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5 April 2008 Jennifer Garner vs Charlize Theron (XVI)

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Jennifer Garner 03.jpgCharlize Theron 14.jpg




(XVI - 5th in Best of Seven Challenge) by simguy


Jenny O'Dell and Cat Bell special guest-star commentators at ringside. Jenny, winner of two grueling best of sevens and rightly recognized as an expert in the form. Bell, a long time rival of Charlize Theron and author of several articles on ‘Theron-busting strategy.’


Jenny: "To my mind - Garner understands the situation she's facing when she talks about how it's time to put Charlize on the defensive. She  knows she's been repulsing Charlize up to this point - but to win this, Jen needs to take the lead in the series and force Charlize to respond. In my series, I had Ali and Krista beaten mentally very early on. We're not seeing that here - neither has broken the other's spirit - yet.


Cat: "That's right Jenny: these girls are both supremely confident, willful women who can shake off defeat and come back strong - and the trick is for one to find SOMETHING which will break the other's will. To be fair - you were fighting B-to-B+ fighters in your series: this is a different level all together. Both Charlize and Jen want to win by a landslide tonight - an early KO or TKO - something to really throw the other back on her heels and make her blink. Otherwise, this WILL go seven and I don't know that either will ever be the same after."


Jen: "I think you might be projecting a little there, Cat," Jenny chuckles, "not everyone's as preoccupied with ring damage as you. These girls are rugged - they can handle 7 fights in a pressure-cooker - but I do agree that neither wants it. To avoid a 7th fight - you're right - someone's got to put her foot down and take charge tonight. Best of 7 series are as much mental as physical. Charlize and Jennifer's BODIES have fought each other to a standstill: it's time for their mind to step up and win this. Oh, and Ali Landry was no “B+” fighter when I fought her. AFTER the series, she was clearly diminished - but she came in one of the dominant brunettes of her era; which includes you, I guess."


Cat: "We can debate your 'accomplishments' another time - including the concept of ring damage, Miss I-got-my-butt-kicked-bad-by-Jenny-McCarthy! Tonight - this is going to be a real struggle of wills. Both girls are going to go for something big early. It's worth it to gamble right now - a huge win for either puts inconceivable pressure on the other. I have to say - I like Charlize here - I really do. I think deep down, she's the more willful woman: when she's hurt tonight - and she will be hurt - she's going to dig down and fight through it. Jennifer's not going to be able to match the extra gear that Theron can summon in these kinds of situations."


Jen: "I've got to back Garner - tonight and for the series. She's always been steadier, more consistent, and stronger mentally than Charlize. She's just a tougher, more durable fighter and I think this series is all about durability. Over these last 3 fights, we'll see the accumulated punishment take it's toll on Theron, and Jennifer's really going to start separating herself."


Theron in rich royal blue fighting bikini, crisp white gloves; Garner in scarlet bikini, black gloves, battle braid.


Round 1: Theron strong to midring - pumping jabs. Garner blocks, bends low, hops in to hook Charlize' chest. CT weight on back (right) foot: right uppercut rings Jen's bell. CT licks the hook across - nice and supple - twisting torso-right to pull it tight. Jen takes it well, jams the straight right to CT's ribs; doubles the straight right to ribs, palm down. Bangin' back and forth - CT snarling, showing teeth - twisting lithe into curling, lashing lefts and rights as she backs up. Jen bobbing, countering out of the crouch, pounding at Charlize' torso and backing her up. Final two minutes TORRID action: Theron snarling, stacked up against ropes, legs in a wide A-frame, twisting into lanky lefts and rights in the horizontal plane. Garner bobbing low - making CT miss over the top, then hammering back chop-fists; hooks; straight rights; right uppercuts. Jen rough with her noggin and shoulders - leaning in to bump CT upright against ropes before pummeling her fresh. By the final moments, Theron's face-in-gloves, shipping a beatdown as crowd's roaring in approval at the output.


Round 2: Charlize strong to midring - shakes her head and shouting "No!" at Jen. Theron pumps the jab, turns into a lanky right hand, back with a rangy hook. CT very limber-bodied - twisting into the shots, slinging 'em onto Jen in tight-cirumference arcs. Theron still swishing over top at times, but coming back underneath with lanky left uppercuts lugged up and in: Garner fielding big blonde thump in her tummy and ribs. Jennifer's output dropping - she's getting hit more, backed up: CT in wide stance - really pouring it on with lanky gusto. Theron hooting after scoring, letting Jen hear about: very lively, vocal Charlize wins the second with uncompromising, bandy-limbed slugging.


