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4 June 2006 Shannon Elizabeth vs Ashley Scott

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Shannon Elizabeth 2.jpgAshley Scott 03.jpg



Paramount Lightweight Championship Tournament:



Originally posted by Simguy on 6/4/2006, 2:42 pm.


Ashley in white “Into The Blue” bikini, surfer bottoms, laced up top, blonde tousle

Elizabeth in baby blue bra and panties




Quote: “I’ll be eating Sushi off Shannon’s KO’d nude body for 15 minutes of slugging her,” a fun-loving, intoxicated Scott boasted in prefight.


SYNOPSIS: If there was one fight over which boxing insiders were licking their chops once the formal draws were announced—Scott/Fitzgerald was probably it. “It’s a great test for two wonderfully talented boxer/punchers,” noted one columnist for Celebrity Ring, “both a little underrated, and both just waiting for that break-out performance to distinguish themselves from the crowd.” Almost as if sensing that opportunity in this fight, these two lanky bodied beauties laid down a harrowing, take-no-prisoners, life-and-death brawl which was branded an instant Fight-of-the-Year classic upon its cataclysmic conclusion.


Scott set the tone early, sending Elizabeth to the canvas twice in the first round off exquisite counters while backpedalling—but Shannon would be anything but discouraged, Setting her feet and grimly seeking decisive battle with Scott all around the ring—Shan would win the next six rounds—some close, some hugely one-sided—and put Ashley writhing on her back in the third, fourth, and seventh. Just when it seemed Elizabeth would put the finishing touches on her gallant, but badly shaken foe—Ashley Scott dug down and refused to bow gracefully out of the tournament, dropping Elizabeth in helter-skelter slugging as the girls traded free-swinging clouts parallel to ropes, Scott shook Elizabeth in the 8th, raking her so badly with pulsing straight lefts and rights at the bell that Shannon swooned out on her feet for just a second as the ref pushed a puffy-faced Scott back.


Staggering open-mouthed, hood-eyed, ramshackle vixens slunk to midring with drooping hands and rubbery legs—but the vicious slugging continued unabated. Both lanky vixens tightened up stroke, leaning torsos into shellacking right hands, and battering one another across the ring at the stagger. By the bell, it was Scott taking punches in a mindless fog, slumped in the ropes and gibbering pathetically at the bell as Shannon lathered until referee intervention.


And I the tenth? The girls plodded out to hurt one another yet again. A brief pawing and pushing of hands evolved into Shannon slopping her right upside Scott’s head and drifting the blonde to her right in stupor. More sloshing rights followed, splattering moist against Scotty’s skull, plastering  dull, dazed expression on the blonde’s battered face, and finally, Ashley Scott catapulted to the canvas, rolling to her back, in absolute starfished devastation. KO10 Shannon Elizabeth: by far, the greatest, most gut-wrenching effort of her career.


Best moment for either woman: simply too numerous to mention—truly a glorious, knock-down, last-woman-standing affair the elevates both vixens I its aftermath.


Reposted by Archer 6/30/09.


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