY MAC: In the second round, Jenny jabbed-with and showed some versatility, momentarily halting Garner’s go-forward momentum. Mac Beat Garner to a tidy right hand, shifted weight to the back (right) foot and picked up a tight-clipping hook, neatly spanking Garner’s face tic-toc.


BEST MOMENT, JENNIFER GARNER: During the seventh round finishing run, Garner clipped Mac the juiciest uppercut off the tournament so far. With Mac drooping forward, groping to clinch—Garner swept her left brisk across her foe’s waist; dipped to her left and clipped a tight left uppercut to clap McCarthy’s startled face up and back. The sick lolling action of Jenny’s head on a limp neck helped convince the ref that she had taken enough punishment for the night.


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