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4 November 2008 Maria Menounos Vs Laura Vandervoort

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Posted by simguy on 11/4/2008, 4:17 pm


Before: "I like fighting better than sparring," Laura explains in answer to questions concerning her decision to take a beach fight prior to a big stable war show down with double-tough Brittany Daniel. "You guys know what I'm up against in Brittany - I doubt regular sparring partners are going to get me fine-tuned for an opponent like that. Maria's made it known that she wants to knock my block off: so be it. That sounds like the kind of action I need!" Maria in bright green bikini that looks like it came out of Audrina Partridge's closet; pink gloves. Laura in bright baby blue bikini, white gloves. South Cali beach - standard ring and bleachers set up on converted beach volleyball court.


During R1: Free swinging melee: both girls chests out, teeth bared, dipping side to side while heaving in more-or-less straight rights and wide-slinging lefts. Breasts heaving side to side, hair tossing sea-breeze; tanned, sunkissed bodies in wide stances, tensed with slugging vigor and MARIA GOES DOWN! Minute and a half in - Laura catches Maria in an exchange of rights - brunette's right (back) knee buckles, spilling her awkwardly forward to canvas. Maria beats the count, but she's stunned, setting up on apron for rope-support at her back. Laura steps-to, piles on with rangy authority, raking Maria sinewy rights and lefts, head and shoulders as Menounos covers up groggy.


R2: Free swinging melee - the sequel. Pretty scowls for both girls, teeth bared - wide punchers stances as girls twist and lean into robust strokes. Midway through, Laura's knees buckle as Maria lands a crashing right flush to chin; a slapping hook to jaw; an insurance right to Laura's left eye. Vandervoort swaying on the spot, not punching back: she covers up face-in-gloves, giving her ribs up to Maria's batting rights and lefts. Brunette going to town - gloves bouncing off blonde torso, slender brunette arms shivering on contact. Laura weeping into her palms, baby-stepping forward as she's battered, but refusing to go down under Maria's hateful onslaught. Bell: Menounos chesting up, letting Laura hear all about the beating; Vandervoort blinking away tears, lifting her chin up defiantly as ref pulls raging Maria away.


R3: Both girls figure they're winning the brawl - why change? Free swinging melee 3: snarling slugging action as willowy vixens set up wide, gamble for chin. Plenty of contact shrugged off as both girls face into leather - fight stumbles around ring whenever one gets a temporary advantage, walking the other down. Final minute, Laura starting to back Maria up consistently - scoring to face and breasts with slinging right hands: MENOUNOS GOES WOBBLY BUTT! No one punch does it - Maria suddenly shaken, covers up earmuff, tilts forward behind her mitts and sobs aloud as Laura lifts right uppercuts to jug. Blonde baring her teeth, arching her back to get up in there: succulent stuff beating the breath from Maria, leaves her blubbering at bell.


R4: Maria's had enough of being hurt in exchanges with Laura: brunette starts to move her feet, show a little leg, working behind the jab. Laura in pursuit - back straight, hair tossing behind her as she aggressively steps-to her foe: Vandervoort confidently forward, looking to force battle. Maria gunshy - tracing out wider and wider circles until she's hopping the perimeter, clearly not wishing to sample any more of Laura's wares in the fourth.


R5: Panic subsides, Maria calms down, stops running. Conventional stepping-pace boxing ensues - Maria pumping a good stiff stick into Laura's face, neatly controlling distance. Laura coming up short with her own poke - unusual for her - little scowl of frustration furrows her brow as she follows Menounos around. Maria throwing the odd right roundhouse into Laura's ribs off the jab, then quickly pivoting left: brunette able to hit and run effectively, cleanly outboxing her blonde this round.


R6: Laura adjusts to Maria's length: blonde solving for distance by doubling her jab, getting in range to deliver strong-stroking right hands. Minute mark, Vandervoort's cross crashes through to Menounos' chin: brunette head snaps aside, knees buckling. Maria suddenly bleak and shaky - she clinches, hanging on as Laura struggles in the grasp, nearly spinning Menounos to canvas. From there, it's all Laura walking Maria down, initiating exchanges from middle distance, cleanly outpunching her foe. Menounos' legs rubbery as she trades at a deficit - staggering away from a snarling, eager blonde.


R7: Maria still wobbly, but slugging early - walking Laura into a lancing right hand and a fat left hook to stymie blonde pursuit. Vandervoort shaking off Menounos' leather now - regrouping quickly, advancing behind the jab, then seeking her own right hands: Maria's chin drawing heavy fire from the minute mark on. Menounos backpedalling, eyes blinking back tears, lips parted: she's hurt, unravelling, unable to get out of range as lanky blonde presses the attack. Half way - Laura steps in, catches Maria a right hand as Menounos is stepping back: big head-swivel - Maria's legs stiffen as her body topples backward, hitting canvas with a crash. Menounos stretched out, elbows planted, hands up limp in the air, lips mumbling as eyelashes flutter. She's out, can't get off her back as ref hollers out the 10 count. KO7 in rangy fashion, Laura Vandervoort.


After: Wonderful beach fight for Laura shows off her lean, long-lined power and tenacious attitude: two things she'll need plenty of to turn back the challenge of Brittany Daniel. "Obviously, Maria's not built as strong as Brittany," Laura concedes in postfight. "But this was still a terrific work out, and I feel better than ever about the stable war. I feel my jab and lanky right hand are two potent weapons against a ballistic fighter like Daniel. If I can hit her as hard as I was able to lick Maria, don't be surprised to see Brittany hit the deck!"

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