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4 March 2005 Penelope Cruz vs Paris Hilton

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Penelope Cruz 02.jpgParis Hilton.jpg






Cruz in sporty black bikini, tan UGG boxing boots

Paris in neon pink bikini, tan UGG boxing boots

Beverly Hills Hotel poolside ring

TKO6 Cruz


Paris bringing wiry fitness and a willingness to slug to the ring, but she still pushes and flails a lot of punches: the more disciplined, better schooled, straighter-punching beauty carried the day in an attractive blonde/brunette slender-limbed bout.

Round after round, the very orthodox Cruz operated behind a scolding jab and sharp right hands to Hilton's nose, tapping back blonde head and controlling most of the exchanges. Paris had her moments, catching and clouting Pene with the odd looping swing, but for the most part Cruz proved adept at managing the exchanges. Pene also showed a nice hook to Hilton's spoiled ribcage, digging it jagged whenever the heiress attempted to clinch up high on the spaniard. All in all a technically sound, picturesque performance for the under-used Cruz who's class and crisp execution could be a factor at 110.


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