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4 Nov 2006 Title Ch Rachel McAdams vs Eliza Dushku

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Originally posted by Simguy on 11/4/2006, 9:14 am,


Before: “It’s a thrill to be defending my belts against Eliza,” Rachel gushes in prefight. “She’s been so good for so long—anyone who really wants to rule at bantam needs to account for here. We’re very similar fighters in approach—very technical and precise in what we do. I do think I’m a little stronger and I’ll try to rough Eliza up when I can. That’s probably going to be the difference: I’ll box Dushku even up, but I’’ bang the points out of her when we trade,”


Dushku, chin in her hands, elbows on the tabletop as she listens. “I don’t know Rachel very well,” Eliza smirks when it’s her turn, “but I can already tell we’re not going to get along too well. First of all, stronger girls than she have tried to put their weight on me—that’s a great way for Rache to pick up an ‘L’ on her record, Secondly, nobody boxes me straight up: I’ll teach, Rachel will take notes—that’s how this works. She beat up Dani Fishel—good for her: good against Dani doesn’t mean squat in this fight.”


Eliza in red leather bikini, black ngloves. Rachel in Maple leaf sport-top, solid red boy cut stretch shorts, red gloves.


During R1: Technical boxing—girls very thoughtful before committing. Similar schemes—dukes up, elbows in, clockwise rotation—crisp jabs probing respective defences. Eliza stooping to jab at Rachel’s sturdy tummy, testing the quality of meat down there, then quick-looking Rache as she tries to answer. Dushku’s round close—not a lot of hard contact in a skirmishing first.


R2: Similar tactical stuff—both girls working behind stiff, educated jabs, midway through, Rachel hooks off her jab, startling Eliza long enough to drop in a firm right hand to chin: first shocking blast of the fight puts Dushku momentarily wobbly butt. Sheriff shaking her had, retreating to ropes for support: Rache hopping-with, going immediately, robustly to the waistline with thick batting punches. Dushku cramped up, dukes at her cheeks, brow furrowed in concern as she feels Rachel’s authority to the body—Sheriff circling repeatedly to get out of the round.


R3: Rachel attacking behind her jab, looking to back Dushku up and MCADAMS GETS TAGGED! Eliza fading, measuring Rachel for snappy check-hook off the right foot: McAdams stomping in fence post holes assumes a shaky earmuff as she shakes off the wallop, Dushku jabbing into Rachel’s guard to fix position, then straping right/left TART against the tummy: McAdams buckling forward groaning, hurt to her midsection. Eliza weight on left (front0 foot, slapping mitts at Rachel’s ears to shove her head to one side or the other, then digging at Rachel behind her elbows or dip-and-ripping uppercuts to the tummy and ‘plexus. McAdams beaten to the ropes—Eliza on her every step of the way, working both sides of the plate, at the ropes—McAdams suffering, biting down on screams as she learns all about the bodywork of Eliza D. Bell: Dushku pushing up off her foe and strutting back to her corner with a cool smile—judges give her 10-8 without a knockdown for that succulent, one-sided work.


R4: Rachel shiny-eyed, still shaky-legged—Eliza quickly scooting-to, getting on top with her jab and driving McAdams to ropes once again. Back to the salt-mines for Dushku—head on either Rachel shoulder, her hands very busy about Rachel’s ribs, tummy and jugs, Dushku very brisk—she’ll slap a quick left hand at Rachel’s right ear, then bury the hook firm behind the elbow—do the same thing on the right side: two-beat punching taking a terrible toll on Mac. Eliza working with tight, shrugging little uppercuts through the middle, picking Rachel’s chest or chin up with either hand, penetrating Mac’s tight earmuff. McAdams legs shaken repeatedly, but proving her worth—she slides to her right with Eliza stepping-with, maintaining the flow of punishment. Brutal HISC efficiency at its best—Eliza gnawing on Rachel, chopping, hacking and tucking in: McAdams drowsy, lips parted at the bell as once again, she’s beaten for a bruising 10-8.


R5: Rachel jabs like she’s never jabbed before, turning Dushku midring and keeping free of the ropes. Eliza catching stick on her forehead and mouth—she backs off with a frown, walking to her right as she looks Rachel over. Dushku jumping in from an angle but Mac times her: intercepting right hand kisses Eliza’s chin, buckles her knees as Dushku gets rocked—Mac mops up a pair of rising, cranking left hooks PIK! PAK! Against Eliza’s firm breadbasket. Rachel over to offense as Eliza covers up—McAdams shoving Eliza in her shoulders, dipping down as she steps forward, carrying the right hand thick into Eliza’s stomach. Dushku beaten to the ropes—stooped forward behind her mitts, trying to roll with the punches: Rachel punishes her girl’s flanks, scrapes her some choice uppercuts as McAdams rights the ship.


