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4 June 2006 Milla Jovovich vs Charlize Theron

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Milla Jovovich 02.jpgCharlize Theron 14.jpg





Paramount Lightweight Championship Tournament:

Rd. 1


Originally posted by Simguy on 6/4/2006, 2:40 pm


Charlize in green bikini

Milla in peach bikini


WHERE FOUGHT: San Francisco


QUOTE: “Charlize is Katherine Heigl without a punch”—Milla Jovovich, throwing down the gauntlet in prefight to her stablemate and competitor for this fight.


SYNOPSIS: Could Milla do it again? Could a blown up bantam with coiled-spring legs and a backside one could rest a martini glass upon POSSIBLY box another Krusher big woman into confused defeat? Following Heigl’s dismissal at the classy fists of European stylist Famke Janssen, this fight began to take on the feel of a referendum on the usefulness of the American pro style, with Charlize as one its foremost practitioners.


All the votes were cast, counted and recorded in the first round as Charlize’ long legs quickly whittled down the ring on her nimble foe (in a way Heigl’s powerful stems seemed ill-equipped to do); Charlize’ jab fixed Milla’s position in space, and; Charlize’ right hand delivered stunning verdicts to Milla’s available chin. Jovovich would be scattered to the deck three times en route to a brutal one-punch KO in the final moments of the fight.


BEST MOMENT, MILLA: standing, taunting Charlize at the dais in prefight—Jovo exuding confidence and defiance as Theron sat and fumed.


BEST MOMENT, CHARLIZE THERON: With Jovovich already stunned, trying to move her torso and evade the slamming force of  Charlize’ fists—Theron closed the show with a smooth, Trinidad-esque sequence. A gliding right hand missed over the top as Jovovich ducked underneath. Pivoting left, Charlize put weight on he front foot and stroked a curling, rising hook—neatly catching Milla under the chin as Jovo was trying to straighten up to lean away from the shot. Splashdown, Milla—Ukrainian beauty stretched out on her back as Charlize beamed happily into her corner, strutting away from brunette rubble.


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