Round 3: Midring: CT leans in a right hand off a jab - ducked by Garner. Charlize twitches torso-right like she's bringing the hook, then abruptly twisting torso-left to SLAM THE RIGHT HAND HOME! Gorgeous, slinging blast - CT's long legs and back propelling that whippy delivery swivels Jen's head and GARNER GOES DOWN! Garner wobbling away a few steps, then sinking to all fours! Theron crowing: "HOW'D THAT FEEL? HUH?" Jen beats the count: Theron hops down off the neutral-corner ropes she had mounted, pounding mitts together and wading back on in. Jen grim at the ropes, dug in earmuff: Theron leads a left uppercut up into Jen's ribs; doubles it. CT extends both hands, gently pushing Jen's shoulders, then strapping her a lashing right to the waist - followed by an extra left uppercut to the ribs. Jen in trouble, teeth bared, arms crossed - she's bobbing, taking punches as CT tears it up lanky. Theron unleashing - twisting into her shots, shoving Jen big-girl as necessary, keeping her ropeside. Garner proves tough, absorbing a terrible beating, but she's wobbly butt at the bell. "What's gonna be your excuse now?" CT shouts as ref's pushing her back. "WHAT'S YOUR EXCUSE NOW?" Constant thudding powerpunching gives Theron a valuable 10-8, schooling Garner in the fine art of hurt.


Round 4: Garner rallies: lead right takes Charlize in under her left breast; hook takes her on the chest. Theron rocked, but quick to cup her hands behind Jen's head, pulling it down, spinning brunette around, releasing her into ropes. Garner off balance - eats a tuff right uppercut/left hook as Theron rings away: ref a little late in shouting, "Stay off her neck, Charlize!" Garner - dukes at temples - crouching low, erupting up into her blonde. Theron loping back all leggy, changing distance, then loping back in with buggy-whip right hands to the head and flank. Charlize showy: midring, she'll drop the right to her side, prodding Jen jabs while pivoting left. Dropping the left to her side, CT will crouch with right hand tucked in under her breasts, twitching her left shoulder at Jen before turning on lanky rights, head and flank. Charlize limber, turning her torso into shots, bending into shots, getting her lank into 'em: VERY heavy contact detonating off Jen's skull, prepared defences and ribcage. CT chirping, yakking, at Jen throughout: "Bustin' you up baby...gettin' work done...oooh, you liked that, didn't you?" on and on. Jen proving double tough, but sustaining tremendous, constant abuse: she's busting up, looking shopworn at the bell as Charlize jogs upbeat to her corner.


Round 5: Jen crouching, stubby-jabbing her way in: time and again, Theron backs away smartly, neck-clasps Jen, tugs her head down, spins her around - practically throwing her into ropes. Ref shouting "Off her neck, Charlize - I'm warning you!" Theron shouting back, "She's comin' in rough, ref!" without taking eyes off Garner. Minute mark - CT in wide stance, unleashing: long right hand misses over the top as Jen ducks; come-back left hook drags into brunette waist CHUP! Charlize with a tapping left backhand up top just to measure - hard right hand pours in, missing over top; left hook takes Jen thick in the ribs. Double-tapping backhand left sets up right cross: Jen partially blocks, but she's rocked upright against ropes, blinking in shock. Charlize starts the hook - checks it - twists torso-left instead and PLOWS HOME RIGHTY! Huge blast swivels Jen's head: Garner relaxing into ropes hands stacked right atop left at her tummy - SHE'S HELPLESS. Brushing left uppercut grazes Jen's lips; sweeping right CRASHES to jaw as Charlize bends in and down - right hand following through past her left knee as JENNIFER GOES DOWN! Charlize bellowing down "I'M LOVING IT! LOVING!" As ref pushes her off: Garner's head twitching side to side, eyes frowned shut as she tries to rally off her back. Garner beats the count SHABBY and CT wades in a-grinnin'! Theron slopping it to hurting Jen: blonde bodying brunette to ropes, riding left hand behind Jen's head to hold her steady to marauding right hands. Theron dishing clout, then bodying up - riding that left arm almost negligently over Jen's right shoulder, just keeping Jen close for clouting rights. Bell: Garner out on her feet, badly, badly battered: CT chests up, blurting, "Bustin' you up, Jenny!" Garner swaying - weakly pushes Charlize in her chest, mumbling "Buh...bytch..."


Round 6: Jennifer firms: Charlize encountering stiff resistance as stubborn brunette won't break. Theron initiating - attacking with buggy-whip right hands over the top or sidearm to ribcage; lashing back with hooks off back (right) foot - then bounding back out of range to regroup. Garner's guard disciplined - she grimaces as Theron's heavy, slinging right hands bounce off body, but Jen's doing a good job blocking or slipping harm up top. Offensively - Jennifer jabbing out her crouch, trying to impede CT on her way in, then clean her up chopping rights and short, rigid hooks in combination. Furious exchanges as Theron leaps in and out, long arms lashing - she's the aggressor, but Jennifer stabilizes her front.