R6: Sharp boxing midring—both girls jabbing stiff to set up right hands—Minute mark sees Eliza trim Rachel’s chin a tidy cross to put McAdams wobbly butt. Rachel hurt yet again, covering up earmuff, knowing she’s giving away her tummy to Eliza’s hungry hooks. Dushku getting up and in down there, weight on her front foot as she lifts the hooks home—Rachel grunting behind her mitts once again proves sturdy, refusing to go down. Final minute spirited two-way slugging as McAdams firms at the apron, going tousle-to-tousle with Dushku inside.


R7: Rachel’s jab finally suppressing Eliza’s: Dushku having a tough time penetrating McAdams punishing shafts. McAdams going back to Boxing 101: keeping Eliza on the outside, midring; dropping straight right hands off the jab; sampling rib or jaw via the hook when it’s there. Eliza defensively sound, blocking shots, circling, moving her head—but offensive productivity collapses as classy champ posts a shutout.


R8: More frustration for Eliza as Rachel’s punishing jab dictates terms midring. Mac steppin’ left, spittin’ poke, dotting Eliza’s hairline and shoulder as Dushku bobs and weaves, dukes at her cheeks. Dushku trying to slip her way inside, but getting rejected: McAda,s masterful with counterhooks off the right hook to beat Eliza back. Rifling straight punches, lateral movement bangs out another Rachel Mac shutout in the 8th.


R9: Eliza gambling a bit more—Sheriff a little frazzled here, frustrated, not jabbing her way in and Rachel makes her pay. Rache able to run Dushku into a phalanx of jabs, breaking up the rush, disrupting Dushku’s form. Midway through, Eliza leaning forward as jabs skid off her scalp and slam into her shoulders: Rache steps in a succulent, low-slung right hand to the midsection, winning a breathy shout of pain from Dushku. Eliza backs off, face stricken, left arm cradling her gutshot abs as Rachel hounds the brunette to ropes. Beatdown, Rachel to Eliza: Dushku sullenly covering up, rotating her torso, turning her shoulders side to side as McAdams puts thudding thudding lefts and rights together in comprehensive fashion. Bell: Rachel’s face lights up—big beaming smile en route to her corner as she posts her THIRD straight shutout of Eliza Dushku.


R10: Dushku FINALLY jabs her way in, penetrating Rachel’s jabs and landing firm right/lefts to the ribcage. McAdams firming after early backward steps—she hunkers down, gets mouth-on-shoulder and swaps leather amidships. Terrific, hard-working stuff for the tenth round—girls just leaning in on each other, taking lapping underneath—hup-hup bursts shaking both torsos in turn as sturdy legs stamp for purchase, stubborn backsides jiggle with the effort of holding ground, Late the round, Rachel goes to her increasingly reliable rack-attack, curling lefts and rights up into Eliza’s breasts to back the Sheriff up with a scowl. Dushku’s back touches ropes—she immediately clinches, mouth open on Rachel’s shoulder as McAdams pushes in strong for the judges, Rache takes the 10th, earns the draw and retains her title via Tractorpull Special.


After: Eliza hands on hips, shaking her head nonplussed—Dushku does shake Rachel’s hand afterward, but Sheriff clearly not convinced, “I battered Rachel McAdams tonight,” Dushku maintains. “Check the tape—the third and fourth rounds were decisive and should have given me this fight. She did nothing but pose in the second half—she didn’t want to fight and I don’t blame her. I’m concerned—Claire was robbed against Hilarie and now this. I’m beginning to think HISC can’t catch a break in a close fight.” Rachel pursing her lips when told of Eliza’s opinion, champ shifting heavy gold belts on her shoulder. “Well, she’s disappointing, I get that. She really hot into me in the first half—she definitely had me hurt on more than one occasion—but this is boxing, not the playground. I made my adjustments and controlled her, and in the tenth, I beat her fighting her fight. Did I win outright? No, I’m not going to say that. Did she do enough to take the title away from me tonight? Absolutely not—you’ve got to do much more against a champion to take her belts. Much more.”


Reposted by Archer 7/22/09.


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