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4 March 2005 Lucy Liu vs Kelly Packard

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by Simguy on 03/04/2005


Before: Packard in with Liu yet again - Kelly's one little blonde apparently unafraid of Lucy's vaunted rep. "I've studied Lucy head to toe, I know her moves, I know her timing - I have no problem whatsoever fighting her," shrugs Packard in prefight. "I'm confident in my skills: Lucy will be beaten, believe me."


Liu glaring flat-eyed her side the dais, still scaring reporters ringside if not her opponent - but memories of that vicious Pressly KO hard to quell. "I've been at this a long time," says Lucy, "and when you put in the rounds I do, somebody's bound to get lucky once in a while. I've been knocked out before and nobody panicked - I just don't see what was so special about Pressly's performance. Anyway - that's the last I'll speak on it. I'm knocking out Kelly next - anybody who wants to see a fading blonde get stretched, buy your ticket early!"


Liu in Pocahontas bikini - tan suede, western fringe, short soft-soled boxing moccassins, slick low ponytail - Kelly in black bikini, tan soft-soled UGG boxing boots, slick low ponytail. Small gloves, both vixens.


During R1: Tentative, darting, exploratory action - Liu hands down, jumping in and out, circling with a baleful stare, crouching so low when in close, her head's beneath Kelly's belly button level. Packard calmer, more economical, taking one step for 3 of of Liu's and accomplishing much the same thing. Kel dragging the front foot, sliding right or left, hands up, palms out - just tapping at Liu with either hand, keeping her honest. Lucy's best shot a jumped-in heavy jab to Kelly's belly, bunting the blonde back a step. Kelly's best shot a nice slide-step back counter-hook to cheek, neatly intercepting and foiling a Liu rush. Bell: hard eye contact, girls negotiating psychologically as much as physically in a taut first.


R2: Kelly more constructive with the jab, not just tapping it now, but stinging Liu with it, disrupting her. No change from Lucy: hands low, supple upperbody weaves as she stalks in flat footed, looks to lunge up from crouches into Kelly's ribs or chin. Fluid back and forth as Packard fades and counterattacks - girls taking turns advancing and retreating in classy action. Midway through, Liu loading up righty: Kelly leaning in on her front foot, lifting the hook wide, straight arm, batting delivery to cheek, then bending into a GORGEOUS hammering right cross. Liu's right sails and SHE PITCHES ONTO HER FACE! Lucy going out on her feet and simply following through in swoon - she rolls to her back, hands at her side, legs out straight, eyelashes fluttering: eerily reminiscent of the condition she was in after Jaime P whacked her out. Stunning KO2, Kelly Packard.


After: Kelly getting jostled and backslapped by men twice her size as gloves are removed - she leaves Liu in a steaming pile of defeat on her back. Prettiest one-two ever recorded - Kelly's delivery so lean, graceful. HBO showing replay after replay in high-def slow-mo: the long, batting hook - causing a moment's hesitation for Liu - Kelly's right hand driving onto Liu's jaw a heartbeat ahead of Lucy's own right hand and the sickening, limp follow-through as Liu sprawls out on her face.


"I've made a science of beating Lucy Liu," grins a happy Kelly Packard in post fight. "I've figured her out. I coaxed her forward, timed her and checked her chin EXACTLY as we worked it up in the gym. Believe me: we fight 10 more times and you're going to be picking her up with a spatula every damn time." What's next for blonde victrix? "You know, I think this fight makes me the number one contender again, but if I can't get a title shot, there's one fight that really interests me. I want Eliza Dushku. This is nothing to do with Claire either - I've always wanted to test my skills against Dushku at bantam and my body's finally carrying the extra weight I'll need to compete with her straight up. Management will have the final say, but if I can speak directly to Eliza for a moment: come on girl, let's do this!"


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