Round 7: Charlize pivoting left, right hand at her side as she prods jabs at Jen's face: Garner turning-with, spitting back poke. Minute mark - Theron drills a right down the pike - finding chin; quick-licking left uppercut smites the mouthpiece off Jen's teeth, leaves her blinking. Lashing, sidearm buggywhip right hand takes Jennifer in her left flank: crippling blast buckles Jennifer's knees with a stifled cry. Garner stooped forward hurrrrt behind her mitts: CT arches her back, weight on left (front) foot as she hoists left hooks CHUP! CHUP! CHUP! up into Garner's straining breadbasket. Charlize grinnin' breezy - extending hands to push Jen in her shoulders while pivoting right: slashing right hand scrapes off Jen's scalp as brunette ducks. Under siege - Jennifer gives ground in earmuff - Theron walking her down: women exchange HUGE hooks and THERON GOES WOBBLY BUTT! Charlize blinking, lips parted in shock: Garner over to offence hacks a cruel right to jaw, steps in to hook Theron's breasts, putting golden goddess on her heels. Charlize hits ropes - Jen plows in, smashing another chopping right to face, pounding CT's head back over top rope; hands droop to her waist; groggy; eyelashes fluttering! Jen squares away big-girl, head under Charlize's chin as she's TEARING away to gut. Charlize groaning - reaching to tie up: Garner plows her left elbow/forearm into Charlize's breasts, rejecting the clinch. More hacking rights to head; clubbing lefts to ribs and chin; Jennifer bumping and jostling with head, shoulders and elbows - constantly buffetting Charlize, yet maintaining enough separation to work. Theron's head bobbling - her arms crossed loose at her gut, back slumping into ropes and CHARLIZE GOES DOWN! Slow, wilting descent - Theron drooping forward under heavy fire, easing herself to all fours. Jennifer crowds in - knees pushing into Charlize as Jen grabs top rope, bellowing out into crowd. Ref pushes Jen back - gives Charlize her eight and the bell sounds with Theron reeling shabby at ropes.


Round 8: Grim, slamming, slopping slugfest. Charlize flat footed, wide-stanced: sweeping and licking, lashing and strapping lefts and rights onto Jen. Garner covering up, but getting caught: brunette legs frequently shaking as Jen stoops low, trying to rally. Charlize with limber leverage on all shots - rarely jabbing Jen - just twisting and torquing into shots, getting her sinuous body into the delivery. Jennifer disheartened - she's blocking well, dipping low - but she can't come forward. Garner's offence very spotty - just the odd chopping right or blunt left/right inside when Charlize closes too quickly. Bell: Theron pumping her fist en route to corner; she rallies well off the knockdown to batter Jennifer in the eighth.


Round 9: Garner rallies. She doubles up the spitting jab, rams the right hand in under Charlize' left breast. Cat Bell and Jen O'Dell pounding open hands on table top as Jennifer wades into Theron's chin a zesty right-left-right, stepping forward with the slugging. CT hits ropes glassy eyed, hands low: Jennifer keying on chin, pounding away short rights and lefts in grim, hardhearted fashion. Theron's head swiveling, long legs locking at the knee, propping her against ropes: Garner starts to methodically work upstairs and down, steadily breaking her girl down. Charlize dreamy - taking punches - blonde curls in her eyes as she reaches weak for Jen, hoping to tie up. Theron mumbling "...no..." throughout the beating. Garner pushing and shouldering, bumping and slugging - she beats Charlize into stupor through 9 - has to be pulled off sleepy blonde after the round has ended. Janet Jones up on the apron screaming "FOUL!" Enraged by Garner's late hitting.


Round 10: Exhausted vixens struggle up off stools, stumbling to midring and immediately fall into woozy clinch. Push to separate as touch of hated flesh galvanizes both beauties: cue mindless slugging. Charlize' hands at her waist, torso stooped forward: she's lifting uppercuts, turning into crosses and hooks - pulling the shots off her thighs to clout away on Jen. Garner's right under her chin, left across her gut - she's rolling shots, then answering back short clout - taking Charlize on her face, in her body. Theron landing sumptuous right hands to the waist and flank: she leans in, pulling the right arm around sidearm, buggywhipping the fist into the ribs with resounding thump. Both girls so battered, fresh punishment is yielding diminished returns: they sway on widespread feet, sloshing away because it's all their bodies know how to do. Bell: Theron's right hand punches Jennifer's slackened mouth late, straightening Garner all puffy eyed and stunned.


Comes back UD10 Charlize Theron!!!


After: Theron pounding her chest and shouting "YES!" at the result - immediately fronts up on Garner and bleats at her: "YOU'RE DONE! IT'S ALL ME! ALL ABOUT ME!" Jennifer, ashen faced, turning away in a hazy fog of disappointment, shock, and punishment: once again she cedes the initiative to Charlize in the series.


"All series long," CT crows postfight, her beautiful face a pummeled mass of bruises. "Jennifer's been getting away with elbows, foreheads, shoulders - on and on. I bullied the bully tonight - I wasn't taking any more of her crap. When brunettes get old, they get cheap; Bell, Zeta Jones, Hurley - you name ‘em. When they can't muscle up anymore, they look to nickel and dime you and I just drew a line on the canvas and told Jennifer: 'no more'. I broke that woman tonight - body and soul. She's beat going into the next - and final - fight: I promise!"


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